Most Popular & Used Solar Heaters for Above Ground Pool


    Pools are awesome no matter where you live, but heated pools with solar energy are even better. There is no reason for home owners to use their pool only during the season that is warm enough to naturally heat the water. Pool heaters are able to extend your enjoyment of outdoors and you can even swim when temperature is colder outside.

    Our team did a research and selected popular solar heater for above ground pool in several categories. All of you will be looking at it from different perspective and our job is to describe it to the best of our abilities. Here is a list of solar heaters Remodel on Point selected for you today.

    List of Items

    • Heliocol Solar Heating Panel
    • XtremepowerUS 75070 Pool Solar Panel
    • SunHeater S120U Solar Pool Heater
    • Kokido Keops Solar Water Heater
    • Fafco Solar Heating System
    • SunHeater WS220P S220 Solar Heating System
    • FlowXtreme NS1003 Solar Heater

    If you feel that these choices were not ranked properly or have suggestions to add another solar heater for pool, please contact us through social media channels or email.

    Heliocol Solar Heating Panel

    Swimming Panel 4′ x 8′ – HC-30

    • PRODUCT DEMENTION: 96 x 48 x 3.6 inches
    • Item Weight: 19 pounds

    Why do People Purchase It

    Several size options/ Extremely efficient/ Combine panels together/ Serves as pool cover

    We are happy to announce our new product that is suggested solar heater for above ground pool at home. It is very efficient and can heat up the water pretty quickly. Our strategy was to help home owners enjoy pool time though almost every season. Heliocol comes in few size options and can be installed with ease on or near the pool. We are sorry to say that manufacturing is not running throughout the year and in some US regions it takes longer to order this item.

    What People Say About this Product

    Myrtle from Oakland: We have tried this pool heater and im sure it increases water temperature by around 6-7 degrees. Our family enjoys water activities throughout the year and we are thinking to buy another one to get water warm faster. We have larger than average pool.

    Ramiro Roy from Norfolk: I wake up early in the morning, get my coffee and turn on the pump at the pool. When kids are up and had breakfast water is already warm for them to jump in. Although I tested 2 hoses for this specific pool heater and it works much better.

    Tommy Baker from Virginia Beach: I I have read few reviews about this pool heater and wanted to give it a try. The article on Remodel on Point blog gave me confidence, because online there is so much stuff and I was confused what works better. So this item has timer and everything that is perfect. Product is exactly as described and im happy with it.

    XtremepowerUS 75070 Pool Solar Panel

    Solar Heater For Above Ground Pool System

    • BRAND: XtremepowerUS
    • PRODUCT DEMENTION: 48 x 240 x 10 inches
    • Item Weight: 31 pounds

    Reasons Buy this Pool Heater

    High review ratings/ Very powerful/ Can be installed on roof/ Made of superior material

    Just because its called a solar panel, doesn’t necessary mean it converts energy to battery. XtremepowerUS has water tubes running through entire surface. It sucks cold water out from the pool and after the loop returns warmed water. It rotates through the panel and heats up by sun. The system can be installed literally anywhere with lots of sunrays. With houses close to pool, we often see it being installed on top of the roof.

    3 Reviews About This Solar Heater

    Edwin Summers from Montgomery: My wife told me to buy the pool heater for kids (I think its more for my wife, because she hates cold water). It works amazing. So much better on sunny days, even when the temperature is not that hot outside. When it gets cloudy we didn’t feel that it was that efficient.

    Allison from California: My neighbors are now thinking im crazy going into pool at this cold weather. We will close down the pool few weeks before Christmas this year. Thanks so much – amazing product.

    Marion Grant from Anaheim: We live in Cali and the idea was to have pool running entire year round. I got two of them, because our pool is over 50 feet in length. So far so good and after using for about two month we love it. Pump literally pushes water inside PVC pipes towards the panel where it heats up by sun.

    SunHeater S120U Solar Pool Heater

    Universal Solar Pool Heater 2 by 20-Feet

    • BRAND: Esse Sales Inc
    • PRODUCT DEMENTION: 120 x 27.5 x 16 inches
    • Item Weight: 18 pounds

    Why its Better

    Most sold on internet/ Can be installed anywhere/ Made in USA/ Very easy to install

    Our new sun heater is manufactured to increase temperature of your pool by 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit.  We manufacture and sell mostly in USA. Proud to add quality backyard pool time to all families and communities with our recommended solar heater for pools. For requests in other countries delivery may cost more and delivery time is extended.

    Honest Reviews

    Willard from Detroit: Have read over 100 reviews about what we now call solar heater for above ground pool. It works very good for our family! I agree with everyone on the quality and want to contribute my review to hundreds of people that purchased it.

    Marion Gonzalez from Colorado Springs: I was very skeptical about pool heaters being just this loop of pipes and didn’t think it would work as well as it does. Now we are swimming day and night, because water takes like 5 hours to cool down after sunset. Installation was very easy and we just followed the manual.

    Kelley from Aurora: We have a tiny pool and sun heater works amazing. Its literally like a hot tub but without bubbles ). Because out pool is not deep maybe the water gets hotter fast. Our kids now show off in front of their friends and we have lots of visitors these days.

    Beluga Pool Solutions 1652US

    Water Heating Device

    • BRAND: Beluga
    • PRODUCT DEMENTION: 4 x 3.5 x 4 inches
    • Item Weight: Less than 1 pound

    Competitive Points

    Very unique concept/ Newest on the market/ Easily portable / Very cheap solution

    Our heating device for inground pools is an alternative to panels and electric heaters on the market. For under $50 your pool water can be heated and reach at least 5 degrees above what it was. Try it out and return for full refund if you don’t like it as much. It can be carried with you to any destination inside a small bag.

