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    Have you come across a situation that you need to install shelves or fittings in the bathroom? This process can be much more difficult if the walls are covered with a tile and need to be drilled. So how to drill through tile so that it doesn’t crack and spoil the look of the bathroom?

    To drill the tiles, you need to choose the right drills. Next, mark the place of drilling and stick masking tape there. Do not drill near the edges of the tiles, as this may damage them. Drill at a slow speed and do not push hard on the drill to prevent the tiles from bursting.

    The tile drilling process takes some experience. However, if you know the basic rules, it will be much easier for you to drill through the tiles without damaging them. Let’s go over the main steps in how to drill into tile correctly.


     1. Albo Homes

     2. Elviano

     3. Wood Castle Homes

     4. Odima Construction

     5. Day Custom Homes

     6. Parada Homes

     7. Nick Developments

     8. RS Homes

     9. Silverado Custom Homes

     10. Black Pearl Custom Homes

     11. JTF Homes

     12. WALLZCORP

     13. ANDON Fine Homes

     14. Crown Construction

     15. Torino Construction

    1. ALBO Homes

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    Masking Tape or Drill Guide will simplify the drilling process by allowing you to hold the drill at the desired point. You can also use the Drill Guide instead. This fixture with holes of different diameters is installed on the wall. After that, you push the drill into the hole and drill the tiles without fear of the drill going to the side.

    Using the Drill Guide will greatly simplify the process of holding the drill at a given point. However, if you do not plan to frequently drill tiles or other surfaces, then there is no need to purchase this tool.

    Personal Protective Equipment plays an important role when drilling. During the drilling process, a lot of dust gets into the air, and pieces of tiles can also chip off. To protect yourself, it is recommended to use protective goggles, a respirator, and gloves.

    Remember that your health is the most important thing, so do not neglect your protective equipment, even when it comes to how to drill through a tile.

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