Exterior House Fence Cost with Installation Process


    If you own a home or any other property you may already have a fence.  For those of us who do not have fence or thinking of putting one up, we want to explain the process of installation for house fence cost.

    Fence may be a security purposes or simply distancing yourself with some privacy from neighbor. Also there are interior fences or fences within your property lot that are used for separation of area.

    If you are very handy and have your ways with tools, you should be able to put a fence up by yourself. For others that do not have time or any intent doing the job with their own hands, we wrote this article in order to prepare and know the process and costs of fences.

    Selecting Type of Fence

    First is first and you need to figure out what type of fence you require and which materials to build it from. We wrote an article already with 8 types of fences to select from with explanation of purposes they serve and costs associated.

    There are tons of different brands and materials that can work for you in setting up new fence. It can be as simple as regular pressure treated wood that you can purchase from almost any lumber store to complicated metal wire fences that can be ordered from specialized suppliers.

    Marking / Outlining Project

    Set up the boundaries and where you want the fence to be placed. Keep in mind that some specific types of fence come in sections, therefore your overall distance may be changed to fit exact number of sections.

    For example you want to put exterior house fence along 45 feet of your property and fence has 8 feet long sections. In this situation you would either do 5 sections by 8 feet to make it 40 feet long or extend it with 6th section to make 48 feet.

    Regardless of the footage, before any construction mark on the ground where you need the fence and it will help calculate materials required.

    Purchasing Materials for the Job

    This step only makes sense if you are doing the fence by yourself. If you hire contractors the materials should be purchased and delivered by the company. They would be able to get better price directly from supplier because they purchase it on regular bases. Also regular contractors usually get free delivery.

    Some stores provide material count and even design draft for free only for you to purchase materials from them. Ask for this service in local Rona or Home Depot stores.

    If the material is on special order, get extra pieces just in case you miscalculated and there won’t be enough to finish right away.

    One more trick we recommend is asking contractors for their discounts when purchasing materials or just asking where you can buy it on discounts. Usually companies will not have any problem just sharing this information.

    Digging or Excavation for Posts

    Digging and Excavation for fence posts
    Preparing structural foundation posts for new fence.

    The actual work of building exterior house fence starts with digging or excavating for posts. Usually you are looking to dig 4 foot deep whole every 8 or 10 feet for concrete to be poured. This step is very time consuming and heavy labor if done by hand.

    So remember that you have already outlined where the fence is going to be build, not the posts have to be exactly on the dot for placement. Contractors charge on average $100 per post. We suggest leaving this part for professionals that do post digging every day.

    Foundation – Posts – Secure

    The fence structure will be held on so called posts. Regardless of type of fence it will be residing on something solid, in most situations on concrete foundation.

    You always want to avoid actual post touching soil. The proper way to set up fence post is to pour concrete down the whole you dug out and when it gets solid to bolt or anchor fence post on top.

    Of course you want to wait a day until concrete gets hard and post is placed on it. Make sure that concrete does not get too high or you will have to cut it accordingly. House fence cost starts with purchased materials and digging holes for foundation

    Installation of New Outdoor Fence for House

    Now that the posts are set up we will connect everything else together. Wood fences would have vertical or horizontal planks which are normally 1 inch in thickness and 6 inches in width. The material must be pressure treated for withstanding all sorts of weather.

    Wooden fence is fastened together by screws and attached to posts. If fence plans are horizontal, you would connect them with 2 vertical pieces of wood, and if the fence is vertical vice versa.

    Glass or metal fence can come as one piece panels just connecting at each post.  It can be fastened or have specific connection system, depending on manufacturer.

    Gate or Entrance Door

    Some fences have the entry point with a gate installed. The gates are made with same wood put together. Make the opening in the fence and make the door separately before installation. The gate is smaller than actual opening to allow for the swing and closing mechanism.

    Attach hinges to one side of the gate and to the opening for installation of door. The gate for wooden outdoor fence is not complicated, but other materials will require a lot of custom work.

    The easiest way is to simply purchase the gate. Hardware stores should have wooden doors for your fence and other material fence manufacturer usually provides options for the gate too.

    House Fence Cost Finishing Details

    Finishing details for exterior fence at home or office
    Stained wood fence that was just built.

    There are many interesting ways to finish newly installed fence. The simplest way to enhance the fence is to add caps on each post.

    To differentiate the style from your neighbors you can stain or paint it. There are many colors and shades you can select, but do not forget to use exterior paint material.

    Metal and concrete fences can have tons of in-depth lines and ornaments. You can do literally anything to design these exterior fences.

    Glass fence is very hard to enhance with who idea of it being see-through. What we have seen popular is adding shade to glass and adding chrome edges.

    Costs to Build Exterior House Fence

    The main question is how much is house fence cost and it obviously depends on tons of factors.

    First thing you will be figuring out is to hire contractor or do the fence by yourself. If you have not done this before, we suggest hiring professional to have the final product come out better looking but in some cases cheaper as well.

    The other factor is material and it matter quite a bit. The cheapest exterior house fence is pressure treated wood and you can get it done for $30 – $50 per linear foot. Concrete and glass fences are much more expensive and can cost you as much as $150 – $300 per liner foot.


    To find out what type of exterior house fence you need for your place you can read more articles on our website or do additional research somewhere else.

    Different material will have house fence cost types that can differ by a lot. If you require more information on materials, contact our team by email and we can help you figure out best scenario for your specific purpose and budget.

    Also we can provide helpful information on trusted contractors in your region that build fences.

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