How Long does it Take to Paint House Exterior?


    How long does it take to paint house exterior depends on many factors. First of all, it is important to understand what material the house is made of and its dimensions. For example, modern houses can be made of combined materials and some of them do not need painting.

    For exterior painting of a 2000 sq ft house, two professional painters will need 7 – 8 days. If the house is very high or non-standard form, this can increase the time it takes to paint the house. DIY exterior painting of such a house can take up to a three weeks of work.

    How Long does it Take to Paint House Exterior

    2 PaintersDIY with friend
    House Washing1 day1 day
    Preparing Stage1 – 2 days3 – 5 days
    Trimming Surfaces2 days4 days
    Painting Walls2 days 4 days
    Cleaning1 day 2 – 3 days
    Total7 -8 days14 – 17 days
    Exterior painting of a 2000 sq ft house.

    The information in the table will give you a rough idea of how much each house exterior painting process can take. It should be understood that each house is unique, and you can only know exactly the required time for painting if you know all the details.

    Stages of Painting a House Exterior

    Exterior house painting is a set of many processes, each of which will take a lot of time and effort. To have a detailed idea of how long does it take to paint house exterior, it is worthwhile to understand each of them in detail.

    House Washing

    All preparatory work must be done before painting the house. A lot of dust and dirt accumulates on the walls of the house, so you should wash it before painting the house.

    Painters will need a whole day to clean a house of 2000 sq ft. The absence of dirt and dust will allow you to see all the damage that could occur in the walls of the house over the years of operation.

    Preparing Stage

    The second step for any painting is preparation, and this is important for exterior painting. If this is not a new home, then remove any peeling paint. Since during this process all the debris will fall to the ground, it is necessary to first put a special canvas on the ground.

    If there are shrubs around the house, they also need to be covered, pieces of paint falling on them will ruin the whole appearance of your house. It is also necessary to cover with a protective masking tape all surfaces that border the painting area.

    Also, during preparation, it is necessary to close up all irregularities and holes with putty or sealant. Depending on the damage to the walls of the house and finishing surfaces, this process can take 1 – 2 days. If the walls are in good condition, then two painters will need one day to complete all the preparatory work.

    Trimming Surfaces

    After the preparatory work is over, it’s time to start painting. The first step is to paint the finishing surfaces. This process will take up to two days for professional painters, depending on the complexity of the structure of the house.

    Also at this stage, paint over the edging of the walls. This allows you to simplify the painting of the main surfaces of the walls, without going beyond them.

    Painting Walls

    Wall painting can be done in two ways. Depending on the type of home, a spray gun or paint roller may be used. Using a sprayer can significantly affect how long does it take to paint house exterior and speed up the process.

    For high-quality painting of the outer part of the walls, two layers of paint are used. It will take 1-2 days for painters to paint one coat of paint in a 2000 sq ft house.

    The speed of painting the walls also depends on the material from which they are made. For example, the slowest process will be to paint wood surfaces. Since they have an uneven surface, a wide brush is used to paint such walls. This greatly slows down the process and the painting of such a house can double.


    The final step in painting the house will be cleaning. All debris and materials that have been used to protect surfaces from paint must be removed. The cleaning process is quite laborious and takes a whole day to complete.

    What effects time to paint house exterior

    • House Height
    • Complexity of Construction
    • Painting the House During the Cold Season

    House Height

    Many factors affect the time of painting the outside of the house. First of all, the height of the house affects the duration of painting a house. A house with high ceilings is much more difficult to paint because painters will have to use high stairs. Constant climbing on leaders slows down the painting process significantly.

    Complexity of Construction

    How long does it take to paint house exterior also depends on the shape of the house. Modern houses come in completely different shapes, so the painting will take longer if the house is made in a non-standard form, with many protrusions and additional elements.

    Painting the House During the Cold Season

    If you decide to paint your house, then you should take care of what time of year it is best to do it. Since drying of the paint plays an important factor in the speed of painting a house, this process should take place as quickly as possible.

    The optimum temperature for painting is 25 -28 degrees Celsius, with a relative humidity of 50%. Therefore, the optimal period for painting a house is from late spring to mid-autumn. If you paint at home during the colder season, the process can be significantly delayed.

    How to Speed Up the House Exterior Painting Process

    As you may have noticed, a lot of details can affect the time it takes to paint a house exterior. If you have a tight time frame and need to know exactly how long does it take to paint your house, then the best solution would be to invite experts for an estimate.

    A professional team will be able to evaluate all the details and will tell you exactly how long the painting will take. When the time of painting the house plays an important role, it is worth contacting at least three companies to estimate the work.

    When talking with a contractor, it is worth focusing on the deadlines and what solutions they can offer to speed up the painting of the house exterior. Such solutions can be an increase in the number of workers or a painting technique.

    However, it is worth noting that speeding up the painting process can significantly increase the cost of work. After receiving their answers, you will be able to choose the ideal offer for you of work time and price.

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