How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Kitchen?


    Average kitchen renovation costs $24 850 with all materials and labor included.  Other resources may say otherwise, but with our technique and design format you will save at least 35% on all work and materials. Appliances have to be purchased separately and can have wide range of costs.

    In this post we explain how kitchen design and entire renovation can be simplified with tons of money saved for home owners. Our team broke down all steps and costs which all readers can use for their own projects. Read below how our method can be used to transform kitchen area without much effort.

    Here is a table of how much does it cost to renovate a kitchen and update living space:

    Budget/SmallAverageHigh End/Large
    Design$1 100$1 450$2 180
    Demolition$450$900$2 200
    Plumbing$700$1 200$1 850
    Electrical$800$1 300$2 700
    Flooring$2 400$4 150$7 800
    Walls & Ceiling$400$650$1 200
    Cabinets$7 000$12 000$19 500
    Countertop$750$2 400$6 200
    Backsplash$300$500$2 000
    Total Cost$14 150$24 850$46 130
    Not every kitchen renovation has all steps listed. Some of them can be skipped.

    As we already mentioned, appliances for new kitchen are not included in this calculations. Read below explanation on kitchen appliances and tricks on how to spend less money on them.

    Design and Layout that Saves Tons of Money

    At first you may think we sell regular design drawings for kitchen, but it is far more intense than that. Remodel on point packages for kitchen renovations include set of drawings, complete outsource of materials and step by step process that will save you at least $6000 on average kitchen project.

    Visit our page for several kitchen design packages that can help you renovate it for less.

    Remodeling of kitchen simplified
    Awesome contemporary kitchen with tiles on the floor and retro lights.

    How are we able to save so much money and beat all the quotes from local contractors? Actually it is not complicated. There are four factors that our team was able to break down and let home owners keep the profits of material suppliers and kitchen renovation companies.

    For those home owners that want to simply refinish kitchen without replacing it, we recommend skipping this article and reading posts about resurfacing cabinets.

    Kitchen Cabinets Have Different Surface Material and Associated Costs

    To average home owner the cabinets may all look the same or at least similar. Our idea is to explain how different materials can be used for manufacturing cabinets and costs change with your selection of style and type of wood used.

    Another and more recognized factor is the actual size of kitchen. Prefabricated kitchen cabinet’s cost calculated by linear feet of manufacturing and installation. Custom kitchens have more complicated system. Each house has different height, depth, length for cabinets. All of these are reflected in our cost table for kitchen cabinets.

    8 Feet Height9 Feet Height10+ Feet Height
    Solid Wood$400$450$500
    These are starting costs and can be increased with complexity of cabinets and inside boxes

    Do You Need General Contractor to Renovate Kitchen?

    First let’s look at what is the main role of general contractor or kitchen renovation company? They organize entire work process by hiring trades, outsourcing materials and ensuring quality of work.

    Technically if you have no time what so ever and do not want to get involved in any of these, we recommend hiring the best and most reputable company to do the work. A good example of that is when you have very high paying job or business and don’t want to waste time for saving $5000-$10000 renovating and installing new kitchen.

    To save time and stay away from work process please hire general contractor, otherwise use our technique to renovate your kitchen space.

    Kitchen renovation requires knowing the details of work and hiring trades to do that. Remodel on Point creates entire package of clear details that plumbers, electricians and other installers need. You would not even need to explain them anything. See the page for our kitchen custom designs.

    Install new kitchen for Less
    Just finished assembling cabinets, ready for countertop measurements.

    Our system of design and complete breakdown of work helps eliminate knowledge, experience and even need of general contractor that charges at least 30% of all costs. Compare how much does it cost to renovate a kitchen with general contractor and without.

    Cost of Appliances for New Kitchen Project

    We cannot simply say how much appliances cost. There are houses that have all appliances for over $100 000, and others that budget for under $10 000. But what we can do is list most popular appliances in kitchen with range of costs. In our table below we do not include the cheapest ever as well as most expensive in the world appliances.

