How To Prepare For Home Renovation Project?


    Deciding and finding time to renovate your home can be a whole lot of enormous decision, and it should never be taken lightly. After all, it will take a whole lot of invested funds, and in most cases, a lot of money.

    So, never jump into such a project without first critically following these given guidelines that’ll undoubtedly assist you in renovating your home as smooth as possible.

    It’s very rare to meet someone who has just concluded a full home renovation without complaining that it took so long, but I can assure you that if you follow these tips critically below, you’ll not only renovate your home smoothly, but you’ll also reduce your project timeline greatly.

    • Know The Exact Scope Of Renovation Work
    • Set Your Budgets
    • Find A Renovation Company
    • Storage For Furniture
    • Rental Space For The Time Of Renovation
    • Be Ready For Delays
    • Document Everything

    Of course there will be other problems on the way that we cannot predict how to prepare for home renovation, but staying cautious always helps to manage with issues.

    1. Know The Exact Scope Of Renovation Work

    It is first important to understand the scope and extent of your home renovation. Here, you decide whether you will renovate the entire home or just a few parts first. How long this renovation project will take, where you are starting from, and your expectations after the completion of the renovation.

    Also, you need to decide how extensive you want this renovation project to be, plus your remodeling goals. If you need a large space, cleaning out the entire house is the best way to start. You throw out anything you no longer use, don’t need, or that has expired.

    In this case, you must clearly define why you are renovating. The truth is, is essential that you prioritize your intention for your renovation. Generally, there are 2 categories. The first category is that you want to improve the value of your home.

    This kind of renovation demands careful evaluation. Here, you decide what you want to alter, how much you’ve budgeted for this renovation project. Also, you decide on the materials and supplies you want to use, are they really universally appealing? In most cases, you’ll always want to avoid materials that are too cheap or too expensive.

    On the other hand, if you want to renovate your home simply because you want to improve your home and create a bigger space, then your choice needs to reflect your desires, your wants, and your needs 100%.

    2. Set Your Budgets

    For every renovation, it is essential that you clearly budget for the present and beyond. Whatever your budget for your renovation is, ensure you add a buffer of, at least, 25% percent as this will greatly help you to cover unforeseen expenses, circumstances, and some other challenges that may happen during the renovation. Just keep this amount set aside specially to cover unexpected expenses along the way.

    To achieve a smooth full renovation project, set a realistic budget for your renovation. Also, determine how you’ll fund your project. Is saving, loan, or credit card? This tip on how to prepare for home renovation is to expect spending a whole lot of money for the job.

    Preferably, make a list of everything you’ll need for your renovation: flooring, cabinet, fixtures, sinks, appliances, toiler, disposal, knobs, tubs, and many more.

    3. Find A Renovation Company

    Find a renovation company to deal with
    Interview with contractors for home project.

    Find time to research your contractor or professional renovator. Choosing a good and professional renovation company is paramount. Ideally, you can get contractors through word of mouth, and research. Perhaps, a friend, or a neighbor, or even a friend of a friend had can recommend a professional renovation company to you.

    Contact them and ask them about their experience and their previous renovation projects, and find out why they would recommend them for you. And if you have anyone who can refer a contractor for you, then ask potential contractors to offer you referrals from their previous clients and follow up on them.

    Also, make sure that they have liability insurance. Another great way to get the best is to visit a site they are currently working on, and from there, you can learn so much by just watching and observing how they work and organize the site works. The far most important part of how to prepare for home renovation is actually finding the company who will do the job.

    A good, tested, and trusted renovation company can be found through internet or suggested by friends/family. You can contact On Point Remodeling for more advise and suggested professional renovation service.

    4. Storage For Furniture

    This is one of the things that you must settle during the planning process. Here, you determine how you want to provide storage for your furniture. How are you packing furniture? Where are you storing them? How long do you want to store them, and which of them storage companies will provide storage for your furniture, and how much? These are critical questions you must have settled during the planning process.

    The truth is, the whole storage process is sometimes expensive based on the volume or the sizes of items you want to store.

    So, if you wish to store the furniture with some other items, then hiring a professional storage company will help, at least, to handle and store your stuff for you.

    5. Rental Space For The Time Of Renovation

    Plan for a rental space for the time of renovation. Truth is, you’ll experience a serious discomfort of your living space during the renovation process. So, it is advisable that you rent a space with a token for a few weeks until the renovation is completed. Alternatively, find a neighbor or friend to stay with during this period.

    Ideally, if you have, at least, one or two rooms in your home and a bathroom that are untouched refuges, then you’ll really feel so much discomfort during this period.

    6. Be Ready For Delays

    If you plan to stay home during the renovation process, then ask everyone to be considerate and patient. The truth is, your project may experience delays like supplier late deliveries, city permit delays, and correcting deficiencies.

    The bottom line is, just discuss them with your contractor and give you the full idea of all possible difficulties that could arise in the process. Discuss these difficulties with your contractor and monitor them to get them done on the negotiated deadline.

    Never make major changes to your lay down plans during the renovation process or you’ll end up delaying your renovation.

    But always prepare for unexpected delays and inevitable inconveniences that may arise during the project. The good thing about a reputable and professional renovation company will give you the full meal-deal on every possible difficulties and challenge that could arise.

    You may want to fully understand what you are getting into so that you can prepare and properly adjust your life and expectations

    7. Document Everything

    Document everything with contract
    Construction contract with detailed scope of work.

    All the work that goes at your home should be documented for reference. Many companies do not take notes on completed tasks and end week without taking pictures throughout. This becomes your due diligence as home owner to protect yourself.

    First of all On Point Remodeling recommends keeping a log of work completed for each day, week or month. Have images or even vidoes of each step and process of home renovation. Not only this helps from scamy contractors trying to do lazy job or use wrong materials, but also can speed up the process.

    Document your communication and materials selected for your home. Simple word or excel document sheet can be made to write down what material was selected or purchased for each work.

    Conclusion on Preparation for Full Home Renovation

    We have listed 7 steps of preparation for home remodeling project, but you will always have to be on your toes protecting you home and money. If you want to be relaxed with completely trusted company for your project, contact us for referrals.

    On Point Remodeling team has list of contractors and companies we and our partners work with on regular basis.

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