Top 15 Custom Home Builders in Alberta


    Alberta is home to more than four million people and we specifically wanted to know more about the homes that are built here. To be more exact Remodel On Point researched and put on our map top 15 Home Builders in Alberta.

    If you wanted to build a new home in this province, our recommendation would be to contact one of these home builders. They all work with slightly different styles of homes and use unique management techniques.

    Timber House Developments

    This Company is located in Edmonton and has tons of experience in timber homes construction. They have 6 ideal designs to provide to all clients as well as custom architecture.

    Timber House Developments has won awards for their awesome work and continue to serve Alberta with what we call exceptional work. Many clients have left positive reviews after working with these developers and we happily say that they are definitely one of the top builders in Alberta.

    If you want the company to design (or provide proven design) and finish the entire project with extremely precise attention to details – these are the guys.

    DXN Developments Ltd

    Although they were recently established (in 2014), the management is highly experience. Their goal is to communicate openly about construction process and all expenses before and during the project.

    It is tough to start successful construction company without previous referrals and established client base, but DNX is kicking it off because of experience in large construction management.

    From the start these guys were able to get involved in Home Construction, Small Remodelling and Commercial Renovation Projects.

    Effect Home Builders

    The province of Alberta has many home builders but Effect Homes truly stand out with expertise in green building. Not that it matters to our ranking factors, but they are Mike Homes approved company and have been nominated in awards like Top Choice and many more.

    Our team liked their project with simplicity but at the same time unique taste that matches client’s perspective. Building green homes in Alberta has never been easier than these days. Follow Effect social media for featured projects and ongoing work.

    True North Log Homes

    The trade is in the name of the company and we love it. Alberta is only one part of Canada that they cover and honestly stretch out much further with excellent construction projects.

    Having 35 years of experience True North Log Homes deserves special attention to their product. Their log homes and amazing and it’s hard to find company to match customer service.

    Our thanks goes to Rob and Ron (father and son) for establishing and continuing to run great home building company in Alberta with over 50 employees.


    Four times winner of BILD-CA large Volume Builder of the Year and many other awards is what differentiates Laebon Homes from other home builders. They are a production machine with quality of finishing far exceeding subdivion projects.

    Services include ready to move in homes as well as custom home projects that are simply amazing and stylish for Central Alberta. Give them a call and be taken care of with home construction, mortgage and even real estate professional. All homes completed by Laebon Homes have extended warranty of up to 10 years.

    ALAIR Edmonton

    We could not go by Franchise giant and their great division in Edmonton. The entire concept of Alair is to be transparent with clients and literally have them select the trades.

    Alair Edmonton has great technology that allows home owners to stay on track and have much of control. Clients do decide who to hire based on recommendations, open estimation and personal research for the company.

    The company represents stability and great success for many years. It is definitely in our top picks of Best Builders in Alberta.

    Sterling Homes

    When we talk about community homes and pass production development its hard to find someone better than Sterling Homes. They claim to be operating for over 70 years and we definitely believe them with massive achievement this company has shown.

    Startling just does it all – Build amazing homes, participates in charities, constantly wins awards and most importantly grows communities in Alberta. Participate in their referral program to get cash incentives up to $7000.

    Lincolberg Master Builder

    This well-established builder company started in 1978 with boom of housing demand. In years they have perfected designs and management for custom built homes in Edmonton area.

    Lincolberg builders specializes in medium size development and custom homes in heart of Alberta or to be exact in city of Edmonton. Find out what they have currently for sale and what is coming up soon from their website. Lincolberg have showhomes with full details and floor plans that are easy to understand.


    This firm provided new homes to over 4000 families since 1999. This is a big bite of entire Alberta housing market. Talk to their management for purchasing idea home for your family in many comfortably located communities.

    Also there is ability to work with BEDROCK Homes on customization for ongoing construction projects. Details can be changed and finishes adjusted to accommodate your needs.

    Their homes feel like they are truly custom projects and were designed by top architects. Don’t believe us? – check their social media pages and see by yourself.

    GENTRY Home Builders

    Going slightly of course traditional development into more custom projects and we stumble upon Gentry Home Builders that are located in Edmonton.

    Inhouse team makes sure every project is taken care of from start to bottom. They have project managers, architects, designers and clients can be sure that nothing is outsourced.

    Our team was pleasantly surprised with quality of work this firm offers to their clients. Their specialty is custom homes with complete design, restoration after damage and complete home renovation projects.

    VELDUISEN Construction Ltd.

    Comparing to many previously listed builders, this company is relatively small. By keeping team smaller and taking less projects Velduisen are able to pay attention more to scheduling, finishing details and customer service.

    Unlike early days when they were jumping on many different projects to increase profits, now they are well established and reputable Home builder in Alberta that specialize in small to medium homes with ideal for 90% of custom clients and home purchasers.

    JADE Homes

    Located in Bow Island Alberta – Jade Homes is another great company that made our list. Their specialty is what we call “Ready to Move” homes construction for individual clients.

    This awesome firm is run by John Hiebert, who also is founder of Hiebert Cabinets. It makes sense to manufacture materials and kitchen cabinets for your own builder company.

    Portfolio of completed projects and designs at Jade Homes is something that you can see on magazine covers. They emphasize on quality work and customer service to be top rated in Alberta.

    JAYWEST Country Homes

    Taking a step forward with larger custom country style homes is JAYWEST Country Homes. Their projects definitely stand out with unique concept of almost cottage designs and larger than average size homes.

    Don’t get turned of by Flashy marketing, they are really that good and prices for JAYWEST homes in Alberta are really competitive.

    We might see this company in our top list for other regions as they operate in Manitoba and Saskatchewan as well. For extra ordinary large custom country homes in Alberta we definitely recommend contacting these guys and getting a quote directly.

    McKee Homes

    Another family owned and operated custom home builder company in Alberta made our top 15 list. This time it was two daughters and step son who continued the journey of Martin Mckee.

    Located in Airdrie Alberta, which is just north of Calgary, they make community and custom homes for general public clients.

    Our team has selected McKee as in our top list for quantity and quality of homes they build. The amount of positive reviews from previous clients is something every company could wish for.


    Calgary is famous for custom luxury homes and Cornerstone builders help keeping that trademark. These are not typical production and community homes. Everything Cornerstone Homes has to offer is truly state of art and each home stands out on the street.

    Exterior and interior design is something to brag about when you invite friends over. A member of BILD Calgary Region with full Alberta warranty program Cornerstone Homes concludes our top 15 companies. For inquiries of luxury homes this is your number one contesting company.

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    Sofia K.
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