Privacy Policy

Updated on: October 20, 2020

  1. Intro

Thank you for visiting – the “Site”. The Site provides general information on construction and remodeling with related stories from renovation and construction companies.

With accessing “Site” users agree with our privacy police and terms listed in this notice. For users that do not agree with our Privacy Policy we recommend not using our website.

  1. What Information We Collect

On Point Remodeling “Site” allows users to browse through pages with information, subscribe to newsletter, leave email for contact, leave comments, upload content with text/video/image information and submit contact form.

This information is collected with other details on browsing such as: IP address, operating system, browser, referral links and other meta information.

We also collect personal information from users that submit their login and contact information. This includes name, nickname, email and profile image.

None personal information that we collect also includes “cookies” and other small files that reflect demographic data and enable to receive ads, alerts and information content.

On Point Remodeling uses third party analytic services that directly collect and store information about our website visitors. We have limited or no direct setup control over these tools and their collected data. This analytic tools are used to better understand how to improve our website and make it information we provide online more relevant our readers/visitors.

Any visitor that wishes his information to be changed or removed from our list can easily contact us at

  1. Use of Collected Information

All collected information from our “Site” and third party analytical software is used to provide better information for our visitors, analyze traffic and patterns of on our website to improve content delivery online.

Data is used for statistics and pattern analytics.

Collected information can be also used as data to generate and provide targeted advertisement to all visitors. “Site” and third parties may collect and store collected information of visitors as long as we require it.

  1. Promotion and Advertising

“Site” – On Point Remodeling can be affiliated with advertising companies and use cookies and similar data of visitors for placing targeted banners.

“Site” has referral links in content that redirect to our advertising partners that promote third parties and their products.

  1. Visitors and Users Rights

Upon request any visitor may have they information (that we have collected and stored) to be changed, exported or deleted from our servers and lists. We are allowed to keep information for legal purposes and security reasons.

  1. Data Security

On Point Remodeling uses third party professionals and latest software for protection of collected and stored information. There is not perfect security system and we cannot guarantee complete and undeniable safety of all collected information.

  1. Referral Links to Other Websites

Our pages contain referral links to our partners and other websites that we want to mention in information posts. We encourage all visitors to read privacy policy of each website that you follow through to. On Point Remodeling does not control outbound websites with their content and privacy policies.

  1. Registration and Website Use

On Point Remodeling website does not require visitors to register/login and provide personal information for browsing and using our website.

Commenting for posts and articles, newsletter subscription, contact form and creating a profile on our website may require visitors to register with personal information that we collect and store.

When visitors contact us directly by email or phone, contact information will be saved on severs and databases.

Content provided to our writers and editors can be stored with details of your company, product and contact information you have uploaded or shared with our team.

All stored and collected information can be requested to be changed or deleted. Newsletter subscription can be stopped by clicking “unsubscribe” button in newsletter email (at the bottom).

  1. Updates and Amendments

On Point Remodeling reserves the right to amend and change this policy. This exact policy and web page may be updated at any time and visitors must always check updated information. If you disagree with our update or amendment you must leave our website and stop using it immediately.

All visitors take on full responsibility on staying familiar and knowledgeable of our Privacy Policy, current updates and amendments.

  1. Our Website Location and Visitors from Other Countries

On Point Remodeling website is hosed on Servers in United States. Visitors that access and use our web-pages from other countries do it as their personal choice and accept the risk of complying with their own local laws.

With coming on our website and using it you automatically agree that we use and collect your information regardless of jurisdiction and your current location.

  1. Children and Use of Our Website

We focus on audience that is over 18 years old. Our writers provide content to legal adults and try to stay consistent in targeting readers from 18 years old +. Under no circumstances children under age of 13 should provide personal information or register with private details on our website. If you or someone you know that is under age of 13 has provided personal information – please notify our team at and we will immediately remove it from collected information.

Contact Us

For any concerns regarding Privacy Policy or related inquiries contact us by email at: