How much does It Cost to Build a House in New York


    The cost to build a house in New York for 2021 is $ 220 – $ 230 per square foot. This price range will allow you to use quality materials but without expensive elements. If the work is done by a general contractor, the price of an average 2,500 square foot home with a basement would be about $ 250 per square foot.

    New York is considered the most expensive city for building houses in the United States. This is due to several factors at once, the main of which is the densely populated city. There is very little space in the city for new residential buildings, which makes the value of this land much higher than the average in the United States.

    Another important factor affecting how much does it cost to build a house in New York is the zoning laws passed. The city authorities carefully monitor any construction activity and compliance with all regulations.

    Also, due to the population of the city, the very process of building a house is complicated. For example, demolishing an old building or pouring a new foundation with concrete is much easier when there is a lot of free space around than between the busy streets of New York. This also brings complexity in the logistics of supplying materials for construction.

    Detailed Cost of Construction Stages

    To better understand how much does it cost to build a house New York, Remodel on point collected detailed information about the cost of each and the stages of construction work. We recommend that you use this information as a guide and for a general understanding of prices.

    For convenience, we have tried to divide the stages of work into two tables. In the table below you will find the cost of all external work and documents that will be needed during construction.

    Exterior Finishes and Soft Costs Table

    Drawings & Documents$20000$22000$24000
    Site Preparation$1.25 per sq/ft$1.6 per sq/ft$2 per sq/ft
    Demolition & Excavation$5.5 per sq/ft$7.9 per sq/ft$10.2 per sq/ft
    Foundation & Footings$10.8 per sq/ft$11.3 per sq/ft$12.2 per sq/ft
    Framing$30 per sq/ft$40 per sq/ft$50 per sq/ft
    Exterior Façade$10 per sq/ft$18 per sq/ft$28 per sq/ft
    Deck$12 per sq/ft$22 per sq/ft$40 per sq/ft
    Roof$4 per sq/ft$8 per sq/ft$13 per sq/ft
    Gutters & Eaves$1.5 per sq/ft$2 per sq/ft$3 per sq/ft
    Landscape$6 per sq/ft$8 per sq/ft$10 per sq/ft
    Windows & Doors$10000$21000$35000
    Total$93.05 per sq/ft$136 per sq/ft$192 per sq/ft
    Prices for an average home with 2,500 square feet.

    The following table will show in detail all types of interior work and their prices. They can be very different depending on the lead time, the materials used, and the experience of the workers. For detailed information, you should contact your local contractors and clarify all the details specifically for your home.

    Interior Work Costs When Building Home in New York

    Plumbing$4 per sq/ft$4.5 per sq/ft$5 per sq/ft
    HVAC system$6 per sq/ft$8 per sq/ft$10 per sq/ft
    Electrical$6 per sq/ft$7 per sq/ft$10 per sq/ft
    Insulation & Drywall$2 per sq/ft$2.4 per sq/ft$3 per sq/ft
    Flooring$4 per sq/ft$9 per sq/ft$14 per sq/ft
    Bathroom Tiles$2.2 per sq/ft$2.8 per sq/ft$4 per sq/ft
    Kitchen & Countertop$10 per sq/ft$12 per sq/ft$15 per sq/ft
    Casings & baseboards$5.7 per sq/ft$7.3 per sq/ft$9 per sq/ft
    Basement Finishing$7 per sq/ft$7.5 per sq/ft$9 per sq/ft
    Interior Painting$3 per sq/ft$4.5 per sq/ft$6 per sq/ft
    Plumbing fixtures$8000$10000$14000
    Total$65.9 per sq/ft$87 per sq/ft$113.4 per sq/ft
    Prices for an average home with 2,500 square feet.

    Additional improvements can also increase the cost of building a house. For example, you would like to install a beautiful fireplace in your living room. This improvement can significantly increase the cost of the work performed. Installation of underfloor heating and smart systems or chic chandelier are also popular for homes. The cost of such improvements is individual for each house and it is better to find out detailed information on prices from the contractor who will perform the work.

