Best Way to Ventilate a Bathroom with a New Extractor Fan and Windows


    Modern homes have thicker insulation for certain benefits. The increased airtightness helps to fight low temperatures and save heating costs. To ensure that the house is not damp and there is fresh air, ventilation is given special attention. Nowadays, there are many ways to ventilate the bathroom.

    • What is Ventilation in the Bathroom for?
    • Bathroom Window Ventilation Systems
    • Exhaust Ventilation with New Extractor Fan
    • Best Way to Ventilate a Bathroom with Help of Dehumidifier
    • Cost of Install Ventilation System

    Below we will look at what problems can be encountered with poor ventilation in the bathroom. Also, what are the best ways to ventilate a bathroom and why?

    What is Ventilation in the Bathroom for?

    We are all well aware of the need for fresh air. Our well-being largely depends on it. This is the main reason why ventilation is installed in the house. Since the bathroom is considered to be the wettest, good ventilation is critical.

    Dampness in the bathroom can lead to mold and mildew formation. They are very harmful to our health. Severely spreading mold can cause problems with the human respiratory system. Difficulty breathing or even asthma may appear. Fungi, in turn, are also harmful and mostly harm our skin.

    Do not forget that the accumulated condensation can affect the rate of wear of the bathroom itself. Condensation can damage both finishing materials (plaster, paint, etc.) and various elements of decor and interior design.

    Based on this, remodel on point advises taking a responsible attitude to the bathroom ventilation system. Think for yourself or consult with specialists for the installation of high-quality ventilation.

    Bathroom Window Ventilation Systems

    Bathroom Window Ventilation Systems
    Bathroom ventilation with opening windows.

    Installing windows in a bathroom is not only a source of sunlight but also a way of ventilation. For centuries, windows have been the best way to ventilate a bathroom. By opening the window, you will naturally remove excess moisture from the room. It is recommended to ventilate the room after each shower.

    But using windows is not always possible. The first reason is the cold weather outside. You don’t want to open the windows when it’s winter outside as this will lead to a sharp drop in room temperature. Fortunately, in today’s world, bathroom window ventilation systems can be installed. This is a special system with a fan installed in a window.

    The second reason can be when the bathroom is located inside the layout of the house and does not border on the outer walls. In such cases, other types of ventilation are used, such as installing a new extractor fan.

    Exhaust Ventilation with New Extractor Fan

    Ventilation in the house using an exhaust system and a new extractor fan.

    An exhaust vent is a more modern way of ventilation in the bathroom. To describe this system in simple terms, it is a pipe system leading from the bathroom to the roof of the house, where moisture comes out.

    A new extractor fan is installed to ensure better air circulation. It pushes air onto the roof and is powered by electricity. When repairing electricians, usually connect the extractor fan to a light switch. It is very convenient and you will not forget to turn it on for airing.

    As exhaust ventilation directs the airflow outside the building, the problem of using them in cold seasons is eliminated. Also, along with moisture, the new extractor fan eliminates unpleasant odors, which is an important plus.

    Best Way to Ventilate a Bathroom with Help of Dehumidifier

    A dehumidifier is also used to remove excess moisture in the bathroom. But you should immediately understand that they are only an addition to the main ventilation system. People often use them when the existing ventilation system fails.

    Such situations may include abundant wet cleaning or prolonged baths and a jacuzzi with abundant steam. In this case, the switched-on dehumidifier will help the ventilation system to normalize the humidity in the bathroom.

    Nevertheless, remodel on point would recommend, if possible, an improvement of the ventilation system in the bathroom. Using a dehumidifier is not the best way to ventilate a bathroom.

    Cost of Install New Ventilation System

    Cost of Install New Ventilation System
    Criteria for evaluating the cost of installing a new ventilation system.

    The cost of ventilation can vary in every home and it depends on several factors. First of all, where the installation takes place plays an important role. If this is the construction of a complete ventilation system in a new house, then the price will be significantly higher than just installing a new extractor fan when renovating a bathroom.

    But if we leave this difference aside, the main factor is the size of the room. It is recommended to install a ventilation system that provides 8 full air changes per hour. Because the larger the room, the more powerful the ventilation system will be needed. It is also worth choosing the right manufacturer for a new extractor fan. As in everything, the more famous companies sell their products a little more expensive, but you will be sure of the quality.

    The last serious aspect is the price of the work of the master. If extractor fans are replaced, then many workers can do the job. And with a complete replacement of the ventilation system, a home renovation contractor is required. This will already be a serious work, for which you will need to develop a new engineering project, install ventilation pipes and connect electricity. Such work will cost you significantly more and will take more than one week.


    In conclusion, I would like to summarize that taking care of ventilation in your bathroom is very important. You can use both bathroom window ventilation systems and other ventilation methods.

    Use combined ventilation methods whenever possible. Ask a professional contractor to design the best way to ventilate a bathroom in your home. Also, you do not have to look for a separate ventilation installation wizard and an electrician. This will make the repair process much easier for you.

    Since we have already realized how important a ventilation system is, it is not worth saving on it. Calculate the correct budget for the upcoming renovation using high-quality ventilation systems.

    Remember that good ventilation protects you from odors, mold, and mildew. They are very harmful and can cause significant health problems for your family.

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