Kitchen Design Mistakes that Everyone Should Avoid


    The kitchen is an essential place in the house, needs adequate and realistic planning that will not jeopardize the functionality of kitchen remodeling and interior decoration. All interiors and aesthetics of the kitchen must not be void of the remote intension of making it conformable, hence to avoid having a good intension while execution is bad then you need to put some basic elements in mind when planning to as to prevent or forestall double spend and rework.

    It is important to put this in mind since the kitchen is of the home. While designing basic things like space, measurement among others that will be discussed in these helpful tips will guide. That all that you need to know about effective and productive kitchen design mistakes to avoid.

    • Nonrealistic Budgeting
    • A Poorly Design Kitchen Island
    • Bad Lighting
    • Inconsistency or Inadequate Measurement
    • Not Employing the Service of Professional Kitchen Designer
    • Wrong Sized of Appliance
    • Workflow Issue
    • Ignoring Handle
    • The Wrong Placing of Plumbing and Electrical Terminals
    • Not Buying Good Quality Cabinet Hardware
    • Island too Big
    • Poor Ventilation
    • Ignoring Recycling

    These tips outline some basic kitchen design mistakes that you should look watch out for when planning for your kitchen.

    1.Nonrealistic Budgeting as Kitchen Design Mistakes

    The number one factor that may lead to an inefficient or planning mistake is when there is no real budget to actualize the potential kitchen design that you have in mind to its full actuality, this can frustrate your dream kitchen remodeling vision, as well as the possibility of, have a result.

    It also good not to under budget the cost of cash you need to execute the project. It is good to overestimate the cost than underestimate it. This is the first thing you need to watch out for. Remember, an unrealistic budget can be one of the roughest kitchen design mistakes.

    2.A Poorly Design Kitchen Island

    Inappropriate kitchen island design
    The kitchen island must match the overall design.

    Kitchen islands are advantageous from a design perspective but if it is not properly executed to fit into fit space then an error is inevitable. The kitchen island is a way to increase the preparation area or section and doing a kitchen island is a very small place that will be channelizing thereby making the kitchen to be stuffy. Thus, since there is quite a lot of thing to add to your kitchen make sure there is enough bench space to accommodate them.

    3.Bad Lighting

    Lighting the kitchen should anything that would badly or poorly design. Proper kitchen lighting is safety is important when it comes to handling sharp knives and other kitchen tools. The lighter you have in the room, the better you can show off your design elements, hence it is advisable to evaluate the work area and add lighting directly above the main area.

    The use of pendants like in the work area will be the best thing to do. Rooms generally need three types of lighting that is general lighting for overall illumination, task lighting for comfortable cooking, and accent lighting to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen.

    4.Inconsistency or Inadequate Measurement

    Correct measurements when renovating a kitchen
    Accurate renovation measurements affect quality.

    It is advisable to before you start executing your plans and ideas for your kitchen design, it is very important to known the size of your kitchen. This is because if there is the cause of inadequate measurement and you have ordered or purchase kitchen tools or equipment that does not fit in into the kitchen space a big mistake has been committed and the organization of your kitchen is gradual going to error.

    When you are doing your planning make sure your measurement is correct to prevent difficulties of distorting the aesthetic, comfortability, and functionality which your kitchen ought to give your home.

    5.Not Employing the Service of Professional Kitchen Designer

    Trying to save money by not employing a professional designer is one common mistake that people make which can lead to a waste of time, recourses, and energy if it is not properly done. Employing the service of professional designers helps you to translate your ideas effectively to fit into your taste as well as your budget.

    6.Wrong Sized of Appliance

    In choosing an appliance for your new kitchen you need to be realistic and consider the numbers of the people living in that house to know the right type of appliance that is needed. Aside from the numbers of the family that much match with the appliance that is been purchased, space is very important to be put into consideration because buying a big fridge for a small kitchen will be improper and inadequate. Hence, the appliance been purchase for the kitchen must fit perfectly into your design and budget.

    7.Workflow Issue

    An excellent workflow planning should not be forgotten, because poor planning can make one kitchen to be impractical and subsequently turns cooking into chaos. By implication of their coherence in the arrangement of kitchen equipment. For instance, your cooker, sink, and fridge should be closer to each other and not several meters apart off.

    8.Ignoring Handle

    Installing cabinets handles
    Correctly selected cabinet handles enhance ease of use.

    There is a need to carefully select a handle that works for your family, that is selecting handles that are not difficult to access by everyone in the family. Handles pull or knobs that are too hard to use is prone to damage and replace it at all time will lead to incurring more expenses.

    9.The Wrong Placing of Plumbing and Electrical Terminals

    If the proper design is not being done before implementation through a draw of sketch and diagrams having a wrong placing or shortage of plumbing and electrical switch bus cannot be averted simply.

    To fix such a key mistake, you will have to dismantle the installed furniture, floors, and walls to get to the electrics or the pipeline. Such an oversight can almost double the cost of work.

    10.Not Buying Good Quality Cabinet Hardware

    Good quality cabinet hardware
    Cabinets hardware quality is very important.

    In other to maximize cost some people might decide to go for less expensive cabinet hardware, thus, good quality hardware lasts longer and they are durable. And it will not make sense to have other kitchen interiors being of high quality while the cabinet hardware will fall short of the standard.

    11.Island too Big

    Making an island too big for a nice-sized kitchen will make it cramped. The rule that applies to size is that you need at least 42 to 48 inches of open space for your island. Otherwise, it will be very inconvenient and you will get serious discomfort trying to squeeze between the installed kitchen furniture.

    12.Poor Ventilation

    It is very important when designing a kitchen plan adequate provision should be made for ventilation that is, the air that comes in and air that goes out as well as the cooking smoke in other to reduce heat in the kitchen and stuffiness. It makes your kitchen cleaner and extends life to your appliance.

    13.Ignoring Recycling

    How effective to manage waste determines neat your kitchen will be, thus, you shouldn’t neglect the adequate right positioning of your kitchen waste bin and. So, this should not be ignored when you are designing from scratch.


    Not any kind of planning alone will do but effective working planning that brings about productive results is the type of planning that should be subscribed to. So the first thing to do is to consult or hire a professional to prevent kitchen design mistakes.

    Secondly, get a suitable design that fits into your kitchen area and make sure you have an adequate measurement of your kitchen.

    Thirdly, never think you can successfully execute a plan without adequate budgeting, if you don’t want your project to be half baked you need to adopt a good budgeting style. While budgeting always makes provision for miscellaneous and overestimation to make sure your kitchen design plan produces the expected result.

    Above all pay attention to details don’t try to cut corners in executing your plans in other to save cost, what you need to know is that your kitchen deserves the best as well as you do too.

    Sofia K.
    Sofia K.
    Professional architect with 15 years of experience, with extensive knowledge of architecture and house style. I specialize in the combination of interior components and house architecture.