Top 10 Popular Kitchen Bunting Ideas


    Kitchen is the most popular place in your home. Here you cook, eat, entertain or just read a book. Kitchen space can be bland and On Point Remodeling decided to bring few ideas how to decorate kitchen area and what items to use.

    Regardless if the intention, you can improve the look at home with below listed items and techniques. Some home owners want to increase the value with decorating before putting it up for sale and some want to design it for their mood and style.

    Email us if you have kitchen bunting ideas and examples for home, but for now we are suggesting these ideas:

    • Plants and Flowers
    • Bottles and Cans as Stash
    • Chairs with Additional Furniture
    • Rugs and Carpets
    • Real or Fake Fruits
    • Silverware or China
    • Added Shelves
    • Pot Rack
    • Faucets and Pot Fillers
    • Small Appliances

    Your style can be minimalistic with only one item we suggest or it can be a mix that creates bigger picture and complete layout specifically for you.

    1. Plants and Flowers

    Something green always adds life to space with cabinets. Plants have been part of decoration for centuries and are still popular items for staging and casual living.

    Costs for regular and most unique plants range from several dollars to several hundreds. You do not need to make it a forest and eatable greens or nice flower pot can make a big difference in décor.

    Purchasing plants is not that big of a deal and you can get them without leaving your room. Amazon or other online stores can deliver within few days almost any plant you can think of. Local stores and florists can help you with their selection as well.

    Biggest issue with having plants as décor items in the kitchen is the maintenance. They need to be watered and looked after for proper growth.

    2. Bottles and Cans as Stash

    Recently more and more everyday use cans and bottles compliment open shelves and countertops of kitchen areas. To properly use them as décor, they have to be placed properly with inside stash that does not ruin the look.

    On Point Remodeling recommends placing pasta, spices with no bag, dry fruits, chocolate or any other colorful items with texture that add charm to the kitchen style.

    These items can be bought everywhere, and they cost only several dollars. The challenge with cans and bottles home owners have is lack of ideas what to put inside. Use few of our suggestions or ask On Point Remodeling team be email and we can add list of ideas.

    Not everyone likes bottles and cans as main decoration pieces. They may not match your style and look as some would say “cheap”. This idea is more for modern, rustic and industrial kitchen looks.

    3. Chairs with Additional Furniture

    Chairs with Additional Furniture
    Luxury kitchen with different types of chairs.

    Countertop space and cabinets are not enough complete designer look of the kitchen and you can make it feel more like home. Of course every home needs a kitchen with place to sit, but style and quality of this furniture can significantly change the atmosphere.

    You do not need costly designer to tell you how to place chairs and table in the kitchen, but the actual furniture is the most expensive way to change design from out list of 10 popular décor items for kitchen.

    Furniture local stores would be the first choice to look for chairs to purchase but they may not have the options you prefer.

    Purchasing online is the second most popular option for the furniture, and our partners have large selection of chairs and additional furniture for the kitchen in stock.

    4. Rugs and Carpets

    We always forget the floor of our kitchen, but it needs to have some character as well. Luxury homes may have crazy expensive flooring with high end patterns that ultimately should not be covered. All other floors can be decorated with custom rugs and carpets.

    There are tons of options with different sizes, colors, patterns and texture. Some prefer white fluffy rug that feels like a cloud when you step on it, other prefer colorful Persian rugs with exotic and luxury attributes.

    Expect to spend up to few hundred dollars on this type of décor for your kitchen. If you don’t see rugs as the perfect fit for your home, you can pick any other option from our list.

    5. Real or Fake Fruits

    Real or Fake Fruits
    Fake fruits serve as a decoration of the kitchen table.

    Other small items for staging or adding colorful touch to kitchen counters and shelves are fruits. You are supposed to eat fruit anyways, so why not use them as decoration too?

    This will not change the style or design of the entire kitchen by any means, but can slightly contribute to warm colors and natural feel.

    Natural growing plants and fruits are always better as decoration adding vibe of life. Professional stagers use this technique for visitors to imagine themselves eating it in the morning before going to work.

