10 Bathroom Mistakes to Avoid in Remodeling


    When planning a bathroom renovation, everyone wants everything to go perfectly. We dream of getting exactly what we have planned, without any complications. But unfortunately, sometimes we are faced with troubles that we did not even know about. On Point Remodeling tells you about 10 bathroom mistakes to avoid in remodeling.

    • Hiring Trades without License
    • Selecting Materials mid Process
    • Using too many Different Tiles
    • Buy Furniture from Unknown Brands
    • Experimenting with Paint and Colors
    • Overstocking or Over Decorating in Bathroom
    • Focusing Mostly on Fixture Light
    • Setting Low Budget for Remodeling
    • Installing Shower Area Next to Window
    • Features for Moisture Accumulation

    1.Hiring Trades without License

    The choice of a contractor or company for the renovation work is very important. Most of the final result will depend on who you turn to. Experience and teamwork of a team of specialists are the main criteria when choosing a company for the bathroom remodeling.

    Each professional worker is licensed to perform work. The presence of a license is a guarantor of the qualifications of employees and the work they perform. It is worth asking a company representative about the availability of these documents before concluding a contract.

    Hiring unskilled workers to renovate your home can have negative consequences. The work may be performed poorly or not meet the required standards. This can lead to unnecessary rework costs or the result will not correspond to the original plan.

    By choosing professional workers for repairs, you guarantee yourself peace of mind in these aspects.

    2.Selecting Materials mid Process

    It is advisable to select materials for repairs before starting. The importance of this is due to the savings in time during repair work. If you choose materials directly during the renovation, you will encounter delays.

    The material you need may simply not be available, and its delivery will take some time. This will entail some problems such as delayed repairs and downtime. Companies schedule all stages of work and if there are unforeseen delays, everything may be disrupted. We do not think that you would like to extend the renovation for an extra couple of months.

    3.Using too Many Different Tiles

    Tile selection principles
    Choose a color for your bathroom tiles.

    We’ve all seen slick bathroom tile designs in pictures on the internet. This is true, the masters of their craft can complete a masterpiece using different types of tiles. Still, it is worth treating this with caution.

    Using many different types of tiles can lead to undesirable results. Different shapes and colors of tiles may not be compatible and will not look comfortable.

    Talk to your designer to determine the optimal number of tile types to use. Many bathrooms use a maximum of two different types of tiles, for walls and floors. If you harmoniously choose the style of the bathroom, this will be enough.

    Remember that a bathroom is a place of relaxation in which you should be cozy and comfortable to spend time.

    4.Buy Furniture from Unknown Brands

    The variety of manufacturers in our time is very great. For example, there are hundreds of different brands of faucets and sinks. On Point Remodeling recommends choosing appliances and bathroom fixtures from well-known brands.

    The main reason is that these brands are very common and have quality assurance. The second reason is the availability of replacement parts that have an operational life.

    You can use any brands of your choice. But remember that unknown brands can’t often replace individual parts. You will have to completely change the given thing, be it vanity, sink, or something else.

    5.Experimenting with Paint and Colors

    Experimenting with paint and colors very common bathroom mistakes to avoid. The appearance of the bathroom is immediately striking and can be both pleasant and repulsive. Colors play an important role in this. Choosing a certain style in which the bathroom will be made, it is worth choosing the right colors.

    The choice of paint for walls in a bathroom is not based solely on color. The quality of the paint used is also an important factor. When taking a bath or shower, a lot of steam is generated, and water constantly gets on the walls. Because of this, paint is used that has increased resistance to moisture.

    Moisture is also a favorable condition for the development of bacteria. We recommend using silver-mixed paint in the bathroom, which has antibacterial properties.

    6.Overstocking or Over Decorating in Bathroom

    Decorative elements play an important part in every room, no matter what style it is made in. In the decor, as in everything else, a sense of proportion is very important. A bathroom can be unwelcoming and repulsive with little or too much decor.

    We recommend that you approach this process responsibly. If you do not want to do it yourself, then contact the professionals. An experienced designer will help you choose the right style for the bathroom and select all the necessary decor elements. He will be able to offer you several variations and you just have to choose what you like best.

    The second option is to do everything yourself. Studying different styles and choosing the necessary decor can take a lot of time. In any of these options, it is important to respect the proportions, and it’s up to you to do it yourself or use the help of a specialist.

    7.Focusing Mostly on Fixture Light

    Focusing on fixture light
    Take care of enough light in the bathroom.

    Good lighting is an important part of any room. You should take care of enough of it in the bathroom. In the daytime, windows that let in a lot of sunlight can help you with this. Evening routines will require better lighting in the room.

    Since every corner in the bathroom is dedicated to something specific, general lighting may not be enough. You should take care of additional light sources near the sink and mirror. Proper control of the lighting in the bathroom will save you discomfort while taking a bath or hygiene procedures at the sink.

    8.Setting Low Budget for Remodeling

    A poorly planned budget leads to many problems in the renovation. Lack of money can drag out the work over a long period. On Point Remodeling advises approaching this issue very responsibly. To avoid such problems, it is worth completing several important steps before starting bathroom remodeling.

    Determine exactly what the bathroom will look like with all the details. You must understand what is worth replacing, how everything will be located, and what kind of furniture will be present. To do this, you can use 3D modeling of the room, which will allow you to see the final result even before the start of the repair.

    Explain to the renovation company representative what you want. Having seen the exact plan, the company will be able to draw up the budget necessary for all the work and the purchase of materials. It is worth remembering that additional costs are possible, as the budget may increase if additional work is needed. For example, after removing the bathtub and flooring, you will find that you need to completely change all the plumbing.

    Always count on this and do not spend the last money on repairs. The company advises keeping 10% of the total repairs in reserve besides if unforeseen expenses arise.

    9.Installing Shower Area Next to Window

    Installing shower area
    One of the right ways to install a shower area.

    There are several reasons why it is not recommended to install a shower near a window. The most commonplace of these is privacy when showering. You can install special windows or blinds, but you will still feel slight discomfort.

    The more important reason is that the shower area should have as few horizontal surfaces as possible. The thickness of the window is much less than the thickness of the wall in the house. This leads to the fact that the window will have a window sill made of tiles or solid stone surfaces.

    When taking a shower, water will fall on this window sill and cannot easily drain into the sewer hole. This is hello to the fact that there will be residual moisture in the bathroom. Excessive dampness contributes to the development of harmful microorganisms that are harmful to humans.

    10.Features for Moisture Accumulation

    Ways to get rid of excess moisture should always be considered when designing a bathroom. Installing a high-quality ventilation system is one of them. Ventilation is installed in the bathroom with a built-in cooler for better extraction.

    The floor in the shower room is made with a slight slope so that the water flows smoothly into the drain. Heating also plays an important part in keeping the bathroom dry during the cold season.

    At first glance, these little things are very important when repairing. They will make your bathroom more comfortable. You can get these details from the repair company. They will be happy to advise you on the necessary solutions based on the layout of your home.


    Everyone is capable of making mistakes, especially where they have no experience. Don’t give up if you have any problems and bathroom mistakes to avoid.

    Each of the ten points above has been a problem more than once during or after renovation. We can say that this is information for those who are just thinking about repairs or have just begun. We hope you find this information useful when remodeling the bathroom.


    Sofia K.
    Sofia K.
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