Standard Length and Height for Typical Island Size in Kitchen


    Almost every kitchen these days is equipped with a kitchen island. They come in different sizes and it is worth considering in detail the layout of your kitchen so that it is comfortable and functional. Let’s take a look at the typical island size and the main criteria on which this choice is based.

    The standard length of kitchen island is considered to be 80×40 inches. The length of the kitchen island may vary depending on the number of seats and additional accessories. If you plan to use a stone countertop the maximum island size is 120×60 inches. Standard island height in kitchen has more extensive dimensions and ranges from 32-42 inches.

    The kitchen island is a very important part of the kitchen that can fulfill various functions. It gives you extra cooking space and can be fitted with a variety of kitchen appliances such as a sink or a stovetop. It can also perform additional functions and serve as both a dining table and a bar counter. Do not forget that additional cabinets built into the kitchen island can hold a lot of dishes and small household appliances that you do not want to keep constantly in sight.

    Standard Island Height in Kitchen

    If with the typical island size everything is simple and there is a fairly clear definition, then with the height of the island, not everything is so simple. This wide range is due to several factors. First of all, the height of the working surface must be chosen based on the height of the person, which will most often use it during cooking.

    Remodel on point recommends determining the required height for a kitchen island before purchasing. You can go to the store and use examples to understand which one is right for you.

    The second important reason why the standard island height in kitchen is so different is the height of the chairs used. If you are using a kitchen island with chairs the average height will be 28-30 inches. This is a rather uncommon option, it is always found.

    The second option is to use low stools. They are slightly taller and the recommended island height is 32-36 inches for convenient eating. The least popular option is to use the kitchen island as a bar counter. In this case, high bar stools are installed, due to which the height of the island increases significantly. The recommended height for this option is 42-48 inches.

    Using these tips, you will be able to determine in detail the choice of the height of the kitchen island, which will suit your needs and will be an excellent addition to the kitchen.

    Factors Affecting the Size of the Kitchen Island

    An additional factor that affects the typical island size maybe its destination. Depending on what you will use the kitchen island for, its configuration and dimensions may change. It can also affect the required amount of minimum space around kitchen island. Let’s take a closer look at several options to understand their differences.

    Correct Kitchen Planning

    To make the cooking process more convenient, experts recommend creating a so-called working triangle in the kitchen. This concept means that the distance between the refrigerator, stove, and sink must be at least 4 feet and all these functional parts must form a regular triangle.

    This allows you to conveniently navigate the kitchen while cooking and use all available surfaces. This layout implies the presence of a built-in sink or stove on the kitchen island. And this also affects the amount of minimum space around the kitchen island. As mentioned earlier, it should be at least 4 feet, but no more than 8 feet, as this will cause additional inconvenience during cooking.

    Additional Storage Space

    The presence of additional storage space for kitchen utensils is very important in small kitchens. Kitchen islands with multiple cabinets are very common in small I-shaped and L-shaped kitchens. Additional cabinets allow you to keep all items in their places without installing additional upper cabinets.

    Due to the addition of additional cabinets, the standard length of the kitchen island can be extended to 4-6 feet. This will call conveniently combining both the cooking and eating areas. If you are planning to install such a kitchen island, then you should calculate in advance the availability of free space around the island. Otherwise, it may not fit in your kitchen.

    Standard Length of Kitchen Island with Stove and Sink

    The complete set of the kitchen island can be completely different and perform the functions you need. It should be understood that all additional parts will affect the length and height of the kitchen island.

    You can install both a sink and a stove in the kitchen island, or, if you wish, all at once. All these changes are made according to your wishes and according to the size of your kitchen.

    Place for Eating

    If you are not planning to create a separate dining room, then the kitchen island can perfectly serve as a substitute for the dining table. This configuration replaces part of the island’s working space with a dining surface. Also, in this case, part of the cabinets is removed and a niche under the chairs is installed.

    The number of seats at such a table can be different, depending on your needs. These changes will also affect the length of the island. It will be a great place for family gatherings while eating.

    If you like to host house parties or just meet friends, then your kitchen island can also serve as a bar counter. Just remember that bar stools are much taller than usual and this will undoubtedly affect the standard island height in the kitchen.

    Typical Island Size Dependence on Configuration

    Typical Island Size Dependence on Configuration
    Spacious kitchen island with plenty of seating

    Maximum Complete Set of the Kitchen Island

    The maximum complete set of a kitchen island is a great idea for those who do not like to limit themselves to something. You don’t have to choose between installing sinks and stoves, cabinets, or a bar counter. Just set a non-typical island size and put everything you need there.

    It should be understood that such kitchen islands are not suitable for every kitchen. A large island also requires a proper kitchen, because you need a lot of free space around it. The standard length of this type of kitchen island is much larger, at 9 feet. This is a great option for an open kitchen in a large house. The kitchen island will replace both a cooking place and a dining table.

    Child-Friendly Island

    If your family has children, then you can equip part of the kitchen island for their needs. In addition to the work surface, you can also organize an area for board games. In this case, children will be supervised while you are preparing food. You can also select one of the cabinets of the kitchen island for storing books and various games, and in another, for example, lunch boxes are conveniently located.

    In this type of configuration, a minimum space around kitchen island of 3-4 feet is recommended. This will allow several family members to be conveniently in the kitchen at once. Think also about the height of the kitchen island, it may be too high for children. In this case, you can use the standard island height in kitchen for chairs 28-30 inches. Also, these chairs are much more stable and practical for children.

    Mobile Island on Wheels

    If you have a small kitchen and it is not possible to install a kitchen island with a typical size, then do not be discouraged. An excellent solution, in this case, is a kitchen island on wheels.

    It comes in a smaller size of 1.5-2.5 feet, making it suitable for even the smallest kitchens. Also, its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is easy to move it. While cooking, you can place it at a convenient distance from other kitchen surfaces. This will create the required minimum space around kitchen island. This option will be a great alternative and will not take up a lot of free space.

    Conclusion for Typical Island Sizes and Types

    With the growing popularity of open kitchens, the kitchen island has become an integral part of them. This piece of kitchen furniture can perform many useful functions, both during cooking and while eating.

    The standard length of a kitchen island is considered 2×4 feet and this is due to its standard build. But it should be understood that all people have different needs and desires. Having determined what functions your kitchen island will perform, it will be much easier for you to choose its size.

    Remodel on point also advises you to discuss your preferences with an interior designer or general contractor. They will be able to advise you on ideas that will be compatible with your kitchen so that everything looks harmonious and there is enough free space.

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