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    One of the most promising investments in real estate. Investing in this area is the most profitable and valid. You can buy a ready-made house or apartment, but this is fraught with hidden troubles. Buying ready-made real estate is always fraught with many risks. They are connected with the fact that you are not provided with complete and reliable information about how the house was built.

    Did it use modern technologies, and did qualified specialists participate in the process? Was the plan developed, were the soil features taken into account, was there any savings on laying the foundation, and so on? The best solution for investing in real estate is to build a house using the services of a construction company. It should be a reliable company that has proven itself.

    We will consider the most famous and sought-after custom home builders in Toronto. We highlight the features of their work and offered services, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.


     1. Albo Homes

     2. Elviano

     3. Wood Castle Homes

     4. Odima Construction

     5. Day Custom Homes

     6. Nick Developments

     7. RS Homes

     8. Black Pearl Custom Homes

     9. Silverado Custom Homes

     10. JTF Homes

     11. WALLZCORP

     12. ANDON Fine Homes

     13. Crown Construction

     14. Torino Construction

    1. ALBO Homes

    Phone: 416 – 891 – 8900


    Address: 27 Cannon Rd

    The company has many years of experience in building houses with different budgets, styles, and scales. The developer began operations back in 2005 in southwest Toronto and has gradually expanded throughout Southern Ontario.

    Every year ALBO Homes builds up to 20 houses for its clients. The company has a staff of professionals in the form of architects, designers, builders, etc. Scope of competence: individual repairs of houses, cottages, offices, basement finishing, maintenance, and individual construction.

    Hundreds of new and modern homes from this company have already been completed and are in use. ALBO Homes provides full support for the construction, from the initial consultation to the handover of the keys.

    The company takes care of all the bureaucratic side of the work. ALBO Homes easily solves all the necessary permits for construction. The firm was named Best Custom Builder in Toronto. This title was given to ALBO Homes by the blog On Point Remodeling.

    The peculiarity of the company is its directed customer orientation. The initial consultation takes place in the most trusting relationship. The company’s goal is to make the future home comfortable, reliable, and durable. Properly organized work at the start allows you to avoid misunderstandings and shortcomings in the future.

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