6 Main Essentials in Classic Modern Decorating


    If each of us is asked to describe the classic style of home decorating, then we can describe some of its elements. This is not strange, since this style has been sustained over time and has its long history.

    Nevertheless, modern innovations bring change to everything, even to the classics. New materials for construction, modern technology, and much more can be found in the classic modern decorating. The main principle remains in the preservation of the classic style in the main details of the room.

    • Basics of Classic Style
    • Differences in the Color Palette for Classic Modern Decorating
    • Materials for Surfaces
    • Types and Forms of Lighting Elements
    • Furniture in Classic Modern Decorating
    • Decor as an Element of Style Transformation

    The creation of a classic modern interior style in most cases is carried out with a complete renovation. It is still possible to fulfill this style by improving one of the types of classical style, for example, French or Viennese.

    Let’s take a closer look at the basic principles of the classic style and what modern details can be used in it.

    1.Basics of Classic Style

    First of all, it is worth describing the basic principles on which the concept of the classic style is based. This style is dominated by light colors and lots of open space. The classic-style room looks much larger than it is.

    Symmetry also plays an important role. Paired lamps facing the bedside table or armchair create harmony in the room. Symmetry is also expressed in decorative details. These include varieties of carved patterns on walls, ceilings, and even furniture.

    The decor used in this style is quite large. You can find chic picture frames, large plant pots, sculptures, and beautiful chandeliers. The volume of decorative elements makes the room more sophisticated and more expensive.

    2.Differences in the Color Palette for Classic Modern Decorating

    Color palette for classic modern decorating
    Living room with harmony of light and dark colors.

    The color palette in the modern classic style practically does not differ from the standard classics. You can still find gentle light tones that convey a sense of warmth in the interior. It is also worth noting that the color of the paint used in most cases is matte, this avoids excessive glare.

    The main difference in the color of the modern classic style room is the expanded palette of furniture and decor colors. You can use bolder solutions by adding, for example, a green or blue sofa. This rule can be applied to other elements in the room, the main thing is that it looks harmonious. For this, you should not use too bright materials.

     3.Materials for Surfaces

    Since light colors prevail in the classic style, the materials for all surfaces must match. In most cases, light, non-shiny wall paint is used. Its use is very convenient since various patterns are used on the walls and ceiling.

    Patterns in this style play an important role and are carried out using decorative plaster. They decorate the walls and ceiling, giving them the distinctive features of one of the selected classic styles. It is worth it because creating such patterns is a rather difficult job and it is important to follow the rules of symmetry. Therefore, Remodel on Point recommends entrusting this work to professional workers experienced in this style.

    A wider variety of flooring materials can be used in classic modern decorating. In addition to the standard coatings inherent in the classic style, you can find floors from laminate, PVS, and other modern materials. The color of the floor can also vary from white to dark gray or brown, depending on the compatibility of all interior elements.

    4.Types and Forms of Lighting Elements

    Forms of lighting elements
    Elegant chandelier in a classic modern style.

    The use of multiple light sources has always been a hallmark of the classic style. Although the use of candles as a light source is in the distant past, the lamps of an unusual shape with many smooth curves still fit this style.

    In a classic style, the use of a massive chandelier as the main lighting is encouraged. In addition to it, you can install wall or table lamps in the necessary places for this. It can be a beautifully shaped sconce near the mirror or a table lamp on the bedside table.

    The difference between the classic modern interior style is the ability to use simpler shapes in lamps. These lamps do not have patterns and many bends, but still, obey the basic principles of the classics. Their shapes should be geometrically correct, using dark-colored metals and frosted glass.

    5.Furniture in Classic Modern Decorating

    Furniture in classic modern decorating
    A soft blue sofa adds color to a bright living room

    The furniture used is an important distinguishing feature in the modern classic style. For example, in the classic style, furniture with curly parts is used. Legs and armrests of sofas, armchairs, and other furniture are made of wood and curved. In modern style, straight or inclined elements are used.

    Also, unlike standard classics, modern materials and forms of furniture can be used. Since furniture makes a difference in these styles, you can use more modern shapes to give your room a more modern look.

    The main thing to remember is this harmonious combination. If you have any doubts about the choice of furniture, you can always turn to an interior designer for help.

    6.Decor as an Element of Style Transformation

    Each of the decorating styles welcomes a specific kind of decor. In a modern, classic style, décor can add extra color to a room’s plain walls. Popular types of decor for the classic style are mirrors and paintings with massive curly frames.

    If in a standard classic style, decor in neutral or golden colors is in a modern interpretation, you can give free rein to your imagination. Since white is suitable for any combination, you can use, for example, red, turquoise, blue, and other warm colors in the decor.

    Try to fantasize, a classic-style room goes well with living plants. And beautiful large pots can accentuate the modern style. Elements of functional furniture can also serve as part of the decor. An unusual marble coffee table can be an excellent decoration for a living room.

    Figurines and sculptures will also look great as classic modern decorating. It can be busts of people, as well as unusual geometric shapes with smooth shapes. Materials and, accordingly, the color of this decorative element may be different. The white and black color of stone or gypsum will add peace to the room, and the golden color of metal – luxury.

    Use straight lines or patterns in all elements. The classic style does not tolerate oversaturation, the correct use of decor will give your room a cozy feeling.


    The canons of the classical style were formed several centuries ago. Nevertheless, nothing stands still and in the modern world, everything is improving. It is no longer news when different styles are mixed in decorating rooms at home.

    If you like the idea of ​​a classic style, but want to bring more colors and simpler modern elements to it, then classic modern decorating is for you. Unlike the classics, this style is not so canonical and allows you to introduce modern elements. The combination of beautiful antique patterns and practical furniture creates an indescribable impression.

    Since detail and proportion are so important in a classic style, it is difficult to design. It is better to shift this task onto the shoulders of professionals. These requirements apply to both the repair and the selection and placement of furniture. Therefore, to create a high-quality atmosphere, it will be difficult for you to do without a professional contractor and interior designer.

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