How to Decorate Rustic Style in Modern Home


    Rustic style is distinguished by its ease and warmth. It uses natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal. In most cases, these materials are not processed or have visible flaws that have a kind of charm.

    Since this style is not new, it perfectly combines the practicality of all elements with free space. It doesn’t matter which room will be executed in a given style, these rules will always apply.

    Even the decor used will perform certain useful functions, be it clothes hooks or a fabric blanket. Remodel on point will reveal for you the main features that distinguish the decorated rustic style.

    • Using Natural Materials
    • Color Scheme to Decorate Rustic Style
    • Lack of Straight Lines
    • Mismatched Furniture
    • Practicality and Purpose of all Elements
    • Large Pieces and Elements in Room
    • Using Faux Animal Hides in Decoration

    Every little detail will be important in this style, from furniture to wall modern rustic decor.

    1.Using Natural Materials

    Using natural materials for renovation
    Wooden furniture and decor in a modern rustic room.

    As mentioned earlier, this style uses organic materials. This is because there were no polymers, plastics, and similar modern materials before. This allows you to immerse yourself in the old rural comfort of a modern house.


    We can say that almost everything is made of wood in this style. Floor and wall coverings, countertops, chairs, and other furniture. It is often possible to find almost untreated wood used in this style. Roughness and unevenness are an important element.


    Stone is used as a secondary material, usually, a fireplace or decorative elements of wallcoverings are laid out of it. Fireplaces blend harmoniously with rustic coziness. Filling the room with warmth and soft light. It can also be used as floor coverings in the bathroom.


    Metal items are rarely used in this style. In most cases, metal is part of any wood product. For example, it can be a lamp case or table legs. The metals used do not have a modern bright polishing, they are matte and dull like in the old days.

    2.Color Scheme to Decorate Rustic Style

    Light, neutral tones are great for a rustic room. Professional designers recommend painting walls white or something close to it. It will harmoniously look with the color scheme of wood that will prevail in the room.

    So that the colors of wood and paint are not close to each other. This will allow the colors to enhance and not blend and blend into one pile. Balancing the colors correctly will achieve the desired contrast.

    The color palette of both the materials used and the decor may seem dull and boring to you. But in this style, they are combined to bring the desired coziness and comfort to your room.

    A good color complement would be the use of expensive stones. Decor elements in deep shades of blue, pink, green, red will give your room an extra luxurious look.

    3.Lack of Straight Lines

    The importance of straight lines in a rustic style
    Spacious kitchen with straight timber beams.

    If you are a perfectionist at heart, then it will be quite difficult for you to get along with this style feature. This is because curvature and imperfection are an important part of the decorate rustic style. This can show up in curved chair legs or the surface of a table made of split planks.

    These features convey the feeling of a simple rural life and as if all the details were made by hand. These irregularities can also apply to the wall covering, a fireplace made of uneven stones, and other things that add a special charm to the style of the room.

    4.Mismatched Furniture

    Mismatched furniture in rustic style
    Beautiful sofa with decorative pillows.

    Decor in rustic style at first glance looks like it was chosen at different times. One gets the impression that all the items in the room are collected there randomly, but at the same time are necessary. For example, the chairs at the dining table can be completely different, the same applies to the chairs in the living room.

    Show your imagination in the design of the room. This is a great way to experiment with different elements of the room, including furniture and decor. An installed coffee table from an old barrel or cut of the wood can look harmonious.

    In a rustic style, the furniture in the room is centered around the object. This could be a fireplace in the living room, a TV, or a dining table. This feature immediately shows the main purpose of the room, giving it a sense of purpose and allowing it to unite the overall picture.

    5.Practicality and Purpose of all Elements

    Practicality of all decor elements
    Refurbished old suitcase used as a coffee table.

    From all of the above, it is noticeable that all objects in the rustic style have a functional meaning. But this does not mean that you are prohibited from adding to the room what you like. Just remember that too much decor that is used purely for beauty can create confusion and confusion in the rustic style.

    If you are planning a renovation in the living room and it will be in this style, take care of plenty of seating. Arrange comforters and throws with home colors. You can also install shabby wood shelves for books and hang art on the walls.

    Based on this example, modern rustic decor and furniture are always used and should not be installed just like that. You will always have everything you need at hand but without unnecessary items.

    6.Large Pieces and Elements in Room

    The elements of furniture and decor used in this style are often larger than necessary. You may find a kitchen table for eight or ten people, although only four live in the house.

    Massive decorative elements such as a bedside table from a huge old chest and so on. Yes, it all takes up a lot of space, but at the same time, it looks laconic to decorate rustic style.

    7.Using Faux Animal Hides in Decoration

    Livestock and hunting have always been an integral part of rural life. Therefore, houses were often filled with skins of various animals. They served as a decorative element and gave extra warmth when placed on the floor.

    In the modern world, it is not considered good form to use animal skins as decoration. But to give an authentic look to the room, you can easily find artificially created analogs.

    Artificial wolf and sheepskins will look harmonious on the floor in the living room and bedroom.


    A rustic-style room will give your home the undoubted charm of simple things. Renovations made from organic materials with an abundance of wood objects will create a place that is more ancient and different from modern styles.

    A special color scheme will also be a distinctive feature. The use of light colors in painting the walls in combination with various woody shades will be a distinctive feature.

    The rustic style allows you to reveal all your imagination in the choice of furniture and decor. Try to combine different types of chairs, tables, and even decorative elements such as decorative lamps, shabby wood shelves, and more.

    The main thing to remember is that the materials from which all the elements are made must be natural and simple. There should be no plastic, bright ceramics, or perfectly polished metal parts.

    Functionality and simplicity are the two main things that give a rustic-style room elegance and homely warmth. This style is less and less common in modern homes, but this does not mean that it looks worse or not practical.

    Sofia K.
    Sofia K.
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