What Does Design Build Mean in Home Construction


    The meaning of design build firm is nothing more or less than this specific company designs and builds project from the point of initial sketch to final construction details.

    This is inclusive service that combine full spectrum of design stage of custom home with revision, submission for permits and zoning review with entire construction of approved by client project.

    In other words these type of companies take care of everything possibly required for home construction from beginning till the end.

    Services of Design Build Company:

    • Review of Bylaw and Zoning
    • Full Design of House
    • Architectural and Engineering Details
    • Land Survey
    • Estimate or Budget Proposal
    • Construction Management

    It becomes literally worry free process and every detail is taken care of. Client does not need to control building permits, pass information from architect to builders and discuss change of costs for different materials.

    Why Design Build is More Convenient?

    There is no doubt that having one company deal with all aspects of new home construction is better than jumping from one place to another.

    Our team made list of benefits of dealing with design build company instead of traditional contractors and architects.

    • Faster Process on Design
    • Balancing Budget for Project
    • Package Deal – Saving Money
    • Clear Understanding of Work
    • Fast Structural Revisions

    Not that many firms take on full spectrum of responsibilities that we mentioned earlier. It requires several teams of qualified professionals working under the same roof and managing projects together.

    In other words it is much simpler to open just design company or become a home builder than establishing design build concierge service company.

    Faster Process on Design – Having entire team in one room means documents get processed faster. We assume team is responsible for project till it’s over. There is no downtime for emailing engineer or architect and waiting for their confirmation or comments to fix.

    Same can be said about submitting full package of documents for permits. There is a checklist of items to be submitted and design build team works on it faster that anyone would.

    Balancing Budget for Project – Most architects and designers don’t get involved in calculating costs for home building projects.

    What does design and build mean is working with two sides of construction that can propose design and contractors suggest costs for it.

    With limited budget this way of work can help downsize and select different option that matches level of expenses.

    Package Deal – Saving Money – When everything is done under one management it is possible to get a discount. It would not be significantly cheaper but still. It is an additional benefit that does not hurt at all.

    Companies prefer to get clients on the hook by giving cheaper price on design of the project and make most of the money during construction process.

    Clear Understanding of Work – We always see complications and misunderstanding between builder and architect. What did he mean to connect this post with this beam?

    To answer what does design build mean and how it helps in process you have to be in construction industry. It literally means architect, designer and builder are always present and respond to project all questions together.

    Fast Structural Revisions – Almost every custom home construction project has revision sometime midway. Unless architect drafts a solution and engineer confirms it with a stamp the work at jobsite does not progress.

    Working with design build firm this issue disappears. Engineer instantly can confirm solution over the phone and work goes on, while it is drafted on paper.

    Will More Design Build Firms Open?

    We cannot comment on how the market will progress because it is hard to predict. So far small business is more popular in all industries. Home construction is definitely the same way, even though we strongly feel design build companies make process much easier.

    Problems with Starting Design Build Company:

    • Need More Investments
    • Requirements for Licenses
    • Need to Provide Work for Everyone
    • Full Responsibility

    It seems that such companies would be everyone throughout the country. They definitely benefit construction industry and clients’ interest.

    Unfortunately for all of us it is harder to manage and control all aspects of home construction.

    Need More Investments – Larger company and more personal automatically means more investment to establish a business.

    Even though it goes hand to hand, there are still costs for hiring professionals, having larger office and advertising for all separate services.

    It is way easier to finish collage and become architect. Small businesses are more available and easier to manage for average American.

    Requirements for Licenses – Custom home construction and preparation of documents requires licensed and knowledgeable team.

    Design build structured company needs licensed architect or certified drafter, educated and experienced designer, structural engineer and licensed builder.

    When one of those people quits or goes on vacation there has to be immediate replacement.

    Need to Provide Work for Everyone – Imagine how much resources it takes to hire and keep busy all professionals we listed above.

    Some clients may be interested only in design process or architectural drawings. What do you do for other staff meanwhile?

    Additional marketing strategy needs to be implemented to keep everyone busy.

    Full Responsibility – What is means to be a design build company for new home projects is being responsible for everything there is and make client’s experience easy and enjoyable.

    Sadly for everyone there are so many details of building that can go wrong and this specific company will be fully responsible for everything.

    Blaming issues on someone else is way easier. That is why most businesses prefer to do only one specific part of work.

    Is there Market for Design Build Firms?

    If there is demand there should be supply money are just left out there. Remodel On Point already established there are more benefits for clients. The only problems are with keeping the staff and managing the team, but it has nothing to do with what clients want.

    Regulations and building code that require chain of professionals to participate in home construction and design process drive design build market up. States that don’t even have building code may not need these businesses.

    Another factor for demand of design build service is real thriving real estate with high end homes in specific area. When more people are interested in luxury high end mansions, more companies are needed for hands off service.

    Steven H.
    Steven H.
    General Contractor and Home Builder with over 20 years of experience. Write and Edit educational posts for several Remodeling Blogs. Specialize in trade management and technical construction details.

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