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    The appearance of the house plays a huge role in its perception, both by residents and guests. To give it a proper look, it is important to paint it with high quality. You can hire professional painters to paint your home, or do the job yourself.

    Painting a house with an area of 2000 sq ft will take up to 10 days. This is how long it takes two painters for interior and exterior painting. If you do the work yourself, the process can take 16 days, provided that you devote at least 6 hours a day to painting the house.

    1000 sq ft2000 sq ft3000 sq ft
    DIY with Friend12 Days16 Days22 Days
    2 Professionals7 Days10 Days14 Days
    4 Professionals5 Days7 Days9 Days

    Painting a house can be divided into two main parts, these are interior and exterior painting. Each of the parts has its difficulties and features that affect the speed of painting. Let’s take a closer look at what stages the external and internal painting of a house consists of.

    How Long is Interior Painting of 2000 sq ft House?

    The time required for painting 2000 sq. ft. at home directly depends on who will do the work. It will be logical that a DIY project will take much longer than a professional painter would do. On average, a team of two people will need up to 10 days to complete the painting work, in a house with a size of 2000 sq. ft.

    Wall painting consists of several stages after which it is necessary to allow time to dry the paint. Here is a basic list of the jobs affecting how long does it take to paint a house interior:

    1000 sq ft2000 sq ft3000 sq ft
    Preparing and Patching Holes1 – 1.5 days2 days3 days
    Application of Primer1 – 1.5 days2 days2 days
    First Coat on Walls and Ceiling2 days3 days3 – 4 days
    Doors and Trims1 day1 day2 – 2.5 days
    Second Coat of Paint1 – 2 days2 days2 -3 days
    Total Time6 – 7.5 days10 days12 – 14.5 days
    Time are indicated for the work of two professional painters.

    Each of the stages of painting has its characteristics that affect the speed of work. For a better understanding, it is worthwhile to figure out what is being done at each stage, and what situations can increase the time spent on painting the interior.

    1. Preparing and Patching Holes
    2. Application of Prime
    3. First Coat on Walls and Ceiling
    4. Doors and Trims
    5. Second Coat of Paint

    In most cases, the time required for each of these processes is individual. This is due to the complexity of the interior or damage to the walls.

    Preparing and Patching Holes

    The first stage before painting the walls is preparatory work. During this process, the room is made as empty as possible, removing all furniture and things from it. Having freed up the space of the room, it is necessary to prepare all surfaces for painting. To do this, clean out old paint and patch holes that could have formed on the walls.

    During preparation, cover all surfaces that will not be painted with a canvas cloth. Also, for the corners of surfaces, masking tape can be used, which can be easily removed after painting. This is done in order not to smear paint on the floor and other details.

    Application of Primer

    The next step in painting walls is priming. The primer is applied to the walls to better adhere to the paint. The paint adheres much better to the primer than to bare walls.

    This significantly reduces the number of paint coats required for the walls. Using a primer saves the amount of material and time required for painting.

    First Coat on Walls and Ceiling

    When the primer is dry, you can proceed directly to paint. During this process, the first coat of paint is applied to the walls and the ceiling is painted. The application of the first coat of paint to the walls is divided into two processes, “cut in” and painting the main surface.

    Cut in is painting the border of all surfaces with a brush. After that, it is much easier to paint the wall with a roller, without leaving the aisles of the painting zone.

    Doors and Trims

    While the first coat of paint on the walls and ceiling dries up, paint the doors and trims. This stage requires painting skills, as it is done with a brush or spray.

    In most cases, doors and trims have uneven surfaces, making the painting process difficult. Because of this, the relatively small surface of doors and trims takes a long time to paint.

    Second Coat of Paint

    The final touch in painting a room is considered to be the second coat of paint. Reapplying paint to the wall creates contrast and a deeper shade of the selected color. After the final layer of paint has dried, they are cleaned and the furniture is brought into the room.

    How does House Layout Affect Painting Speed?

    Explanation of how things are different, houses can be open and easy to paint, many rooms make it more complicated.

    How long does it take to paint a house can also be influenced by the layout of the house. To understand this, let’s take two houses in the same area. In the first version, we will have a house with spacious rooms and few walls, and in the second house, there will be many small rooms fenced with walls and doors.

    In the first version, it is much easier to work at home. Open spaces are much easier to paint because you have fewer corners and walls. In such rooms, 4 people can easily work without interfering with each other, which will significantly speed up the process.

    If there are many small rooms in the house, the painting of the house will be delayed. Firstly, because of the large number of walls, there will be a lot more work. Secondly, in small rooms, it is much more difficult to work because of the limited space.

    As you can see, the layout of the house also greatly affects the speed of painting. The difference in time required to paint a house with the same area can be up to 3 days, which will significantly increase the repair time.

    How Long Does Exterior Painting Take?

    In addition to painting the interior, there is also the exterior painting of the house. The time required for an exterior house painting can vary significantly on each project.

    First of all, it depends on what material the exterior of your house is made of. There are several options on which the time required for painting the exterior depends.

    Brick and Stone0
    Combined Materials1 – 3
    Wood and Plaster4
    The time needed two painters for painting 2000 sq ft house exterior.

    Brick and Stone

    If your house is made of brick or stone, then in most cases you will not need to paint them. Metal facade panels, which have become very popular in modern houses, also belong to materials that do not require painting.

    The only time an exterior painting may be needed for such a house is when a complete renovation is being carried out and the bricks have become very tarnished. Since this is a very individual case, it is better to check with the company that will carry out the work about the time required for painting the bricks.

    Combined Materials

    Commonly, the house exterior is made of combined materials to make the house look beautiful. For example, the walls of a house can be made of plaster and the corners are lined with bricks or stone tiles.

    In the case of using combined materials, the time required for painting a house exterior depends on the size of the surfaces to be painted. In most cases for a 2,000 sq ft home, exterior painting will take 1 to 3 days.

    Wood and Plaster

    Wood and putty are the most commonly painted materials. Therefore, if the exterior of your house is made of these materials, then the time required to paint it will be maximum. It will take 4 days to paint an entire 2000 sq ft house with a couple of professionals.

    House Exterior Surfaces that Need to be Painted

    In addition to the walls themselves, the house exterior has some surfaces that can also be painted. Such surfaces include window frames, downpipes, and doors. The time of their painting directly depends on their quantity. On average, it will take up to two days to paint all of these elements for a medium-sized home.

    How Long does it Take to Paint a House by Yourself

    It is very difficult to answer the question of how long does it take to paint a house on your own since there are a lot of variables here. If you want to know how much time it will take you to paint your house, then you should take into account the time that professionals spend on it.

    Professional painters will paint the house with high quality and quickly, nevertheless, their services are quite expensive, for example, the cost of painting a house with dimensions of 2000 sq. ft. will cost about $ 4000.

    If you are not in a hurry and are ready to work on your own, then this will save the cost of painting, but you will do it longer than professionals.

    First of all, you should understand that when you paint at home yourself, painting time is not the main criterion. If you have never done this, then you should not rush and invest in the temporary norms of professional painters.

    Plan your schedule correctly and paint your house in stages. Also, to work comfortably, find yourself an assistant. Many work processes during home painting are very difficult to do alone so better find someone who helps you.

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