3 Ways How to Vent a Bathroom with no Outside Access


    In modern homes, cases are rare, when you have no windows in the bathroom. However, if you bought a house that is 30-50 years old, there is a very high probability that you will encounter this. So how to vent a bathroom with no outside access?

    To ventilate a bathroom with no outside access, you can use the HVAC system, additional exhaust fans, and dehumidifiers. Depending on the chosen ventilation method, the price can vary from $ 200 to $ 3000.

    If you do not know how best to provide high-quality ventilation in your bathroom, then the best solution would be to contact a specialist. A professional HVAC technician will be able to diagnose your ventilation system to determine the best way.

    Methods of Bathroom Ventilation

    There are three effective ways to vent a bathroom with no outside access. Each of them perfectly copes with this task but differs in price, installation, and the possibility of use in each specific case.

    3 Ways How to Vent a Bathroom with no Outside Access

    1. Add Exhaust fans
    2. Ventilation in the floor
    3. Dehumidifiers

    Let’s take a closer look at each of the methods so that you have an idea of what difficulties you may encounter during installation.

    To Increase the Quality of the Ventilation System

    A high-quality ventilation system is the best way to ventilate both the bathroom and the whole house. In the case when your bathroom has no outside access, it is worth making sure that the number of ventilation holes is sufficient.

    If you are faced with the fact that the HVAC system does not cope and everything in the bathroom is exactly very humid and stuffy, then you need to resort to increasing the ventilation in the room. This can be done in two ways, by installing more powerful exhaust fans or by increasing the number of vents.

    If you have already installed exhaust fans, it is worth inspecting them first. Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that they are out of order and do not provide the proper airflow. If they are in good working order, you can choose more powerful fans.

    The second way to improve the ventilation system in the bathroom is to add additional ventilation ducts. An exhaust fan is installed for each additional hole, thereby increasing air ventilation in the room.

    It should be noted that this method is a significant intervention in the ventilation system. To make this type of change, you need to seek the help of an HVAC specialist.

    The cost of exhaust fans ranges from $ 10 – $ 30 per unit. If you have planned to add additional vents, then such work can cost $ 700 – $ 1300, depending on the complexity and the number of vents.

    Adding Ducts

    To ventilate the bathroom, you can also use the ventilation shafts located in the floor. They are usually installed in inconspicuous places, behind a toilet, under a bath, or next to a sink.

    The use of such ventilation is very convenient when you need to make it invisible. This ventilation system is directed directly to the outside of the house, which facilitates the rapid drainage of moisture from the bathroom.

    If you decide to install ducts in your bathroom, it will be worth a substantial investment. Renovation work and the project itself can cost $ 1700 – $ 3200. It is also worth noting that the structure of your home can affect the price. For example, if it is not possible to make holes in the load-bearing wall, then the installation price will increase significantly.

    Buy Dehumidifier

    The previous two methods are great for improving ventilation in the bathroom, however, they involve some renovation work. Most of the time people face the problem of poor ventilation when the renovation is done and you don’t want to punch holes in the walls, floor, and ceiling.

    There is a way of how to vent a bathroom with no outside access and without doing renovations. To do this, you need a dehumidifier. This is an electronic device that you just need to install in the bathroom and plug into a power outlet.

    Dehumidifiers come in a variety of shapes and capacities, but overall they do a great job in indoor environments. The only thing you need is to adjust its operation, and from time to time change the tank with the liquid that the device collects.

    Air dehumidifiers are a great option when you are not planning a renovation and want to get rid of an excess moisture problem. Dehunidifiers cost $ 200- $ 300 and you just need to buy it in the store and install it in the bathroom.

    What are the Consequences of Poor Air Ventilation

    Lack of good ventilation can have many consequences for both your health and the renovation of your bathroom. How do people usually know that the ventilation system is failing?

    When entering a room, you will feel heavy, humid air, especially after taking a hot shower. If you are faced with this problem, then you need to seriously think about improving ventilation in the room.

    How Increased Moisture Can Harm Your Health

    High humidity in the room will not harm your health in any way. It will be difficult for you to play in a room with high humidity, but this is only discomfort. However, high levels of moisture make your room an ideal place for mold and mildew to grow.

    Various types of mold can negatively affect your health. They provoke respiratory illnesses that can have serious consequences. Fungi can also harm your health, namely your skin and nails.

    To protect yourself and your loved ones, Remodel On Point recommends that you take a responsible attitude to the issue of ventilation and cleaning in the bathroom.

    High Humidity Can Ruin Bathroom Renovations

    In addition to being harmful to health, high humidity in the bathroom can also affect its appearance. For example, due to high humidity, stains and streaks can appear on the ceiling and walls, which will spoil the appearance of your room.

    Also, under constant exposure to moisture, damage to the solution on which your tile is held can be damaged. Over time, this can cause some of the tiles to fall off and require repairs.

    Water is a very strong oxidizing agent, and prolonged exposure can harm everything in the bathroom. Metal surfaces can rust, paint peels off, and other parts.

    The most serious consequences can arise if moisture penetrates the walls. Because of this, there will be a risk of short-circuiting the wiring and rotting wooden beams. This can lead to the need for major repairs.

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