How Long Does it Take to Remodel a Bedroom at Home?


    It takes 9 days to completely remodel a bedroom by contractor. Doing similar work by yourself or supervising trades can delay the project by 4-9 more days. Smaller upgrades with only minor changes like flooring or paint job are much shorter in time to complete.

    Instead of spending crazy money on upgrading entire house, why not just remodel a bedroom. We could name many reasons for which home owners may want or need solo bedroom project, but this topic is to explain timing for work instead.

    For equal comparison we took 200 square feet room, which is a good size for master bedroom space in a home.

    Here is a table that explains how long does it take to remodel a bedroom of 200 sq ft:

    Do It YourselfManage WorkHire Company
    Demolition1 Day1 Day1/2 Day
    Framing1 Day1 Day1/2 Day
    Electrical3 Days2 Days1 Day
    Drywall / Tape6 Days5 Days4 Days
    Flooring1 Day1 Day1 Day
    Trims3 Day1 Day1 Day
    Paint3 Days2 Days1 Day
    Total Time18 Days13 Days9 Days

    Compare this chart to your project and cross out items that are not required. Our idea is to list as many items of work as possible and explain time details for each step.

    Preparation Determines How Long Does it Take to Remodel a Bathroom

    One thing that will save you more time than anything else is adequate preparation for work ahead. Don’t just start demolishing things and later realize that you actually need to go and buy material for everything else.

    Remodeled and staged bedroom with furniture and decorations
    Awesome design of mater bedroom with furniture set up.

    List all the items your will be remodeling in bedroom and order them ahead of time. If DIY is the choice over hiring contractors than get tools or at least find out which stores rent them out. Local home depot or Rona normally have tools in stock for rent.

    There must be room in your home or even garage to store enough materials for just one bedroom upgrade. This way after each step of work you or contractor will already have everything available to continue.

    Explained Steps with Time to Remodel a Bedroom

    Below we broke down all listed in the table steps for our readers to understand time requirements in renovation. Our mission is to make home owners aware of the process and decide whether to hire renovation company for all the work or try to complete it on your own.

    • Site preparation – Most importantly separate remodeling area from rest of the house that has no upgrading plan. At the door contractors set up plastic entrance with zip lock or completely taped to trap dust inside working area. Also put drop sheet in front of room to change shoes and clothes. Takes literally and hour of time.
    • Demolition – For complete remodeling contractors gut the bedroom. Removing flooring, drywall, doors and trims is not complicated and takes 1 day to do. All garbage and waste material is placed in construction grade garbage bags and carefully carried out from bedroom.
    • Framing if required – Normally there is no framing needed for upgrading bedroom, but there are exceptions. If wall studs are damaged or rotten, renovation team needs to replace them or strap extra support. Or when you want to create cathedral ceilings and increase height of the room framing is done. Framing takes 1 day as well to finish by professionals.
    • Electrical work – Its common to upgrade lighting, get LED pot lights with dimmers and install new electrical receptacles that have USB chargers. This work has to be completed by licensed electrician and inspected. It should not take more than full day for rough ins and half a day for finishes.
    • Drywall and tape – The next step is to install drywall on walls and ceiling with mud and tape to make it smooth. It is by far the most time consuming step because mud needs time to dry between coat applications. Contractors can do it all in about 4 days, while DIY takes longer.
    • Flooring – With a right technique and determination, one room of hardwood, laminate or similar flooring can be installed within half a day. We will give a full day of time in our schedule table, because extra few hours needed for setting up cutting table, carrying in all the floors and cleaning dust afterwards.
    • Trims and Doors – Having experience in carpentry and trims speeds up the work by a lot. Average size bedroom needs a day of time for professional, while do it yourself method can take at least 3 to 4 days. This is because of complicated cutting techniques and detailed finishing.
    • Painting – The last step is painting. Possibilities are endless with colors and even mixes. Saying that most home owners prefer simple one color theme. This work takes 2 – 3 days at most, but with help of ventilators and heater it can be completed within a day. The trick is to speed up drying process.

    Summarizing it with other work and understanding how long does it take to renovate a bedroom, give readers and idea either to do it on your own or hire a contractor. Reach out to us for recommendation on local remodeling companies.

    Why Hiring Contractor Speeds up Bathroom Renovation

    The simples answer is they do it every day. Like any other professionals in their specific business, remodeling contractors plan to finish job quickly, properly and get their paycheck.

    Besides having all tools always ready, renovation companies have years of experience in this specific work. They are aware of mistakes that can happen, how to fix them and what to expect during bedroom project.

    For example installing floor is in a way easy, but what happens if plank in the middle pops up or there is deep scratch in the floor. Home owner would stop and research what to do, while contractors experience small mistakes every day and fix them on the spot.

    Contractors will put more effort into completing work. Doing it by yourself is always more of a relaxed pace, because there is not boss that pays or tells you when to finish.

    Time schedule for bedroom remodeling
    Couple looking at floor plan and calculating time for renovation.

    Tips to Make Bathroom Remodeling Easier and Faster Process

    Most if the time it is not considered to be an emergency project and simply by moving to another room, you are free to work on bedroom project after work or whenever feel like it. But is there a way to speed up the process or get extra help.

    First option that comes to mind is Youtube and Google. There is no information that you cannot find about renovation. Our website is widely available and we try to assist everyone in remodeling process. You can also Youtube specific trade work to better understand tips from professionals with live examples.

    Another great tip it to use help of friends with work. It does not have to be complicated electrical wiring or technical trim cutting. Ask them to give a hand when painting for example and buy beer and pizza for everyone. Simply have fun with it.

    While at it, family members can be nice enough assist as well. It doesn’t even have to be physical labor. They can advise what or how to do things, give some tools to use or maybe have extra materials that can be handy for bedroom project

    Suggestions for Tools and Materials Required

    Not everyone has tools available for entire bathroom remodel. Buying everything just to do tiny job is not feasible and could cost even more than hiring contractors. Remodel On Point suggests asking friends around for tools or renting them from local store for duration of renovation.

    When it comes to buying actual materials for finishes like paint, flooring and baseboards always get more than you think is needed. Otherwise it will eat more time than actual work to order and wait for deliveries when short on material. For example flooring needs extra 7%-10% of material for cuts at wall edges and waste.

    Trick that some home owners use for DIY project is buy and return. We do not recommend abusing return policy and suggest against it, but you would be surprised how many people do it. They simply purchase

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