Interesting Interior Design Ideas for a Small Balcony in an Apartment


    Not all of us have the opportunity to buy a luxury home with a huge backyard and fresh air. But do not rush to get upset. If you live in an apartment, then with enough desire, you can turn your balcony into a place where you will want to spend your free time enjoying the fresh air.

    Your balcony can turn into a small blooming garden, or you can place a table with a couch on it for reading books in the fresh air. This is a versatile room and what kind of balcony interior design ideas you want to implement in your home depends on you.

    • Blooming Garden on the Balcony
    • Relaxation Balcony Interior Design Ideas
    • Small Balcony Interior Design with Grill
    • Romantic Place on the Balcony
    • Equip a Room for Your Pet

    If we consider the balcony as a separate room in the house, then it can serve a variety of needs. Sometimes, living in a small apartment, you want to find a place where you could be alone with your thoughts. There are several of the most popular solutions for how to use a balcony. A detailed description will help you choose the one that is preferable for you.

    Blooming Garden on the Balcony

    Ornamental plants are very often used to decorate any room in the house. In addition to their appearance, they also allow us to bring a piece of wildlife into our modern homes. What if you want more?

    Many modern office buildings practice planting of plants by employees for emotional relief and relaxation. You may not know, but there are entire gardens located at a height of over thirty floors. Some of the employees liked these experiments very much and it became their hobby.

    If you like it, then you can implement this idea on your balcony. It should be understood that small balcony interior design involves some restrictions on the amount of free space.

    You can install special shelves at different heights along the walls of your balcony. This will allow you to place multiple soil pots in which you plant your plants. Thus, you will not have problems with free space to work and will have enough land for planting flowers and plants.

    Relaxation Balcony Interior Design Ideas

    Relaxation Balcony Interior Design
    Ideas for creating relax balcony interior designs.

    The second common small balcony interior design is the creation of a lounge. It can be a completely different interior, it all depends on how you like to spend your free time.

    For example, for those who like to read their favorite book, it is desirable to install a comfortable lounger chair. There may also be a table next to which you can put a cup of tea and sweets. Also, these pieces of furniture are perfect for those who like to watch movies using a laptop.

    If you prefer intimate conversation, install a pair of comfortable hanging chairs or hammocks. Outdoor communication in pleasant company will bring a lot of positive emotions.

    But do not forget that the balcony, unlike other rooms, is not protected from weather changes. Storing things like books or a laptop on it can lead to dire consequences if it suddenly rains.

    Small Balcony Interior Design with Grill

    Big house owners know how nice it is to have a backyard hangout. Get together with friends, grill meat, and other entertainment. As for balcony interior design ideas, you can create something similar too.

    We all perfectly understand that the size of the balcony is much smaller, but with proper planning, a lot can be created. You can install a small grill on your balcony and the dishes cooked on it will not differ from those cooked on the patio in the house.

    Also, in this case, it is worth considering the layout of a small table and a pair of chairs. This will be very convenient during cooking as you can place everything you need on the table. Plus, if you are planning a small family dinner, you can have it outdoors.

    It is very important to think over all the important points in such a balcony design. Since people live next to you, high-quality air ventilation must be set up. The second important factor should be permitted to install the grill from the city government. This will allow for a high-quality layout of electricity and gas, depending on the type of grill used.

    Romantic Place on the Balcony

    Romantic Place on the Balcony
    Balcony in romantic style with many lights.

    For a young family, a romantic corner in the house can become an irreplaceable place. So why not implement this idea on your balcony? Spending evenings with your loved one is much more pleasant in the fresh summer air.

    You can install comfortable decorative chairs and a round glass table. A stand-alone mini-bar with cool drinks and a convenient shelf for glasses can be an excellent addition.

    Also, in a romantic setting, proper lighting plays an important role. Lots of small bulbs and candles will help you create the mood you want. Dinner in such a pleasant place will be the perfect end to even the most difficult working day.

    Equip a Room for Your Pet

    Another great idea for a balcony interior design might interest dog lovers. On the balcony, you can equip a whole room just for your pet.

    Select a part of the balcony for an artificial or rolled lawn. This will make your dog feel as comfortable as he is on the lawn. If your pet is small, you can install a fence and a decorative house. For large dogs, you can use a special pillow on which to lie comfortably.

    This idea will allow you to create a private outdoor space for your dog. Add her favorite toys there and she will happily spend time there without distracting you from household chores.

    Materials and Furniture for the Balcony

    Materials and Furniture for the Balcony
    Woman choosing new furniture for the balcony.

    When choosing a material for furniture on a balcony, there are many factors to consider. Do not forget that although this room is part of the apartment, it is still not protected from precipitation. High humidity can simply ruin your furniture and you will have to buy a replacement for it.

    Therefore, to select the materials from which the accessories on the balcony will be made, it is worth using those that are resistant to moisture and dampness. Various types of metal covered with a protective layer are perfect here. You can also consider glass and vinyl options for furniture.

    These materials will keep the small balcony interior design in good quality for many years. Furniture made of these materials also takes up much less space in comparison with wood. This will serve as a bonus, allowing you to save more free space on the balcony.

    Using all Balcony Surfaces

    Commonly, many objects are installed on the balcony due to which even the minimum free space does not remain. In such a place you will be very uncomfortable and will not want to spend your free time. To create the most functional room out of the balcony, it is worth making sure that each foot has its purpose.

    One of the balcony interior design ideas is the use of vertical surfaces. The inner walls of the balcony can be used both for functional items and as a decorative component of the room.

    You can install small open shelves on the walls of the balcony and use them as you like. They can contain both decor and various books and other things. Also for these purposes, small cabinets can be hung on the walls of the balcony.

    You can also hang decorative elements on the walls of your balcony. These can be prints, textiles, and other items. Also, the wall itself can become a decorative element. You can hire specialists to apply a beautiful pattern or drawing on it. In this case, the balcony itself will be a decorative component that will save free space.

    Conclusion for Balcony Interior Design Ideas

    A well-thought-out small balcony interior design can give your apartment an extra room, which will also be in the fresh air. You can give the balcony any application you are interested in. It can be a room for many types of relaxation, both in the company and in solitude.

    It is important to create the correct planning of all the details on the balcony. The use of appropriate furniture materials and proper planning will allow for the most user-friendly space.

    If you are at a loss in choosing balcony interior design ideas, you can turn to a professional interior designer. He will tell you how best to furnish your balcony using the appropriate style and beautiful decor.

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