Main Components of the Living Room Decor


    A beautifully decorated living room should create the overall mood of the entire home. It can give owners a sense of pride and satisfaction with perfectly matched décor, accessories, and furnishings. For guests, this area in the home should delight when they admire its perfect design.

    The living room is the space in which the family spends most of their free time, where they receive guests, have fun, and just relax. This is a room that, with its appearance, sets the mood for the whole house. Therefore, its decoration must be approached so that it makes up a single whole with every corner of a cozy home.

    The living room has its difficulties, but it is also interesting. It provides an opportunity to embody the most extraordinary and risky ideas. The main thing is a sense of proportion, the room should be excessively bright or dark.

    • Wall Decor for Living Room
    • Coffee Table for Living Room
    • Flowers as Living Room Decor
    • Decor Lights for Living Room
    • Fireplace as a Part of the Decor

    It is difficult to name which of the options is considered the best. Everyone decides for himself what is right for him. Try to understand in detail the methods provided and understand what you prefer.

    Wall Decor for Living Room

    Wall art living room decor
    Arrangement of many paintings in a spacious room

    The wall decoration in the living room provides ample opportunity to create an accent in the room. You can design in any of the style directions, using various materials and decoration tools.

    Wall decoration is divided into two types. The first type is the use of decorative coatings for the wall itself. These include the color of the walls and the material from which the coating is made. There are many options, such as paint, decorative wallpaper, embossed plaster, timber, and more.

    Each of the types of materials used can be perfectly combined with several styles of decoration, which will greatly simplify your choice. You may even be able to harmoniously combine two styles in the same room to create personality.

    If you are thinking about the practicality of the decor, it is worth considering options with various types of shelves. They come in different shapes and styles, and so do their use. Some look great for books and magazines, while others have decorative flowers or sculptures.

    Coffee Table for Living Room

    Designed coffee table
    Round coffee table in a small living room

    A coffee table is a piece of furniture that is used as a stand for magazines, books, vases of flowers, an ashtray, souvenirs, or a laptop. This table brings new accents to the interior of the room and gives it a finished look. Finally, at the coffee table, you can chat with guests, treating them to tea, coffee, sweets.

    Coffee tables differ both in form and complexity of construction and in the purpose of use. Depending on the style and purpose of use, they may contain additional shelves or retractable surfaces. For example, if you like to spend time in the living room with a cup of coffee, it will be very convenient to keep your favorite book or magazine on the shelf of the table.

    Since the coffee table is also a decorative part, the style in which it will be executed plays an important role. A variety of options on the Internet will easily help you choose a table for any of the popular styles, such as classic, modern, luxury, or rustic style.

    Remember that it is important to combine both the decorative and the functional components of this table.

    Flowers as Living Room Decor

    Everyone wants harmony and comfort in their apartment. The bright green of indoor plants helps to achieve this. It is not enough just to buy and bring a flower into the house, you need it to complement the space and highlight the interesting sides of the room. Most of our plants are in the living room. It is the largest room in the apartment and the central reception area.

    To give the living room chic, it is not at all necessary to buy bulky plants and force them to all corners of the room, thereby turning it into a jungle, a couple of outdoor plants with bright foliage is enough. Dieffenbachia, dracaena, ficus, palm, monstera, zamiokulkas, yucca, or bamboo are perfect, the main thing is to correctly place them.

    Plants in hanging baskets are also an excellent option. In most cases, they are smaller and are perfect for leaving rooms with limited space. These baskets can be mounted from the ceiling or located on shelves and tables, allowing you not to take up additional floor space.

    It is worth remembering that any plant requires, though not frequent, care, and attention. If you are not interested in this or you are allergic to the flowers you like, you can pick up an artificial version. Modern artificial plants are made of quality materials and safe materials and are very difficult to distinguish from real plants.

    Decor Lights for Living Room

    Living room with modern lights
    Additional light sources for reading in the living room

    The living room is versatile in every home. There are also gatherings with friends and just an evening rest with watching TV or reading your favorite book. Based on this, the lighting in it should be multifunctional. The choice of lighting fixtures is based on the design style in which the room is made, but it is never limited to one type.

    The main type of lighting in such a large room is on the ceiling. It can be either a luxurious chandelier or several pendant lights correctly positioned on the ceiling. In a modern style, I also use pot lights for extra light.

    Wall or floor lamps are an important part of the decorative component of lighting. Their shape, size, and material from which they are made can perfectly highlight the style and beauty of your room.

    On Point Remodeling recommends that you take your luminaire selection and placement seriously. Well-installed light sources can create an unforgettable impression in your living room. If you need help or are not sure of your choice, you can always turn to an interior designer for help.

    Fireplace as Part of the Decor

    Decorative fireplace in the living room
    An artificial fireplace complements the living room interior.

    Since ancient times, a fireplace has been an integral part of every living room. In most cases, this was because it was a source of heat in the house. In the modern world, there are many ways to heat a house, but fireplaces have not lost their charm and are used to this day.

    This is primarily because fireplaces look very luxurious. If your living room is made in a classic or luxury style, then it will be an integral part of it. But even in modern design styles, a fireplace can be present.

    This is since it is primarily a decorative element. Very few places use antique wood-burning fireplaces due to inconveniences with ventilation and certain safety obligations.

    Most often in our time, fireplaces are electric or even artificial. They are much more practical to use and outwardly create the same pleasant atmosphere.

    Base your fireplace selection on the style of the room. If you have a classic style, then the fireplace should be appropriate. Made of stone or imitation, without pronounced modern technologies such as a plasma screen, etc


    It doesn’t matter in what style you decorate your home, you will in any case have to face the choice of decor. And since the living room is considered a hallmark in the house, its decoration will play an important role for both you and your guests.

    Choosing the right decor sometimes becomes a laborious process that takes a lot of time and effort. If you are not sure what you want to see in your home, then Remodeling on point recommends that you seek help from a professional designer.

    Visual examples and professional advice will help you decide on your living room decor. And most importantly, it will save a lot of your time and effort.

    Sofia K.
    Sofia K.
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