    Our recommendation is to spend 2%-3% of entire house cost on kitchen appliances for homes under one million dollars and 1%-2% for homes over that one million mark.

    Fridge$1 300$3 200$6 500
    Stove$900$2 100$7 200
    Wall Owen$1 000$3 700$11 500
    Cooktop$850$2 150$8 100
    Hood Vent$500$900$2 200
    Dishwasher$450$860$2 150
    Microwave$280$420$1 300
    Keep in mind that not all listed appliances will be used in kitchen upgrade

    How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Kitchen and All Working Steps

    Even small kitchen require several crews of workers to be involved in renovation process. Here is a list of work steps in average kitchen remodeling. It helps home owners and investors understand better how much does it cost to renovate a kitchen and how long it will take.

    Demolition – Can be completed in a day or two. Hiring professional company costs slightly more, but they insure safety of other areas and protection during the work. We also recommend donating kitchen cabinets to organizations or sell online. You can even get them to remove entire kitchen for free.

    Plumbing – Includes rough ins and installation lines for sink, pot filler and water lines to fridge. Keeping drain and water exactly where they previously were saves cost of rough ins. Do not attempt to do plumbing without appropriate license required by bylaw. Drain and water lines need to be tested at completion.

    Ventilation – Used mostly for exhaust fan that is located above stove. Aside from purchasing appliance, it has to be connected and vented to the outside of the house. The work can be completed in few hours and does not cost more than $200-$300 per vent line.

    Electrical – Once again you will have advantage without moving positions of appliances and outlets. In complete kitchen renovation we often see restructuring of everything with additional lights on ceiling and under kitchen cabinets. This work has to be done by licensed workers and inspected.

    Walls and ceiling – With all demolition and repositioning of rough ins for lights, wires and plumbing pipes, there will be damage to walls and ceilings. Afterwards contractors have drywall or plaster crew to finish off walls and ceiling. All wholes are filled with walls being painted at the same time.

    Flooring – This step is required when with kitchen cabinets, floors are getting replaced as well. During demolition stage old floors are ripped out and new installed shortly after. Today its popular to have engineered hardwood throughout the main floor going into kitchen without separation.

    Cabinets – Installation of cabinets is probably the most interesting part of the job. Everything is delivered to jobsite and installed in place. Necessary cuts and adjustments are made before screwing it together and securing on the wall. Experienced crew does it in 1-2 days. Cabinets mainly tell the idea how much does it cost to renovate a kitchen till the end.

    Countertop – For custom kitchen allow 1 week to put in the countertop. You can select exact stone or other material for counters way ahead, but measuring for cut is done after kitchen cabinets are installed. Same stone can be installed as waterfall feature on island or edge of kitchen.

    Backsplash – One of the last touch ups to complete overall look of the kitchen is backsplash. Tiles are used as backsplash material for over 90% on all kitchen renovation jobs. High end builders and home owners prefer to use same stone as countertop to complete the look. It costs way more than regular tiles.

    Appliances – Supplier can install new appliances for better price than most contractors. They also provide warranty for their work. New kitchen may include stove, cook top, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, oven, vent hood, microwave and several more that we will skip for now.

    Implement Schedules for All Work and Delivery of Materials before Job Starts

    Every renovation project requires proper schedule for all steps of works. This helps ordering material on time and telling each trades when they need to start work. Good scheduling saves time of work and general contractors charge tons of money for ability to do just that.

    Hiring responsible trades will make sure that schedules are met and their part of work completed exactly as you need it to be. Our recommendation is to agree with installers not only on price, but on time completion too. For example when talking to plumbers tell them your budget for rough ins and final installations are $1000, with 50% due on completion of rough ins. They are to come in on specific date and finish it in 2 days.

    We have all the tips and schedule templates for exact custom kitchen renovation. Following step by step process saves time and money. Want to know how much will it cost to update your kitchen?

    Steven H.
    Steven H.
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