Top 7 Easiest Trades to Learn in Construction


    Everyone at some point is interested in learning a trade to either try themselves in construction or to start a small contracting business. Remodel On Point is exploring this topic in details for you to understand if some of these easiest trades to learn is for you.

    Although competition may be high to enter these specialties, the learning process and investments are minimal to start.

    Here you can learn approximate wages to start as professional trade or as a contractor. Also tips are included to gain experience within specific jobs. For those people who are interested in starting small business or expansion in trade, Remodel On Point has course on how to grow any company.

    Here is a list of what we think are the easiest trades to learn in construction:

    • Demolition
    • Painting
    • Insulation
    • Flooring
    • Roofing
    • Landscape
    • Drywall Installation

    Although learning trades is not a problem, to succeed in small trade work ethics and professional quality will make the difference. Many may think that computer skills and knowledge in marketing is not required, but we can show how to outgrow competition with simple tools on internet.


    Not the cleanest or safest job to perform, but apparently none of larger contractors want to deal with it. Established companies just want to make sure job is complete and they can carry on with next stages of renovation.

    This is a great chance to strike them with responsible team and get connections. Once you get in the loop and trust of several companies, they will want to keep you around.

    The money is not great when you start as a regular worker in demolition, but as soon as you know what to do and get the tools it all can change very fast.

    Suggested time to stay in experienced company and learn all tricks is one year. Motivated individuals can pick up knowledge and advance fast in demolition trade.

    It is fair to say that from day one average salary can be $15-$20 per hour, but having a small crew can earn the company same money per person. Therefore 4-6 people on contractor team for demolition can bring $15.000 per month managing them.


    Good painters are needed to finish every renovation and construction job. They are in demand, but scheduling good teams can be challenging.

    And quite frankly joining one of these teams to learn about paining from indie is easier than ever. This profession requires patience and attention to details, although they are not complicated once you understand technical things.

    Imagine how boring it can get painting entire house in white for several weeks. Somebody has to do it and they can earn good money.

    Brushes and other equipment to start as solo painter should not cost more than you can earn in few days.

    Issue with painters is always scheduling. They may be needed to work in stages and come in three or even four times during the job. First time is obviously priming all walls and ceilings, come in later for painting it, coming back for doors and trims and even finishing after everyone with touch ups and scratch removal.

    Similar to demolition we suggest working as helper for at least one year and only than trying to start your own contracting firm. Working as subcontractor in painting can earn the boss at least $100 per day per worker he has.


    Probably one of the most uncommon but easiest trades to learn in entire construction industry is insulation. We are not talking about spray foam, but rather traditional cellulose and batts that are installed between studs, wrapped around pipes and blown into attics.

    There are few things to learn about insulation trade and one of the most important is safety. The need to know which insulation is dangerous for workers is a must.

    Other main factor is r-values and local requirements, but in reality companies that hire you will explain when insulation they want to be installed and that will be it.

    Working with private home owners may require ability to read architectural drawings that specifically indicate what type and value of insulation goes on which walls.

    Honestly we think that with motivation all ins and outs can be learned from 6 month to 1 year of working for insulation company.

    Even with knowing small insulation contractor with helpers earns $10 000 per month, this trade is scalable and can easily expand the business.


    It is unheard of for one crew to do all types of flooring installation, but most of them are relatively easy to do and learn. We list types of popular materials for floors in other article on our website. Tiles installation is not part of this topic.

    Equipment that is necessary for installing various types of floor does not exceed $2000. It can be earned while working and getting experience as a helper or master installer.

    Everyone worker we speak to claims to have fully learned or at least understand the profession to the point where they could start their own company just in few months. Our estimate on flooring installation contractor trade is 4-6 month of every day experience with different types of installations.

    Subcontractors estimate labor to make $300 + per day and can earn extra money from suppliers.


    Amongst other easiest trades to learn Remodel On Point lists roofers. Once again we have to stick to one type of material for installation. If subcontractor is specialized in asphalt shingles his crew should do that and not mix with metal roof or cedar planks.

    Working with one material simplifies the process and in few months working with a team, you can learn most of the aspects for roofing.

    This trade is extremely hard labor and one of the most dangerous ones. These are the reasons why most of us want to avoid it, even though it’s easy to learn and roofers make good money.

    The work is seasonal and best time to learn is spring. By the end of the season, one should be able to feel comfortable work for himself.

    To sum it up roofers can learn their trade in 7-9 month and can start earning $250-$300 per day as subcontractors.


    One more seasonal work that made or top 7 list of easiest trades to learn is landscape. Imagine gardening mixed with bricks and stones that are laid on ground. Prior to that landscapers need to make sure proper soil and compaction levels are done as per product to be installed.

    Hardest aspects of landscape trade is understanding and getting experience on machinery such as bobcats, tampers and small excavators.

    This work is very heavy physically and not everyone will stick around.  Grass, driveways, stone patios and other forms of landscape are done outside when it’s usually hot weather so conditions are intense.

    One to two years is usually the time it is required to learn the trade and start your own small business.

    Landscaping companies are fast and very expensive. They have maximum 8-9 month seasons and working through weekends is not something unusual for these guys.

    You will be shocked how much landscaping companies charge for services and how fast some of organized companies can finish everything.

    $10,000 contract can be completed in 2-3 days and after expenses with workers’ pay, the boss can pocket $500-$800 per day.

    Drywall Installation

    Last trade we wanted to mention is drywall installation. Literally anyone can learn how to cut and screw sheets of drywall to wooden or metal studs.

    The devil is always is in details, but it just takes some time and patience to learn tricks. Also the person who teaches and shows the work matters. Good teacher can seed up the process and becoming master drywall installer can become a piece of cake.

    First two month completely inexperienced individuals can learn how to screw, cut and position drywall sheets.

    Following two month can be used for organizing schedule and understanding what it takes to complete the entire project.

    While continuing to learn tricks of the trades you can learn estimating material with associated costs.

    Remodel On Point team sees drywall installation is one of the easiest trades to learn and estimates for 6 month to be good at it.

    Just like any professional trade, subcontractors in drywall can make $300-$500 per day if they have good crew and willing to work hard.

    Starting Business from Easiest Trades to Learn Experience

    There is no perfect time to start a company. You will make mistakes so don’t be afraid to jump into contractor business, because everyone goes through it.

    Suggested times for starting learning a trade and starting new business is a minimum and some individuals may require much longer period of time. Not everyone is comfortable for fast growth even within a small niche trade.

    In reality we want to stay on one position for two years. This will create some initial contacts, knowledge of tools and on top can save money for startup costs.

    Our team has developed more intense courses that team people how to start small business and grow them exponentially. If you know the trade from top to bottom, why should you make half and pay the boss another half.

    To grow as a subcontractor, knowing the work is not enough. You have to be able to communicate, estimate jobs, organize work and at least do minimal marketing. Our course provides all necessary marketing tools, email samples, estimating examples and everything you need for good and profitable start.

    Steven H.
    Steven H.
    General Contractor and Home Builder with over 20 years of experience. Write and Edit educational posts for several Remodeling Blogs. Specialize in trade management and technical construction details.

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