Preparing for Kitchen Remodel with Order of Steps


    You have conceived a renovation and the main question that arises is where to start, how to choose masters, what to buy, how to plan a budget. For a person who is faced with a repair for the first time, this is a really difficult question and people often make mistakes.

    It is often not very clear what is important and what is secondary, especially when it comes to the sequence of work.

    • Prepare Emotionally
    • Figure out What You Want
    • Find Contractors
    • Set Budgets
    • Agree on the Scope of Work
    • Protect House
    • Think of Moving out 

    Don’t panic, On Point Remodeling will tell you how to preparing for kitchen remodel.

    1.Prepare Emotionally

    Prepare emotionally for remodeling

    Emotionally preparing for kitchen remodel is very important in the renovation. At a minimum, you should be aware that this is not an idea that came to your head during an emotional state, but a deliberate and balanced decision.

    It is worth accepting that during the renovation you will experience some inconvenience in your usual stay at home or take care of finding a place to live for your family at the time of renovation.

    Another emotional aspect is that you will need to set aside enough time to plan this process. Meetings with designers and prospective contractors to plan work progress.

    Home renovation is a serious decision and if you prepare yourself emotionally well, you will not be nervous and unnecessarily worried from the beginning to the end of the renovation.

    2.Figure out What You Want

    To start repairing the kitchen, you should define the style and draw up a design project that will determine the future look of the room and avoid unnecessary expenses. Detailed planning of the kitchen space makes it possible to determine the color scheme and style of the room, create the correct “working triangle”, which includes the stove, sink, refrigerator, correctly position all household appliances, equipment, furniture, think over lighting options.

    At this stage, it is decided what type of repairs will be required – cosmetics, capital, or a complete redevelopment of the premises will be performed. You can draw up a design project yourself using a planning program or ask for the help of a professional designer who will help you with the choice and design the design of your future kitchen.

    Having a clear plan of what the kitchen will look like when the renovation is complete makes the subsequent work much easier.

    3.Find Kitchen Contractors

    Find renovation contractors
    Homeowners search for contractors on the internet.

    An important part of any renovation is to choose the right contractor company that will carry out all construction and renovation work.

    If you make the right choice, all the necessary work will be completed as soon as possible, and the quality of the result will be at a decent level, and the cost of work and building materials will be quite acceptable, and the repairs will be performed with a minimum of hassle on your part.

    Collect enough information about the company that you plan to entrust the work to. Find out how long the company has been in existence and how much work they do per year. Find information about them online and read reviews. If possible, ask to be taken to the place where this company is currently working.

    Based on the information received, conclude whether the contractor is right for you or not. An equally important factor is comfortable communication with a company representative.

    4.Set Budgets

    Budget planning can be done in two different ways. The first approach is based on the fact that you or with the help of a designer create a model of the kitchen that you want to see in your home, with all the smallest details that include everything from the location of the walls to the style of the kitchen table and calculate all the costs that may be needed for the stages works and materials.

    The second option is that you have an understanding of the amount that you are willing to spend on repairs and based on this amount, determine the type of repair that you can afford. Talk to the designer and contractor about what they will recommend based on your budget.

    A budget planner will help avoid unpredictable consequences and you will know exactly how much money you will spend and that the renovation will not stop due to lack of budget, but will be completed in full, allowing you to use the updated kitchen.

    5.Agree on the Scope of Work

    Drawing up the stages of remodeling works
    Agree on the scope of work for the kitchen remodeling.

    After you have decided on a budget, it is worth discussing a work plan. An experienced contractor knows how long each stage of work can take. Why is this done? Each stage of the repair is performed by different specialists dealing with this particular type of work. If all the stages take place on time, then the repair will not stand an idle while, for example, a team of electricians will be able to start working in this house.

    As in any work, the presence of a clear time frame allows you to correctly plan all stages and complete the work in the shortest possible time, which will be for both parties, the customer because he will be able to quickly enjoy all the benefits of the work done and a contractor who can start for the implementation of new projects.

    6.Protect House

    Protecting your home during kitchen renovations will keep it clean. It is also worth taking care that during dismantling work, part of the construction waste does not damage the repair or the furniture in other rooms does not absorb dust and dirt .. Cover the furniture with an airtight cloth for protection or, if possible, move it to rooms that are far from the repair.

    To protect your home, it is worth localizing the renovation whenever possible. After the walls in the kitchen are installed, install an airtight sheet of polyethylene or dense fabric on the doorway, this will allow dust to remain inside the kitchen under construction.

    It is also worth taking care of the flooring. During the renovation, workers will move around the house carrying a variety of building materials and tools. On Point Remodeling recommends covering floors with a protective material, from the front door to the room being renovated, to protect them from damage and stains.

    7.Think of Moving out Preparing for Kitchen Remodel

    Each contractor will advise you, if possible, to move out of the house where the renovation will be carried out, but why is it so important?

    There are several reasons, the first being concern for your family’s health. During the repair work, construction dust appears, which is very harmful if it is constantly breathed.

    The second reason is that it is much easier and more efficient to work when you do not constantly intersect with people not involved in the repair. Your presence will only interfere and work processes may take longer.

    The third reason is emotional, you will have a desire to constantly monitor or observe the process, you will get in the way on the aisle, or distract workers with your questions and advice, wasting them and your time. If you have entrusted the repair to professionals, then let them do the work that they understand.


    Compliance with all preparing for kitchen remodel steps will greatly simplify preparations for the upcoming repair. Let’s sum up what should be done for the repair work to take place without curiosities.

    To complete the renovation of the kitchen on time, invest in the allotted budget, and ultimately get a stylish, comfortable and harmonious space, it is very important to be emotionally tuned, create a kitchen design project, clearly define every little thing in this room and follow the outlined plan. The work should be entrusted to professionals to obtain the guaranteed quality of work. In the end, clear planning will help you save time and create a flawless kitchen.

    Sofia K.
    Sofia K.
    Professional architect with 15 years of experience, with extensive knowledge of architecture and house style. I specialize in the combination of interior components and house architecture.

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