5 Important Pros and Cons of Ebony Kitchen Cabinets


    Modern trends in the choice of the interior are tuned to individuality. Each of us strives to make his house look unusual, comfortable, and memorable. Because of this, more and more unusual colors and materials are becoming fashionable, which were previously used only on rare occasions.

    This trend has not bypassed the design of the kitchen. Unlike the usual classic light shades, dark kitchen elements began to come into fashion. Designers are increasingly proposing designs using ebony kitchen cabinets.

    As with other types of material, it is worth learning more about the pros and cons of ebony kitchen cabinets before using them. Kitchen cabinets take up a significant amount of space in the kitchen, so when done in dark colors, they can completely transform the interior.


    1. Unique design
    2. The invisibility of stains and scratches
    3. Luxurious look
    4. Coziness and comfort
    5. Combination with metallic shades


    1. Popular right now
    2. The small room seems smaller
    3. The need for more lighting
    4. Demand for cleaning
    5. Difficulty in contrasting

    In the modern interior of the kitchen, cabinets play a significant role. Due to the variety of kitchen designs, it is worth considering not only the size and spaciousness of kitchen cabinets but also their appearance. You can add luxury and uniqueness to the kitchen or create an incompatible design by choosing the finishing material for the cabinets. To avoid obvious mistakes, let’s take a closer look at when to use, and what pros and cons of ebony kitchen cabinets exist.

    Pros of Ebony Kitchen Cabinets

    Unique Design

    As we mentioned earlier, the main reason why ebony kitchen cabinets are growing in popularity is their appearance. Dark shades fit perfectly with any design. You can use these cabinets both completely dark and in a light kitchen with pastel tones of walls and floors.

    Such offices can focus a person’s gaze on themselves, becoming the main element in the interior of the kitchen. They can also perform an auxiliary function, highlighting other details of the interior, using a combination of colors and design.

    Using opposite color shades, as in a black and white kitchen, will allow you to create an attractive and relaxing room design, which will be equally comfortable both on weekdays and when receiving guests.

    The Invisibility of Stains and Scratches

    Another plus of ebony kitchen cabinets is their ability to mask dirt and light damage. Due to their color and texture, these kitchen cabinets will easily hide stains, grease, and other dirt that so often appear during cooking.

    The same can be said for minor damage such as scratches and light chips. On dark-colored wood, such damage will be almost invisible. This feature can be very practical over time. For example, after five years of use, you decide to sell the house, and in any case, there will be minor scratches in the kitchen. Unlike a light kitchen, a dark kitchen will hide these imperfections and this can affect the value of the house positively for you.

    Luxurious Look

    When you design a room, appearance is of particular importance. If you want to create a luxurious kitchen, then you should look at the choice of ebony kitchen cabinets. The dark color and texture of the material give the kitchen luxury and uniqueness.

    It is worth noting that even with the growing popularity, black kitchens are quite rare. You can almost always see the use of classic white materials and kitchens in general. Classic is a good choice, but it will make it much more difficult for you to create a unique design.

    Coziness and Сomfort

    We all know that bright rooms are often neutral. Because of this, it is difficult to feel comfortable in them. The dark color scheme used to add the ebony kitchen cabinets is very harmonious. These woody shades will fill your room with warmth and comfort. You will not get the feeling of sterility in light kitchens. You can enjoy the intimacy of this space while feeling its warmth.

    Combination with Metallic Shades

    Another nice feature of ebony kitchen cabinets is their compatibility with kitchen elements made of metal. With the use of modern technology, there are more and more such devices in the kitchen. Modern technology with steel shades will look harmonious on a black countertop, in contrast to the classic white options.

    Doorknobs and other elements made in golden color can also add luxury to black cabinets. Against dark surfaces, the gold metallic color can be fully revealed and look very expensive.

    Ebony Kitchen Cabinets Cons

    Popular Right Now

    When discussing the pros and cons of ebony kitchen cabinets, you should understand that in the popularity of styles, everything is very changeable. Undoubtedly, dark kitchen cabinets are of great interest right now. Most designers speak about their popularity and style when planning the interior of the kitchen, but no one knows what will happen in 5-10 years.

    It is highly likely that, as it usually happens, what is popular now will be poorly perceived after a while. For example, there will be new trends in fashion or beautiful materials that are not currently used for kitchen cabinets at all.

    All of these can affect the popularity of ebony kitchen cabinets. If it suddenly happens that they completely go out of fashion, then when you decide to sell the house, such a kitchen can, on the contrary, reduce the value of the house.

    Of course, all this is not unambiguous and no one can say with confidence what will be popular in the next decade. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to be aware of this possibility. If you plan to live in your home for many years and do not plan to sell it, then plan the kitchen design exclusively for yourself. If you like the use of dark colors in the interior, then you will be fine with it after ten years.

    The Small Room Seems Smaller

    Think twice about using predominantly dark shades in small rooms. Every designer will tell you that dark tones make a room look smaller. Therefore, if the kitchen in your house is very small, then the use of dark cabinets can significantly harm it.

    In such a room, you may feel uncomfortable and withdrawn. Remember that a dark kitchen is better for open-plan areas. If you do decide to use ebony kitchen cabinets in a small kitchen, then you should plan everything in detail and for this, it is better to involve a professional designer.

    The Need for more Lighting

    We have already mentioned that a dark kitchen visually narrows the space. A low-light room can be a similar problem. When planning your kitchen in dark colors, you will undoubtedly have to deal with providing it with additional light sources.

    Not every house has huge stained-glass windows in the kitchen, so you will need to provide more artificial light sources. Be sure to take care of the lighting of the work area and the eating area. It is also worth remembering that increasing the light sources may slightly increase the electricity consumption of your kitchen.

    Demand for Cleaning

    The invisibility of stains and scratches on the surface of the ebony kitchen cabinets is an indisputable advantage, but you should also understand that if the dirt is not visible, this does not mean that it is not there. Dark surfaces are just as dirty as light ones, and when it comes to cleaning, the process is much more difficult.

    It is much easier to clean light surfaces because you can see perfectly what you have to cope with. In the case of dark surfaces, cleaning is more difficult because you have to wipe everything thoroughly, sometimes looking closely for stains.

    When planning your ebony kitchen cabinets installation, just keep in mind that cleaning will take longer and need to be done all the time, not when you see the contamination.

    Difficulty in Contrast Creating

    Another disadvantage of using ebony kitchen cabinets is the difficulty in combining with bright colors. For example, a classic light kitchen can look like a white canvas, into which you can easily add various colors.

    In the case of dark surfaces, they contrast well only with the theme of the same light or metallic shades. Therefore, when planning the style of your dark kitchen, you should give preference to either a completely dark style, or with the addition of light elements for contrast.

    The Importance of Contacting a Designer

    Having examined in detail the main pros and cons of ebony kitchen cabinets, we can conclude that it will be very difficult to properly plan a kitchen in this style. This is true, it will take a lot of time and experience to complete this task.

    Therefore Remodel on Point recommends that you consider hiring a professional designer to do this job. Due to their experience, the designer will be able to choose the right layout and color scheme for you that will look great in your new kitchen.

    In addition, it will tell you the optimal amount and location of the light. This will allow your kitchen to be the most attractive and stylish at any time of the day. At the same time, the kitchen will be very functional and cozy for its comfortable use.

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