Types of Kitchen Lights Ideas Used for Upgrades


    Lighting is a very important part of every room. How to organize types of kitchen lights, the most common lighting mistakes in the kitchen, how to choose the right lamps, and save on electricity, you can find answers to such questions in this article.

    The main secret of good kitchen lighting is layering. Each functional zone, where you wash dishes, cut food, eat food should have its light sources.

    • Pendant Lights
    • Chandelier
    • Pot Lights
    • LED Lights
    • Rack Lights

    Let us consider in more detail these types of lamps, with their advantages and disadvantages.

    1.Pendant Lights

    Pendant lights for a kitchen
    Pendant lights are placed above the school table in the kitchen.

    Pendant lights are very common in kitchens because they are great for kitchens of various sizes and styles. Well-chosen pendant lights can provide the right amount of light for kitchens of any size, and a wide variety of designs will allow you to match the fixture to any style of the room.

    To provide the right amount of light in a room, you may need several pendant lights, which makes it difficult to install them yourself. On Point Remodeling recommends seeking professional contractors for this. Having correctly measured all the distances, contractors will be able to arrange them, observing the correct geometry of your room, and reliable fixings to the ceiling will not allow the lamps to fall to the floor.

    The cost of fixtures can vary from various factors, but on average it is $ 300 – $ 400. The price depends on what material they are made of, it can be various metal alloys, wood, or glass. Pendant lamps have an average price compared to other types of kitchen lights but do not forget that there is more than one required for a room.

    The maintenance of pendant lamps is not very laborious, they are not cumbersome, which makes it easy to wipe off dust without even removing them. Most of the lamps of this type use incandescent lamps, the replacement of which is quite simple because you can access the light bulb without disassembling the lamp. But do not forget that electricity must be handled carefully.

    2.Classic Kitchen Chandelier

    Chandelier in the classic kitchen
    Installing a beautiful chandelier in a classic style kitchen.

    Chandeliers are one of the oldest types of chandeliers used in the beautiful halls of palaces and luxury homes. They vary in size and can add elegance to any room. Most often they are used in luxury and traditional styles, but the modern variety allows them to be used in almost any room.

    Due to their impressive size, chandeliers are quite difficult to install, for example, a luxurious crystal chandelier with many details and lamps can be installed by professionals for a couple of days. Since the chandeliers connect directly to wires in the ceiling, you cannot do without a qualified electrician.

    The complexity of the design and details make the chandeliers quite expensive, the average price of which varies in the aisles of $ 400 – $ 700. The price is influenced by many factors, its size, the complexity of the design, the materials used, and much more. If you want to make a custom-made chandelier so that it is exclusive and emphasizes your interior, then the price can exceed $ 1000.

    Replacing burned-out bulbs and cleaning dust will take much longer than conventional lamps. The difficulty lies in the fact that the chandelier is attached to the ceiling and it is more difficult to get to it. Cleaning should be done with care, as it is done by weight and for this I use a ladder or chair, depending on the height of your room.

    3.Pot Lights

    Pot lights for kitchen
    Pot lights as the main light source in the kitchen.

    Pot lights have grown in popularity over the past decades. Small lamps recessed into the ceiling provide the necessary amount of light for your kitchen without being noticed. They are great for small kitchens with low ceilings, where space is important, and are used in many styles to create primary or secondary lighting.

    Accurate counting and correct placement are key in installing pot lights. For each lamp, wires are carried out and the installation of this type of lighting is carried out only during the repair of the room and only by professional electricians.

    The small size of the pot lights and the rather simple design keep them at $ 20-40 apiece. It sounds very cheap, but do not forget that one lamp will not be enough for you to create the necessary lighting, the number depends on the project and the room, there may be 5, maybe 15, which significantly increases the cost.

    Daily maintenance of pot lights is one of the easiest, as they are ceiling mounted and virtually dust-free, and the lamps used in them can last up to 10 years depending on their quality.

    4.LED Lights for Work Space

    Kitchen with LED lights
    LED lights for the kitchen countertops

    LED Lights can be called an innovative type of kitchen lighting. The light is emitted by a variety of miniature bulbs located on a diode strip. Distinctive features of such lighting are soft light, with a variety of colors. LED lights can be placed in the curves of the ceiling or installed in kitchen furniture, used in modern styles, or by combining innovative technologies with luxury style.

    Installing LED lights is easier than installing chandeliers, but it requires precise design calculations for your kitchen to be filled with enough light. This type of lighting is often combined with pot lights and you will not see the tape itself, but only the soft light emitted by it. Due to these difficulties, it is not recommended to try to install this type of lighting yourself.

    The cost of the used LED lights directly depends on their number used in the room and only a contractor can make a detailed calculation, but you should also know that they use a very small amount of electricity, which will significantly reduce your electricity costs.

    Like pot lights, this type of lighting is very easy to maintain, because a high-quality tape will serve you for many years, but if some of the bulbs fail, then you will have to replace the entire tape and this work can only be performed by a qualified electrician.

    5.Rack Lights

    The main difference between Rack lights and other types of kitchen lights is that they are mounted on vertical surfaces. They can be made in a variety of styles and complement any design. Rack lights are rarely used as the main lighting, in most cases, they provide additional light in the necessary areas, or to create a pleasant semi-darkness atmosphere.

    The wide variety of this type of lighting creates a significant range of prices. The price is influenced by the number of lamps, decorative parts, materials used, and the size of the lamp. On average, the price ranges from $ 100 – $ 250, but there are also exquisite pieces, the price of which significantly exceeds these amounts.

    Installation of this type of lighting is quite simple if you already have an electrician and sockets installed. You just need to choose the right place for the location of the lamp and connect it to the electrical network, but if the lighting option you have chosen is connected directly to the wires, then you cannot do without the help of a specialist.

    Rack lights are easy to maintain. In most cases, they are not mounted high and you can easily wipe off the dust from them, or replace out-of-order lamps, the duration of which depends on the type used. It is enough to make sure that the luminaire is disconnected from the electricity before replacing it.


    A combination of different types of kitchen lights, great for new remodeling. The balance between cooking convenience and a beautiful ambiance is essential for every homeowner. A huge selection of fixtures will allow you to find the right lighting for any style and size of the kitchen.

    Since you need to choose lighting for the kitchen not only beautiful and convenient but also reliable, you should focus on proven brands, only they guarantee you the durability of products in difficult operating conditions: with an abundance of steam, drops of fat, and other contaminants.

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