    Don’t simply get bucket of bananas, oranges, pine apples and grapes. Get colorful fruit that fits the house with uniqueness. Most staging companies use oranges, apples and bananas for decorating kitchen, and we suggest going off the grid with dragon fruit, papaya or coconut.

    6. Silverware Kitchen Decoration Ideas

    Traditional way to show off your house was silverware for hundreds if not thousands of years. It does not really suit modern style homes and kitchens, but can go along well with retro and luxury designs.

    Honestly no one really cares if you spend several hundred dollars or ten thousand. The idea is to create a spark and to fill in the space with unique plates and glasses.

    On Point Remodeling team thinks that average amount of money spent on silverware or china as decoration in your kitchen decoration ideas should not go over 500 dollars.

    Things like silverware look better and more valuable if they are older and possibly passed through generations. You can find suitable items on Amazon Store.

    7. Added Shelves for Even More Decoration Ideas

    When you are looking to upgrade or design kitchen, it is either outdated, small in size or lacking character. These objectives can be solved with additional shelves in kitchen that all women absolutely love.

    We are leaning towards open single shelves next to countertop, but it can be cabinet shelving, open pantry shelving or even folded shelves.

    Shelves are hard to make, but easy to purchase and install. If your existing kitchen is made in popular colors (brown, grey or white) you won’t have any issues matching the color of new shelves. We have seen ideas of metal accent shelves and even products made out of glass.

    Some kitchens don’t have enough space of extra shelves and they will be looking for other alternatives in kitchen decoration ideas.

    8. Pot Rack With Cooking Attributes

    Pot Rack With Cooking Attributes
    Kitchenware fits comfortably on pot racks.

    We always wanted to hide that we cook with from everyone to see, but recently the ideas changed completely. Pot rack became popular item in kitchen décor and now is our top 10 list.

    The idea is to create hanging or stand rack that will hold all your pots and decorate the counter with its shine and different shapes. Of course if your pots are old and rusty it will create the opposite effect and will scare people off.

    Other benefit of rack is you don’t require much cabinet space for hiding pots and even small kitchens can use this technique.

    Installing pot rack in the kitchen may take away absolutely needed headroom space and it will not work for some homes.

    9. Shiny Faucets and Pot Fillers

    All kitchens have some sorts of faucets and the idea under this point is to install the one that will not just blend with everything else, but to stand out and be accent piece.

    Pot fillers are similar to standard faucets. They are placed above the stove with only cold water switch and their main purpose to fill heavy pots that are already placed on the stove without carrying them across the room.

    Their functionality is great but benefit to kitchen decoration can be even better. New custom home owners or people who just renovated their kitchen always brag about unique items like pot fillers.

    We suggest buying these items from reliable sources with warranty and return policy.

    10. Small Appliances in Large Kitchens

    New trend for décor items in kitchen is to place small appliances on countertop. The movement started for hipster type funky and small kitchens with retro appliances that serve only 1 specific purpose.

    For example, a bright red stainless steel bread toaster from the 60s is a great attribute to industrial kitchen bunting ideas. It is very hard to find small appliances for decoration of your kitchen and they can be costly sometimes.

    Home owner with wide open modern concept are less likely to décor their kitchen with small appliances but today it is on our top 10 décor items for kitchens, because we want to discuss all styles and possibilities to add charm with small or large items.

    Conclusion about Popular Kitchen Bunting Ideas

    All of us look for things to distinguish our homes and in this particular case our kitchens from others. We have listed top 10 most popular décor items for kitchen in North America, but in fact there are much more things you can use for decoration purposes.

    Our in-house teams of designers work on designing specific parts of your home with outsourcing exact items just for your style. We specialize in trends and where to buy them.

    For more detailed information you can read On Point Remodeling other posts or email us directly for questions or requests.

    Steven H.
    Steven H.
    General Contractor and Home Builder with over 20 years of experience. Write and Edit educational posts for several Remodeling Blogs. Specialize in trade management and technical construction details.