How to Find a Contractor for Home Addition Work


    A home addition is a great method of building a perfect home equity coupled with the fact that it brings beauty around your home.

    A home addition is not always the type to do with the DIY method. It is always necessary to hire a professional contractor to get this done.

    Apart from the fact that having a contractor for your home addition gives it a more professional look, it also saves you a whole lot of money and time since you don’t have to waste a whole lot of time and money trying to fix it yourself.

    Remember, one of the reasons for home addition is to enhance the beauty of your home which can only be possible when you hire a professional contractor. A major problem most people face is how to find a contractor for home addition that is reliable and competent.

    Getting a service of a professional contractor to handle your home addition project is the best way to carry out major home improvement in your home.

    Hiring a contractor to handle your home addition simply means that you are trying saving yourself a whole lot of stress. They understand the best designs that fit your free space, and they are good at giving a precise and accurate measurement for your projects.

    We wanted to list few steps for finding contractor for home addition for home owners to go smoother with their project:

    • Where to Find Contractor for Home Addition
    • Which Contactors you Need for Renovation
    • Which Criteria Should Contractors Have
    • Proper Agreement with Right Company

    Recall that converting a basement or handling a home addition project requires that it must be designed, constructed, managed and supervised to specifications. All building projects or home improvement must be able to meet the set standards which must be adhere to strictly.

    Contractors understand the specifications and standards required for home addition project, and they are great at bringing your ideas into reality. In short, the very best decision any homeowner can take for home addition in their property is to hire the service of a professional contractor to handle this job.

    Hiring a bathroom contractor is by far easier than for an addition, simply because of increased scope of work and whole house responsibility for duration of project.

    Where to Find Contractors for Home Addition

    Online – this method of looking for workers or companies to complete your project is the most popular. There are thousands of websites with company ratings, portfolio and referral work contractors. Home owners need to search carefully for candidates before interviewing them, because there are many scammers out there.

    Through Friends – if you have friends that recently did similar job and loved the company the dealt with, it should an easy pick for you. Referral work has been out there for thousands of years and it is always good to deal with recommended by close friend contractors.

    On Jobsites – there is tons of work in every city. Simply by driving around in your neighborhood home owners can spot similar projects being completed. Do not hesitate to walk up to them and ask if they can estimate your work.

    Through On Point Remodeling – we have suggested contractors and home addition companies that work in every region. Our designers created plans and hired many times professionals that we can recommend for your project.

    Which Contractors You Need for Renovation?

    Which contractors you need for renovation and home addition
    Each contractor has specific specialty and experience in different trade.

    The first significant step is to decide and analyze which type of contractor you really want. You must figure out the type of contractor during the planning process. Are you hiring a professional contractor for this project or a roadside contractor?

    Depending on your budget, getting a professional contractor will make a whole lot of sense in achieving your long-term beautifully designed home addition. Some of the roadside contractors are usually known to be showing up late at sites, offering shoddy services, and leaving the project site too early.

    One of the biggest problems that people face while hiring a contractor for their home improvement is that they don’t know whether they are capable of doing the job or not. Honestly, hiring a contractor is synonymous with hiring an employee.

    You don’t need to be tricked by those yellow pages and sweet companies’ names. You have to use your common sense and possibly take the long-detailed process of hiring the best contractor.

    There are a whole lot of homeowners who have unfortunately fallen into the hands of those bad contractors. They abandon projects midway and ask for more money beyond what was stated in the contract.

    The other tip on how to find a home addition contractor is to try and access the services of the few available contractors around you and check what their customers think of their services plus the type of project they have successfully handled recently.

    Generally, contractors charge to make any change to the initial designed plan most especially if the home addition requires more work or more materials to get the job completed.

    Everyone wants to keep his or her reputation so when you finally have a reliable contractor that is ready to work with your budget; you can pay between 20%-40% upon signing the contract and paying the balance on an installment basis.

    Which Criteria Should Home Addition Contractors Have

    Portfolio of Completed Home Additions – every experienced and professional remodeling company should have portfolio of their projects. Number one page at local renovation companies visited by clients is portfolio and it is for a reason. See if they completed something that you want for your home.

    Licenses and Documents – on the road of how to find a contractor for second floor addition, everyone should insure the company is properly licensed and insure. Home owners take full responsibility and obligation for people he signs contract with.

    Current Jobs They Work at – if the company you are about to hire is as good as they say, there should not be a problem visiting one of their current projects. Ask supervisor or project manager to stop by in same size or similar area project to see how they operate.

    Costs and Availability – there needs to be a balance for costs associated with home addition job and availability of the company. Be cautious if they can start right away and ask why. Most reputable home addition companies need several months to commence large projects.

    Proper Agreement with Right Company

    Proper agreement with home addition contractor
    Legal agreement and contract is mandatory for hiring contractors.

    Entering into agreement or contract for large remodeling project is a big deal. Do not simply give a deposit and assume everything is going to be as you expect. These jobs go for several hundred thousand dollars and we recommend paying a layer to read it through for you.

    There could be hidden areas where home owners do not pay attention when reading contract, but it could hurt them in the end. Make sure it is fair for both parties with obligations and responsibilities.

    It is a big mistake trusting company you hire with large amounts of money. Small contracts with one or few pages of details should be reconsidered. Ask them if they would be ok signing a contract or agreement you provide, and get it prepared by professional.

    On Point Remodeling provides samples of contracts and agreements for all sorts of renovations and home additions. Ask our team for document that matches your project.

    How to Find and Hire a Contractor for Home Addition

    Hiring a good contractor demands that you make a good discretion and good judgment to achieve your deserved result. Another crucial factor to consider is that your contractor must be someone who is ready to listen to details and devote a lot of time to your project because hiring a busy type of contract can result into a whole lot of mistake.

    Look out for a licensed contractor before you start your home addition. Hiring an unlicensed contractor is as good as hiring an irresponsible contractor for your project. Most property owners conclude that hiring a professional contractor will, in the long run, save you more time, stress and money.

    Doing this may seem so tricky especially if you don’t know one already, you can ask a friend, colleague, family member for a proper recommendation and you can find them online too.

    In a nutshell, it is better you choose based on your recommendation. You ask for references while checking them all out. If you don’t get any contractor through recommendation, you can then check the yellow papers.

    Ensure you hire one that has all the necessary paper works and is completely legal during the pre-hiring stage. Most importantly, get one who has recently done a similar job. Find out the charge from people who have experience in hiring such services.

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