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    For many centuries, the fence around the house served as a protective function. In the modern world, it is installed only to protect the territory of your home. In addition, a beautiful fence can make your home unique and complement the design.

    How long does it take to install a fence is influenced by many factors. Depending on the material chosen, the number of workers, and the complexity of the fence, it may take from two to seven days. This is enough time to set up a fence around a medium-sized house.

    Fence MaterialTime for Installation
    Wood2 – 3 days
    Metal3 – 5 days
    Glass Panel3 – 4 days
    Concrete5 – 7 days
    Aluminum1 – 2 days
    PVC3 – 5 days
    Vinyl3 – 5 days
    The time is indicated for the fence of a standard house when the work is done by professionals.

    It is worth noting that the time indicated in the table above will be required to install the fence by a professional company.

    The installation of a fence includes many processes, from marking the territory to the installation of doors and decorative elements. If you want to learn more about the process of installing fences, then the article “Fence installation process” will be useful to you.

    How Long does it Take to Install a Fence from Different Materials?

    In addition to all the processes, what material you use also affects the installation time of the fence. For example, a wooden fence is very easy to install and the job can be done in a couple of days. At the same time, when the fence is made of concrete or glass, it can take much longer.

    The difficulty factor in material installation is worth considering when wondering how long does it take to install a fence. Here is a quick summary of how long it will take to install a fence made of different types of material.

    Wood fence

    A wooden fence is considered the easiest to install. Since the tree is very easy to work with, it does not take much time to complete such a fence. In addition, if you are planning to install a fence yourself, then such a fence will be the perfect solution. To install it, you do not need special skills, and by spending more time you can do the work yourself.

    Metal fence

    When choosing a metal fence, the homeowner reaps many benefits due to the qualities of the material used. At the same time, if you think about the complexity of the installation, then choosing a metal fence, it is worthwhile to allocate several weeks for this process.

    It is very difficult to make a high-quality metal fence, therefore, such work should undoubtedly be entrusted to a professional team of builders. Also, remember that usually the material for metal fences is made to order and you should calculate the time for its production.

    Glass Panel Fence

    As with metal fences, the main thing that affects the duration of the installation of glass fences is the manufacture of the material. Since each project is different, it can take 2 – 3 weeks to manufacture the required dimensions of the glass fence parts. There are still standard sizes of glass fences, but they may not match in size and appearance.

    Concrete Fence

    A concrete fence can be compared to a real wall. It is a very solid structure, for the construction of which there are many stages. Since the material is very heavy, strong supports are designed to hold it. Also, when installing a concrete fence, you cannot do without the use of construction equipment. The time required to install such a fence on average takes 5-7 days, but if the complexity of the task is very high, then the work time can take up to two weeks.

    Aluminum Fence

    Aluminum fences can often be called formal fences. They are made from standard aluminum profiles of low height and strength. Such a fence does not have protective properties, but it is very easy to install.

    Aluminum fence sheets can be easily fastened together on posts. Installation is very quick and effortless and will take no more than two days. This is a great choice of fence material if you plan on installing it yourself.

    PVC Fence

    Another easy material to install is PVC. These fences are made in sections and are available in a variety of styles and colors. You can easily install such a fence by watching a couple of video tutorials. Nevertheless, the installation of such a fence will take a little longer than an aluminum one. It will take 3-5 days to surround a medium-sized plot with a PVC fence.

    Vinyl Fence

    When it comes to vinyl fences, the huge variety is worth mentioning. They can be of different heights, styles, and shapes. Although such fences are easy to install, they still require a sufficient amount of time. Depending on the selected fence, the installation can take from three to five days. You can buy such a fence at most specialty stores and install it yourself.

    What Can Increase the Installation Time of the Fence

    Fortunately for homeowners, there are not many factors that can affect the time it takes to set up a fence. In addition, in most cases, with proper planning, they can be avoided.

    If how long does it take to install a fence is important to you, then it is worth taking care of the building materials in advance. The biggest delays occur when the material is out of stock and you have to wait for it to arrive at the warehouse.

    To avoid such problems, it is worth buying it before starting construction. Most large stores can store the purchased material in their warehouses for a while, free of charge, and deliver it to you on the appointed day. By completing your purchase in advance, you will avoid this type of problem.

    There are also reasons that you cannot influence, these reasons are the weather. Since the installation of the fence is done outside the house, no one will install the fence in the pouring rain. If you are not lucky with the weather, you just have to measure yourself and wait for the precipitation to stop.

    How Speed up the Fence Installation Process?

    As with any construction process, the owner wants to quickly enjoy the result, be it a fence or an entire house. Therefore, when they ask how long does it take to install a fence, they often want to know how this process can be completed faster.

    As in any construction site, there are several ways to speed up the process:

    1. Professional installation team
    2. Increase the number of workers
    3. Detailed preparation before starting work

    We all understand perfectly well that a person who is a specialist in installing fences will do this work much faster than someone who does it for the first time. Knowledge of all aspects of the upcoming tasks will significantly speed up the work process.

    The second way to get your fence set up faster is to work as a team. If you involve several professionals in the construction of the fence, they will complete it much faster. Unfortunately, this will likely cost you an additional amount.

    There is also a way to speed up the process, which depends entirely on you. Its essence is to think over in advance all the details of the upcoming installation of the fence. You need to know exactly where the fence will be installed, how much material will be required, and what material will be used.

    Each contractor will tell you that when the client knows exactly what he wants and does not change his choice during construction, the installation process proceeds much faster. Remember that every change in the work plan can significantly slow down the installation of the fence.

    How Much Slower is DIY Fence Installation

    As you may have noticed, some of the fence materials are very difficult to install. Installation of such fences may require special construction equipment or special skills possessed by professional fence installation contractors.

    Because of this, you only need to install simple options for fences yourself. So how long does it take to install a fence on its own? To answer this question, it is worth understanding your diligence and skill in physical work.

    Self-installation of the fence will be at least twice as long as it would be done by a professional. In addition, such moments may arise that can only be performed with someone’s help. Because of this, it would be logical to have someone to help you when planning your fence installation.

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