How to Save Money on Cheap Bathroom Remodeling


    Home renovation is always a laborious process. People are not aware of the presence of some processes that are performed during the repair. This is why they make mistakes in calculating the budget needed for repairs in the house or part of it. If you are faced with similar inconvenience, do not rush to get upset.

    In repair work there are some things that you can do yourself and save part of your budget. Here is a rough list of things that can help you cut your waste:

    • Skip Designer for Cheap Bathroom Remodeling
    • Leave the Same Layout
    • Do Demolition Yourself
    • Ask for Tiles Discount Places
    • Shop for Electrical and Plumbing Fixtures
    • Skip Luxury Upgrades
    • Paint goes a Long Way
    • Refurbish What Can be Saved
    • Ripping out Entire Walls

    Let’s take a closer look at how these items can affect the final repair cost. Your involvement in the process will save you money.

    1.Skip Designer for Cheap Bathroom Remodeling

    At the beginning of each repair, it is very important to understand what result you are striving for. Designers are used for successful implementation of vision. This is a person who can design for you a bathroom in any style. Designers have experience and knowledge in modern programs that create layouts. Start from your preferences and budget.

    The job of a professional designer makes the choice very easy. From the tile pattern to the location of the entire bathroom furniture corresponding to the style of your choice. And what is more pleasant, a personal 3D model will be modeled for you and you will be able to see your room even before the renovation begins.

    There is also a second option, which is to choose and plan the style yourself. First, you should look at the possible options on the Internet, read about how different styles differ, and understand what is right for you. Since it is planned to save money, you should not consider the expensive luxury style and the use of very expensive materials.

    Abandoning a designer will help you save about $ 1000-2000 with your cheap bathroom remodeling.You will have to spend a lot of your time and possibly spend more on materials.

    2.Leave the Same Layout

    If you just want to update the look of your bathroom and still save some of your budget, don’t change the layout. This means that you will not change the position of the walls and doorways.

    Keeping the old layout will reduce the number of costs associated with new drawings. Permits are not required when layout is not changed for remodeling. Without having to re-measure the location of the walls, the time spent on installing them will also be reduced. It will positively affect your overall budget.

    3.Do Demolition Yourself

    Tile demolition without a contractor.
    Demolish old materials in the bathroom by yourself.

    Before starting the repair, a demolition is carried out. This is a very difficult stage, accompanied by great physical exertion, because it is necessary to clean the room of everything that was in it, including old furniture, plumbing, and electrics.

    A team of specialists performs a bathroom demolition in a couple of working days. You, in turn, can perform this stage of work yourself, having prepared the room for the upcoming repair.

    It is also worth remembering that in addition to time and considerable physical effort, you will need to take care of the removal of all construction waste that occurs during demolition.

    4.Ask for Tiles Discount Places

    Buying materials for construction is a significant part of the repair budget and the ability to reduce costs can help a lot. Consider a similar option using tiles as an example. Since they are used in almost all bathrooms and have high cost.

    Many shops are supplying these materials. Try to conduct market research, travel to hardware stores, or search the Internet to find out from which supplier you can get the maximum discount on the product you need.

    It requires time and effort for all research on discounts. Although you will be pleasantly surprised with the amount saved on building materials.

    5.Shop for Electrical and Plumbing Fixtures

    Plumbing fixtures for new bathhrom

    The installation of new electrical and plumbing equipment comes with the purchase of many small parts. It includes switches, sockets, pipes, faucets, and many more. When a contractor decides to buy them, he buys it in bulk from direct supplier to save his time.

    Devote some of your time to these purchases and find where to buy cheaper products. This can save you $300 – $500. And in the matter of maintaining the budget, this can play a role.

    6.Skip Luxury Upgrades

    When keeping a budget comes first, don’t try to furnish your cheap bathroom remodeling with costly improvements. Compare the provided options for materials on the Internet. In the modern world, there is a huge selection that looks no worse than expensive options.

    For example, marble tiles are certainly very beautiful and have an impressive price. Modern technologies make it possible to create an artificial stone or use ceramic tiles. The pattern is difficult to distinguish from real marble. Cheaper examples exist for most materials, but you should not chase the price.

    7.Paint goes a Long Way

    Paint walls in bathroom

    DIY wall painting is another way to cut costs. Depending on the complexity of the work, professional painter may bill $1 – $4 per square foot. He takes responsibility for the quality of work and gives a warranty.

    If you decide to do this work yourself, take care of waterproof paint and tools necessary for painting. You can show your creativity and creativity by painting the walls, experimenting with the color scheme.

    8.Refurbish What Can be Saved

    With a low budget for renovations, it is worth considering what could be reused from the old bathroom. Take your time to throw away the vanity or the door, perhaps they will find use in an updated cheap bathroom remodeling.

    If the furniture that was previously used in the bathroom is in excellent condition, then it may be worth leaving it and not buying a new one. There is always the possibility of easy restoration, a door repainted in a new color can be no worse than a new one and save you up to $ 100, and this is just a door.

    9.Ripping out Entire Walls

    The montage of new walls comes with the cost of materials and labor time of the employees of the construction company performing the repairs in your bathroom. Before demolishing them at the demolition stage of the old room, you should make sure whether it is possible to reuse some of them.

    It is possible that the walls are in good condition and it is only necessary to bring them to their proper form using alignment. In this case, your bathroom will get rid of one of the repair processes, and this is already a significant saving, both in time and money.


    The examples of savings provided above are not suitable for every project, but if you are looking for an opportunity to save on repair work, then it is worth trying to apply them to your case.

    On Point Remodeling offers possible options for a solution, but this does not mean that the price of your repair will decrease several times, in any case, a lot of efforts of professional workers will be expended.

    Most importantly, we recommend that you think over the estimated budget and all steps to repair in advance.

    Sofia K.
    Sofia K.
    Professional architect with 15 years of experience, with extensive knowledge of architecture and house style. I specialize in the combination of interior components and house architecture.

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