Open Concept Kitchen Pros and Cons for House and Apartments?


    The development of the concept of open spaces in the house is gaining more and more popularity in our time. Did you know that just a few decades ago this type of layout in the house seemed strange and unusual?

    It has to do with the way society works. In the modern world, we are less and less building boundaries between people and becoming more open with each other. This is also reflected in trends in housing planning. Open space is more and more fascinating, because of this, open space kitchens combined with a living room are becoming more and more popular.

    Like any other layout, can be open concept kitchen pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at what helped these types of layouts gain more and more popularity. And also we will figure out what difficulties you may encounter when implementing them in the house.

    For what people like open space kitchens

    Ability to combine rest and cooking

    You have probably come across the fact that while watching your favorite TV show or talking with family members, there came a time when, unfortunately, it was necessary to go to cook. It was very frustrating at times, as people don’t like to be interrupted during pleasant moments.

    In the presence of an open kitchen, this problem can completely exhaust itself. Due to the lack of walls, you remain all in the same room. You can also watch TV or chat with a loved one. Cooking will no longer limit you and you will be able to combine these processes.

    Great place to meet friends

    Great place to meet friends
    Open kitchen best place for a home party with friends.

    It is very pleasant to spend time with friends, especially when there is no need to go anywhere for this. Creating an open kitchen in this case makes your home much more functional. You have the opportunity to have fun with friends in the living room and use the kitchen. For example, a kitchen island can be a great place to hang out with friends while listening to music or watching an interesting movie.

    Even if you feel more comfortable in the living area, you will have quick access to snacks and drinks in the kitchen. If you wish, you can use the kitchen island instead of the bar counter, and your home parties will be spoken of with admiration.

    The opportunity to share the beauty of the interior and things

    Since we have already started talking about receiving guests, it is also worth mentioning the fact that you can show off the interior of your kitchen. Beautiful kitchen items, dishes, and decor will surely attract the eyes of your guests.

    This can be a great topic for dialogue. This topic is very interesting in women’s circles. Also, all this will be easy, because you do not invite guests into a separate room, but everything is in their sight.

    Gives a feeling of more space

    One of the important positive aspects of an open space kitchen is the lack of walls, which creates a lot of space. This is a very important detail in small houses or apartments, as such a feature visually enlarges the room.

    You will no longer need to walk along narrow corridors from room to room, the entire floor will be within your reach. Even if at first glance this does not seem like a strong increase, the absence of connecting walls and doors will increase the functional space by up to 40%.

    Convenient to babysit

    Babysitting is a very demanding process and it becomes a little easier with an open space kitchen. You no longer have to worry about how your child behaves while you are preparing dinner. The child will be able to calmly play in the living room and you will watch him from the kitchen without being distracted from the process.

    Plus, when he starts to grow up, he will watch you more. This can help instill an interest in cooking and provide useful skills. And you will have someone who will help you around the house.

    The benefits of open space

    The benefits of open space
    Open space kitchen with a lot of free space.

    It is very pleasant to be in a room filled with lots of natural light. This is another reason to create beautiful open-plan kitchens. Due to the open space, the light comes from all windows at the same time, both in the kitchen and living room. This feature allows the room to be brighter and brighter.

    Also, it is worth noting the importance of high-quality air circulation. It will be enough for you to open a couple of windows and streams of fresh air will easily fill your house with freshness. The presence of natural light and fresh air is very important for health, therefore this is a definite plus in the direction of open kitchens.

    House value increase

    It is worth mentioning also another positive factor of the open kitchen as an increase in the value of the house. This is primarily because open space kitchens are very popular. Because of this, when selling a house, people will pay more attention to such a house, even if it is more expensive.

    Problems with Open Space Kitchen

    The need to install high-quality ventilation

    Open concept kitchen pros and cons sometimes have a continuous relationship The first difficulty that you will have to face when installing an open kitchen is the design of high-quality ventilation. This is because of the open space, odors from the kitchen can spread throughout the room and cause discomfort.

    The same goes for a strong temperature rise. With abundant cooking, the stove and other appliances can reach very high temperatures. This can be frustrating if you don’t have a good HVAC system installed.

    Think in advance of all aspects related to ventilation and installation of air fresheners. Then in the future, you will be comfortable using the kitchen without unnecessary inconvenience.

    More frequent kitchen cleaning

    We already know that beautiful open plan kitchens are great for home parties, but there is also a downside to the coin. During cooking, there can be a lot of dirty dishes and various splashes. Because of this, you will have to be more careful about cleaning the kitchen. Stains on kitchen surfaces and a mountain of dirty dishes will not decorate your home.

    Noise from kitchen appliances

    Noise from kitchen appliances
    Noise from kitchen appliances can be heard in the living room.

    It is very convenient that in the modern kitchen many appliances facilitate the cooking process. It is also worth remembering that all these electrical appliances make a lot of noise. In this case, you should accept the fact that due to the absence of walls between the kitchen and the living room, this noise will be heard throughout the common room.

    Don’t worry too much about this. If you don’t cook often, or you can do it without disturbing other family members, then this should not be a problem.

    Less storage space

    Another possible disadvantage to consider is that there are fewer cabinets for storing kitchen utensils. This is due to the lack of walls to hang them on.

    In this case, if you still do not have enough small kitchens, you can consider the option with a kitchen island. The kitchen island is very easy to use and has special storage compartments.

    More complex interior design

    Since the living room and kitchen are now one whole, then in terms of design it is worth considering these rooms together. It is very important that the interior of the common area is combined and not very different. Remodel on point recommends in this case to consult with an interior designer at the stage of renovation. A good specialist will help you create an interior that you like.

    Conclusion about Open Concept Kitchen Pros and Cons

    From all of the above, it follows that the growth in popularity of beautiful open plan kitchens will only increase every year. This is very logical because they have several advantages over closed kitchens.

    In the modern world, people choose in favor of simplicity and functionality, and it is the open kitchen that gives them. You can juggle your chores cooking and watching TV or babysitting, hanging out with friends in a large combined room with access to the entertainment area and kitchen table, and more. Open space will make you feel more comfortable even in a small apartment, and it costs a lot.

    In contrast to all this, there are not many things that can cause inconvenience. Plus, with the right approach, starting with the renovation phase, you can avoid most of them. Everyone chooses for himself what type of cuisine he likes best, but we recommend doing this after considering all open concept kitchen pros and cons.

    Sofia K.
    Sofia K.
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