    Our Research Showed – People Comments

    Dustin from San Bernardino: What looked like a scam turned out to be my purchase of the year.  We paid as much as we would in restaurant for a lunch together with wife (well before COVID). Im sure its not as great and efficient as other products on the market. But it costs a fraction and heats up water by 6 degrees.

    Jerald from Dallas: Who needs to overpay for water to be warmer? I like this pool heater and it let my parents use it when im away from home. Just put it in a bag and get it in the car. So happy with it.

    Otis Hunt from Omaha: This tiny pump works like magic. It gets water in a loop and come back into the pool. So this direct area receives heated water. I did not understand it before bought and now it all makes so much more sense. Great attribute to pool gadgets and very useful.

    Fafco Solar Heating System

    Bear Economy Heating System for Above-Ground Pools

    • BRAND: Fafco
    • PRODUCT DEMENTION: 55 x 15 x 15 inches
    • Item Weight: 40 pounds

    Reasons to Buy

    Reliable seller/ Best value for money/ Single mat system/ Very flexible

    Our company is well known in US and throughout the world for manufacturing and supplying best solar heaters for above ground pools and other uses. Only in last 4 years we have installed more than 100 000 heating systems. Fasco solar system captures UV light and transforms it to heat in water. Single panel installation has never been easier and every home owner can make it work within an hour. Unlike our competitors we guarantee customers satisfaction and provide 10 year warranty.

    Comments on This Heater

    Hubert Daniels from Montgomery:  Comment for those who buy this item – make sure you have direct light towards this panel. We totally forgot about the light factor even though it’s a solar panel. I had to take it down and install on top of roof to get direct sun. Now it works like a charm.

    Ben from Corpus Christi:  It does feel when water is heated through this pool heater. I read some reviews that it doesn’t work but it actually does. If you follow all instructions and put panel on sun, let the water run through it with pump – water comes out hotter at the other end. I don’t think we can use for whole year without shutting down the pool, but it makes a difference.

    Wilbert from Honolulu: I have to agree that this pool heater system brings a lot of value for such a little cost. You can’t even compare it with gas or electric heaters that suck money out of your pocket every day. Just run it on sun and enjoy the water.

    SunHeater Solar Heating System

    WS220P S220 System 2′ X 20′ Panel

    • BRAND: Smartpool
    • PRODUCT DEMENTION: 288 x 1.5 x 24 inches
    • Item Weight: 10 pounds

    Why its Considered Popular Solar Heating

    Best overall solution/ Remodel on Point choice/ Multilanguage manual/ Sold and used worldwide

    We present SunHeater-Solar Heating System that has been sold and used in over 50 counties. This product has manual that is easy to follow, even if English is not your primary language. The booklet has English, French and Spanish instructions for installation. Our panels are wide and connect to each other to increase the speed of getting water to right temperature.

    Response of Buyers

    Bobby from Milwaukee: Our friends had heater pool patio near the pool and it cost them like $6000, defiantly not doing that. This option to heat up pool with solar panel caught my attention and I wanted to try it out, specifically for low price. I can say with open heart that I absolutely love it.

    Ramon Flowers from Miami: In July we bought 3 panels for our oversized pool. Took us honestly half a day to set up everything, but at the end it exceeded our expectations. The pool get warmer by 9 degrees in few hours, not even kidding. We highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to stay in water longer time.

    Myrtle Castro from Mesa: This pool heater was recommended to us and it was no mistake to buy it. I can honestly say that buying something like this online is risky. Especially when some people saying it does now work for them. For us its an amazing addition to our pool.

    FlowXtreme NS1003 Solar Heater

    Mat Pool Solar Heater Device

    • BRAND: FlowXtreme
    • PRODUCT DEMENTION: 9 x 30.9 x 2.8 inches
    • Item Weight: 99 pounds

    Top Points to Get This Item

    Innovative design/ No installation needed/ Cheaper than other versions/ Warranty from manufacturer

    There is no comparison between solar energy heaters and other electric or gas operating systems. Our product is cost efficient and ecofriendly. Unlike panels that installed on top of roof or outside of the pool and take off much of needed space, our solar pool heater is placed on water. It looks like a floating toy and at the same time makes the pool temperature go up.

    Opinions of People Who Got it

    Ryan Holland from Seattle: My kids would not get in cold water to swim and now I can’t get them out of water. All thanks to this popular solar heater for above ground pool I have in backyard. I would pay so much more for this, but good that’s it’s so cheap on amazon.

    Nadine from Jersey City: I had tried several other products on the market before I moved to jersey from Milwaukee and they were waste of money. This however is totally different and I enjoy it warming my water for not cost whatsoever.

    Matt from Memphis: Didn’t think that it would be such a great buy. I actually have to cool down my pool water or wait some time before I get in. All pool owners should have it. Very good gift to family.

    Would You Buy Solar Heater for Your Pool?

    We hope you could find the best solar heater for above ground pool at your home. Every year brings us progress and opportunity to enjoy what we like to do even more. Life is too short to wait for those three month that warm up the water with sun. Don’t limit yourself and get a heater that can help avoid the limit of time for your family and friends to enjoy the pool time.

    These specific items we listed may not work for indoor pools or even in ground structures. Please follow instruction of every heater and use them with safety.

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