    How Much is It to Build a House in New York in Different Areas

    As with most cities, how much does it cost to build a house in New York differs depending on the area of ​​the city. An important aspect of this is the value of the land. You can buy the same size lot in the vicinity of Manhattan for several million dollars or spend 300-500 thousand in Brooklyn or the Bronx.

    The cost to build a house New York in districts from the city center will also be cheaper due to simpler logistics. Delivery of equipment and materials will be much easier and will not take much time. And the more difficult the working conditions, the higher the price for their implementation.

    How House Size Affects Build Price per Square Fit?

    Size always matters and this also applies to the cost to build a house New York. If you do not understand what it depends on, let’s take a closer look at the reasons why the larger the house, the lower the price per square foot.

    Everything is quite simple, for example, let’s take two houses with the same amount of work required, only of different sizes. It turns out that you will need more material to build a house, as well as workers will need more time at each stage. But it should be understood that, for example, pouring the foundation for a 2,500 square foot home is not twice as long as for a 1,300 square foot home. This ratio to the time of work is applicable in other construction stages.

    Also, these are far from all the costs that exist during construction. How much is it to build a house in New York depends on other processes as well. For example, let’s take the delivery of materials, which in most cases will cost the same for both an average home and a large one. Here you can also add the cost of all the necessary documents and calls of city inspectors to check the stages of work.

    As for the general contractor, in most cases, the percentage that they charge for their work also depends on the size of the construction. Based on all of the above examples and many small details, the cost to build a house New York per square foot will be lower if the total area of ​​the house is larger.

    How Much does It Cost to Build a House in New York Without a General Contractor

    Many of us would be happy to save money on any purchase, whether it’s shopping in a store or building a house. Therefore, people often wonder how much is it to build a house in New York without a general contractor. And in reality, it will turn out to be not a small amount.

    In the USA, a general contractor’s charge for his work is 10 – 20% of the cost of the entire project. And when the total amount of the entire project is a million dollars or more, it looks like a lot of money. But you should not immediately make a decision, refuse the services of professionals, and think that you can easily do everything yourself, without familiarizing yourself with their responsibilities.

    The most important thing is that the general contractor takes all responsibility and risks. After signing the contract, all additional waste that may happen through the fault of oversight or oversight of the workers falls on the shoulders of the general contractor, not the client.

    It is also worth understanding that you do not have to worry about buying materials, finding engineers and various workers, meeting with supervisors, and other construction matters. Remember that in addition to the fact that most of the responsibility is removed from you, you are also guaranteed the quality of the work performed without wasting your time.

    Just calculate how much time you would have to spend on all these tasks, for example, in the year that it takes to build a house. Remember that your time also costs money and decide for yourself whether it is worth doing it yourself or still trust the professionals.

    How does the Use of Different Materials Affect the Price?

    The direct answer to the question is, of course, yes, but this will affect the result. The choice of materials used for the future home usually depends on several factors, and the main one is the construction budget. The cost to build a house New York using the cheapest materials will be in the region of $ 160 – $ 180 per square foot without a general contractor and buying land.

    It should also be understood that such a low price is also because far from the best contractor will work with such materials. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that cheaper materials can last much less and the cost of house renovation will be much higher.

    The Cost of Building a House New York at a Different Season of the Year

    Modern technologies allow building a house at any time of the year. However, there is a more favorable season. This is often due to weather conditions, since building a house in a dry and warm season is much faster and easier.

    The optimal construction season begins in spring and ends before the first frost. During this time of year, temperatures are favorable and builders do not have to do any additional work, which reduces construction costs.

    If the beginning of building a house takes place in winter, then several problems will increase the cost of building a house. For example, snow fell on the selected territory for the construction of a house and the workers will need to remove it, and this is additional work. Also, some construction processes require a certain air temperature and it will be necessary to use heating or additional materials during construction. All these nuances can increase the cost of construction work by 10-15%.

    Remodel on point advises planning to start construction work in the spring. Even if the house is not finally built before winter, it will most likely remain in the interior finishing stages of work, which will practically not be affected by weather conditions.

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