List of Needed Bathroom Remodel Materials


    The bathroom is a part of an essential place in the house and you need to know what to purchase for your bathroom. If you need to set up your new bathroom or you want to renovate the old one, there are things to consider or put into consideration.

    But the challenge often time is that most house owner does not know where to start from making a list for bathroom renovation for the purchase before starting..

    This guide will help you through planning and knowing the right materials to choose for quality and durable bathroom construction material that will in turn compliment your house.

    • Tools (if it’s DIY remodeling)
    • Construction materials
    • Electrical Fixtures
    • Plumbing Fixtures
    • Tiles
    • Lights
    • Cabinets
    • Paint

    A checklist of what you need to purchase for new a bathroom.

    1.Tools (if it’s DIY remodeling)

    When planning a repair with your own hands, it is very important to take care of the availability of all the necessary tools. Each stage of work requires different tools and you should take care of their availability in advance. The list of bathroom remodel materials depends on what stages of work will be carried out, for example, a drill for curing drywall and a roller with trays for painting walls.

    The tools you need can be expensive and you should try to rent them. This can save you a couple of hundred dollars and you don’t have to think about where to store a tool that you no longer need after repair.

    2.Construction Bathroom Remodel Materials

    Building materials are the basis of every renovation and you cannot do without them. When drawing up a project, they calculate the required number for each stage of work.

    The purchase of building materials can be done in two ways. The first option is to buy everything on the budget in one go from the store by hiring a truck. This will save you travel costs, but you should take care of where to store all of these materials.

    The second way is to buy the necessary materials for each stage of construction. In this case, you do not have to worry about having enough storage space for all materials. It is also worth understanding that in the process of work, the number of required materials may change slightly, and this will allow you to buy only the required amount of building materials.

    3.Electrical Fixtures

    Electrical fixtures for bathroom
    Small bathroom with electric towel dryer.

    The installation phase of the new wiring is a very important part. You cannot complete this process without a specialist and he will choose the necessary wires and all the materials associated with them, but this does not mean that you will not have anything to do.

    You can take on a selection of sockets and switches that will go well with your bathroom style. Many electrical appliances are installed in the bathroom for convenience. These include Bluetooth speakers, bathroom TV, shaver socket, and more.

    4.Plumbing Fixtures

    The choice of bathroom fixtures depends on your preferences. On Point Remodeling advises you to choose bathroom accessories according to your capabilities and needs.

    Before starting the renovation, it is worth deciding what should be in the bathroom, whether it will be a sink, toilet, and shower, or you want to install a stand-alone tub and a jacuzzi. Base your choice on our list of bathroom remodel materials and your budget.

    Aside from basic plumbing, you also need to select and buy smaller fittings such as sink faucets and showerheads to match your bathroom style.


    Tiled bathroom in the house
    A styled grey bathroom covered with tile.

    The tile is used as the main floor and wall covering in bathrooms. It has excellent moisture resistance and is not damaged by constant contact with water. The tiles can be made from different materials, which include ceramic, porcelain, concrete, or natural stones.

    Each type has its differences and is combined with different styles. Ask your designer for help and they will help you with a choice based on your preferences and budget.


    As in any room, there are two types of lighting in the bathroom, natural, when sunlight enters the room through the windows and artificial, for which lighting fixtures are used.

    If the design of windows is carried out at the time of construction, then many types of lamps are used for artificial lighting, which almost always changes during the repair. What type and style they will decide for you.

    Pot lights and LED lights are most often used in the bathroom because of their resistance and moisture resistance, but you can also install pendant lights near the sink and mirror for convenience and beauty.


    Cabinets in the bathroom
    Different kinds of cabinets are used in the bathroom.

    Planning cabinets, shelving, and storing can be challenging finding a way of fixing them in a small place like the bathroom however, they need to be functional in other to accommodate your stuff for easy reach whenever you require it.

    In actual sense, there is a need for the furniture and storage necessarily needs to fit into available space and match the style of your bathroom. Most of the furniture is made to order, according to the dimensions you provide, which will take some time and it is worth ordering furniture at the beginning of work so that at the time of installation it is already ready and does not delay the progress of repair work.


    With the use of colors to create a comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom it brings out the irresistible feeling color can evoke right within you. It is, however, pertinent to buy paint that fits into your design. Painting your bathroom is bringing about a whole lot glamour that is top-notch, however, when making your selection carefully choose your color so that it blends very well with other interiors in the bathroom, this is very important to avoid a costly mistake.

    When choosing paint, its composition is very important. For example, for a bathroom in which excessive moisture is considered the norm after taking a hot shower, it is better to use paint with the addition of silver to the composition. This type of paint has additional protection against the development of bacteria harmful to humans.

    Conclusion for List of Materials Needed to Remodel a Bathroom

    It is easier to forget the simplest things whiles planning your budget what you need to get for your new bathroom while the challenge of balancing priorities might rigorous. Thus it is advisable to have a checklist and you need the service of a hired company to do the job for you.

    There are quite a numbers of factor that will, however, influence the choice of what and what to buy for you new bathroom which ranges from wide areas of peculiar difference to your house, some of this factors range from purchasing power (money), size or space area (how big or small your bathroom is), family members that will be using the bathroom together with needs to be considered for instance young children and aged people should be considered in the choice of flooring tile to buy to prevent chaos and how trendy the homeowner is will determine the choice materials to purchase for the new bathroom.

    It is however very important to make sure you have a list of bathroom remodel materials before starting work and do your best to make all construction material ready as well this will help in not slowing down the speed of the work.

    Sofia K.
    Sofia K.
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