Common Principles to Decorate Contemporary Style


    For a long time, people have confused concepts such as contemporary style and modern design. They have a lot in common that undoubtedly connects them, for example, decor in such styles can be located independently. He does not have to be tied to a specific place.

    In contemporary style, you can also find similarities with the classical style. But the main difference is that it looks more modern due to the careful approach to decorative elements. The lightness and refinement of these details allow it to maintain its freshness for many years without losing its relevance.

    The room is decorated in contemporary style contains pronounced architectural elements. The decor is softer and does not have the cold and dull look of the modern style. The warm colors and open spaces inherent in this style create a sense of comfort and convenience in any room.

    • Colors Used to Decorate Contemporary Style
    • Basic Principles for the Selection of Furniture
    • Color Saturation with Textiles
    • Selection of Decorative Components
    • Correct Use of Lighting

    This list is the main feature of the decorate contemporary style. Sustained lines, warm colors, and modern decor are fundamental to this style.

    1.Colors Used to Decorate Contemporary Style

    Contemporary style used colors
    Using wood floors with a stylish white room.

    As we have already emphasized, the color scheme plays an important role in this style. The colors used for walls, floors, and other surfaces are usually neutral. Usually, it is white, shades of gray, and sometimes black. This color serves as a blank canvas, and the ability to add bright colors allows the used furniture and decor elements.

    This feature allows you to transform your room at any opportunity and mood. It is enough just to change the decorative components or used furniture and the room will immediately sparkle with new colors.

    This feature is perfect for people who do not like monotony and are constantly trying to bring change to their lives. You do not have to carry out expensive repairs in the room or the whole house, just for the sake of a change of scenery.

    2.Basic Principles for the Selection of Furniture

    In contemporary style, the chosen furniture plays an important role. With the help of furniture, the main features of the style are expressed. Since this is a modern style and clear straight lines play an important role in it, furniture must comply with this principle.

    For example, if you are renovating the living room, pay attention to the shape of the used armchairs, sofa bedside tables, and shelves. Furniture made using straight lines will ideally emphasize the conceived style.

    Classically in decorate contemporary style, neutral colors are used for furniture. If stylistically appropriate, natural wood colors can be used, but bright and catchy ones are not recommended.

    Additional furniture accessories add color variety. These include blankets, throw pillows, and other little things. For a modern style, remodel on point does not recommend using bright patterns in the textiles of furniture and accessories. This can break the harmony in contemporary style decoration.

    3.Color Saturation with Textiles

    Color saturation with furniture textiles
    Furniture in blue complements the snow-white room.

    The basic principle of simplicity and straight lines, which is fundamental in decorate contemporary style, can cause a feeling of excessive simplicity and dullness in the color component. The textiles used in the room are another element that brings bright colors.

    Textiles include flooring, curtains, and other decorative items. It is very important when choosing a color, it is a combination of all components. It is worth remembering that since neutral colors prevail in the covering of walls, ceilings, and floors, any bright element will be striking.

    If you are worried about maintaining a consistent style in the room, you should contact a professional interior designer for the selection of components. A specialist has a clear understanding of all aspects of each style and will help you draft your room.

    4.Selection of Decorative Components

    The main rule in choosing decor for this style is minimalism and the preservation of open space. Although the decor is the main element of fantasy in this style, it should not be too much. Do not hang all the walls with many paintings, and free horizontal surfaces should not necessarily be used for vases, books, and other decorative elements.

    It is recommended to use a large number of correctly selected decor. Firstly, it will look concise, and secondly, it will underline each selected element. This will generate interest in each decor element and encourage long conversations about the chosen elements.

    Elements of art are often used as the basis of the decor. These can include paintings or prints in straight frames, three-dimensional geometric shapes, and jugs. The peculiarity of this decor will once again emphasize the basic concept used in contemporary style decoration.

    However, unlike other elements, the decor is not so attached to such principles. Feel free to experiment with the elements you use. Contemporary art is multifaceted and can be suitable even for such a consistent style. An example is a processed decorative tree branch or various sculptures made of metal and other materials.

    5.Correct Use of Lighting

    Correct use of lighting
    A sophisticated floor lamp provides additional lighting in the room.

    In each style, special attention is paid to light, let’s take as an example of renovation in the living room. If the room has large panoramic windows, then this can be used to give the room natural light for a longer time of the day. The panoramic view can emphasize the elegance and consistency of style. If there is a problem with excessive light, then wood-tone blinds can be installed on the windows, which will serve a protective and decorative purpose. Also, using long white curtains can give your room a more expensive look.

    Contemporary-style artificial lighting sources are usually floor and wall lamps. Since this is a modern style, it is recommended not to use wood or ceramic lamps. Give preference to lamps made of different types of metal plated with chrome or nickel. When choosing a style of lamp, you should not use smooth curved shapes, this can violate the whole concept of straight lines of the room. Luminaires with rectilinear shapes, although they may seem rough at first glance, will perfectly fit into the created interior.

    In addition to the main light sources such as chandeliers and floor lamps, you can also use small light sources for specific areas in the room. They can act as additional lighting for the reading area or accentuate any decorative elements in the room.

    Properly designed and positioned, plenty of light will add expression to the neutral tones of the room. Brighter details of decor and furniture will become even more visible and the room will be more comfortable.


    Contemporary style is becoming more common in our world. Its ability to combine modern simplicity and classic sophistication is an outlet for many families. The color scheme is calm but has its expressive notes.

    The same can be said for the furniture used. Well-defined straight lines can satisfy even the most violent perfectionist. And the brightness of textiles in coatings and decor elements will allow the room not to look dull and dull.

    All these features form a special attitude that seems to combine the most common views on how a room should look. For the room to decorate contemporary style, it is recommended to use the help of a professional interior designer to correctly match all the elements and colors.

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