Why is Copper Colored Metal Roof Better


    Copper roofs have been popular for over two hundred years. A distinctive feature of these roofs is their brilliant golden color. Also, such roofs are the most durable and can last more than a hundred years.

    Nowadays, you can find metal roofs made of copper that was installed back in the 19th century. Despite their age, they are in good condition and perform the main function of protecting the house from external influences.

    Despite such positive characteristics, roofs made of copper are quite rare. This trend is because the cost of such roofs is very high and can go up to $ 40,000 – $ 50,000 for a roof of 2000 sq. ft.

    In addition, copper roofs require careful maintenance. If you do not carry out regular maintenance, the copper roof will oxidize and turn into blue-green colour.

    Modern Types of Copper Colored Metal Roof

    Modern metal roofs are made from cheaper metals. Galvanized steel, aluminum, and zinc are commonly used. Roofs of this type are covered with paint on top, so they can be completely different colors, including they can imitate a copper roof.

    Copper colored metal roofs are almost as good as real copper roofs. Stainless steel or aluminum is used for these roofs. The average service life of such metal roofs is 50-60 years. In addition, they have a lower cost and ease of maintenance.

    Steel Roofs

    The most common copper colored metal roofs are stainless steel roofs. This material is very easy to use and metal profiles are of different types.

    Steel roofs are most commonly used in cold regions. The steel roof can handle large amounts of snow without deforming. Also, steel roofs have good sound insulation and you will not hear a knock when it rains.

    Aluminum Roofs

    The second most popular metal for roofs is aluminum. This type of roof is more used in coastal areas and places with high humidity. This is due to the high corrosion resistance of aluminum. Aluminum is also resistant to moisture, which is very important in such humid climates.

    Differences between Copper Colored Metal Roof and Copper Roof

    Externally, copper colored metal roofs are almost indistinguishable from real copper roofs, which are considered very luxurious and look expensive.

    Advantages of Copper Colored Metal Roof:

    1. Lower Cost of Roof
    2. Lifespan
    3. Permanent Color
    4. Simpler Maintenance

    Lower Cost of Roof

    One of the most important reasons why copper colored metal roofs are more common than conventional copper roofs is the huge price difference. The cost of installing a copper roof is $ 40,000 – $ 50,000 is not affordable for every homeowner.

    MaterialCost per sq. ft.Cost of 2000 sq. ft. Roof
    Copper$17 – $23$34000 – $46000
    Steel$9 – $11$18000 – $22000
    Aluminum$11 – $13$22000 – $26000
    Prices may vary depending on the city.

    It is also worth noting that the difference in the price of the selected material for the roof is present not only during installation but also during repairs. If the roof is damaged, the repair work is significantly cheaper when you have a steel or aluminum roof than a copper one.


    Undoubtedly, copper roofs boast a very long service life that can exceed 100 years. However, it is highly unlikely that you would want to live in such an old house.

    On average, the optimal age for a home is up to 50 – 60 years. Copper colored metal roofs in steel and aluminum have the same lifespan, which makes their use even more logical. There is no point in installing an expensive roof that can last longer than the house itself.

    Permanent Colour

    Copper roofs tend to change color if not cared for properly. Chances are, you’ve seen old copper roofs in blue-green instead of the usual gold.

    This color change occurs when copper is oxidized by rainwater. To maintain its natural shiny color, the copper roof must be constantly looked after. It is necessary to clean and process the metal.

    As for the copper colored metal roof, they do not experience such problems. Since the color of the metal roof is given by the paint, no oxidation processes affect the color of the roof.

    In addition, the paint used is additional protection for the metal roof, which protects it from corrosion and organic bacteria. You don’t have to worry about the roof losing its color over time. This can only happen if you remove the paint from it.

    Simpler Maintenance

    Nowadays, homeowners are increasingly choosing building materials that require minimal maintenance time. Because of. People do not want to waste their precious time on such worries, metal roofs are becoming more and more popular.

    Roofs made of steel or aluminum can serve your home for ten years without the need for repairs. Especially durable roofs in which polymer materials or special paints are used for covering.

    As we noted with copper colored metal roofs, the paint is an additional layer of protection. Therefore, unlike conventional copper roofs, these roofs will require much less maintenance. In addition, even when it is necessary to clean the roof or replace parts of it, it is much easier and cheaper to repair a roof from steel and aluminum than from copper.

    What Types of Homes prefer Copper Color Roof

    Shiny copper roofs have been a reflection of the wealth of homeowners for centuries. Nowadays, they are still attractive, however, with the development of architectural design, styles have appeared in which this roof will be inappropriate.

    One such example is minimalist home design. An important feature of this style is the minimum of details and the prevailing light neutral tones. Based on this, a bright copper roof will be superfluous for such a house.

    Likewise, copper or copper colored metal roofs are not recommended for high-tech homes. Although metallic shades and strict lines prevail in this style, the standard copper roof will be superfluous here.

    Bright copper roofs work best with classic-style houses. Examples of such styles are:

    1. Classic Style
    2. Scandinavian
    3. English
    4. Classic American
    5. Gothic
    6. Renaissance Style

    These styles have distinctive classic features, which include clear geometric shapes and straight lines. Also in such houses, there are attics, which give the roof of the house a beautiful shape.

    Another reason why these house styles are combined with copper colored metal roofs is their wall decoration. Depending on the style, it can be made of red or white brick, light plaster or stone. Each of these materials accentuates the vibrant color of the copper roof, creating a luxurious exterior for the home.

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