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    Over the past decades, the most popular roofing materials have been asphalt and shingles. Nevertheless, progress does not stand still and gradually they are replaced by more practical materials.

    The most popular of these new materials are various types of metal. The main reason why metal roofs are gaining more and more popularity is their positive qualities. Roofs made of metal are much stronger and more resistant to various influences than their direct competitors.

    Steel is used predominantly for metal roofs; you can also find roofs made of aluminum, zinc, and copper. Each of these metals has its characteristics, but in general, their general properties are quite similar.

    Advantages of Metal Roofing in Toronto

    For a more detailed understanding of why metal roofs are pushing other types of coverings out of the market, it is worthwhile to understand their advantages in detail. These benefits fall into three categories:


    In the modern world, more and more attention is paid to ecology and the reuse of materials. This is not surprising because we all know what the consequences of harmful materials and pollution can cause.

    And at this point, metal roofs are way ahead of their competitors. They are completely sustainable and 100% recycled. This is very important if you are thinking for many years ahead and are worried about the environment. Later, when the life of the roof has passed, it can be safely disposed of and recycled for further use of the material.


    The second important detail of any roof is the exterior. Since metal can be shaped into almost any shape, metal roofs can be very diverse. They can mimic the look of shingles that are so popular, or be nearly as flat as an asphalt roof. In addition, there are special forms of metal roofs that do not resemble other roofs, such as standing seam metal roofs or tile roofing.

    In addition to the shape, metal roofs differ significantly in the color palette. Since special paint is used to color the roof, the metal roof can be of almost any color. This feature allows you to both imitate the usual color of tiled roofs and creates something modern. In addition, unusual shades of a metal roof can help create a designer home with an unusual shape and color.


    The last but the most important factor due to which metal roofs are gaining more and more popularity is their quality. Such roofs are much stronger and more resistant to external influences. As an example, physical properties can be distinguished. The metal roof will be resistant to damage. This means that it will not crack if a branch of a tree or something similar falls on it. Of course, if the impact force is too high, then the coating may bend, but still, no other roof covering can withstand such an impact force.

    Also, metal roofs are resistant to temperatures. They are fireproof and show themselves just as well even in the most severe frosts, without deforming or violating the integrity of the coating. They are not afraid of mold or moss and other organic influences.

    There is a lot to describe all the physical properties of a metal, and if you are interested, you can learn more about them on the Monarchy Roofing website. In general, metal roofs have a longer lifespan than other coatings. You can get a warranty period of up to 80 years, provided that for other coatings it is a maximum of 20 – 30 years.

    The idea of Opening Monarchy Roofing Company

    Tiled Metal Roofing
    House with modern metal roof tiles.

    Monarchy Roofing was founded in 2013. As is often the case in the construction business, it was founded by several people with extensive experience in installing roofs. But unlike the previous companies in which the founders of Monarchy Roofing worked, they decided to take a different path and not engage in the installation of the usual asphalt and tile roofs. Therefore, the choice was made in favor of modern advanced roofing and sheet metal.

    The main idea for the creation of the company was the use of modern roofing materials due to their higher quality and environmental friendliness. Undoubtedly, we are talking about metal roofs. Also, when creating the company, it has defined clear rules for itself and the creation of company culture.

    Integrity, customer loyalty, and a commitment to continuous improvement have become the most important ideas and principles. For a high-quality approach, the company quickly gained fame in the territory of Mississauga and began to receive many orders. All this would be impossible without a responsible approach to each client and project.

    Compeering with Rookie

    As of 2014, only a few companies were installing standing seam metal roofs in Toronto and Mississauga. As the company constantly strives to develop and provide the best services, the roof covering material had to be of the highest quality.

    While looking for permanent suppliers, the company learned about the merger of the largest European metal coating manufacturer and material supplier SSAB and Ruukki. This event had a huge impact on the entire industry. By discarding intermediaries, these companies were able to provide higher quality products without increasing the cost.

    In the same year, Monarchy Roofing, which at that time had already purchased products from SSAB, submitted an offer to officially represent Ruukki in Canada. After a short conversation, the parties agreed. This is how Monarchy Roofing became the official representative of the most famous and quality metal roofing supplier in Europe.

    Examples of Possible Difficulties in Installation Process

    Metal Roofing installation
    Metal roof installation process.

    Installation of a metal roof, like other types of work, can sometimes face additional difficulties. For a more convenient understanding, we would like to give a couple of examples from the experience of the Monarchy Roofing Company in advanced roofing and sheet metal installation.

    Influence of Roof Slope on Installation

    The first example happens quite often and often inexpensive, luxurious homes. In most cases, these houses have a strong roof slope. Undoubtedly, a house with such a roof looks very beautiful, but at the installation stage, certain difficulties arise.

    Firstly, it should be understood that the installation of metal is carried out with solid metal sheets from the edge of the roof to its upper part. Because of this, such sheets can be very massive and reach up to 50 kilograms.

    Based on the weight of the parts of the structure, you can see that this is not an easy process, but what can we say with a steep slope of the roof. The complexity of the work, in this case, increases significantly. Workers have to constantly find themselves in uncomfortable conditions, because it is very difficult to stand on such a roof, even using all the necessary methods of insurance.

    It should also be understood that the increased complexity of the work also affects the duration of the installation of a metal roof. For example, for a house of ordinary size, the installation of a metal roof can take up to 3-4 days, provided the slope is low. In the case of a steep incline, the same installation process can take up to 7-10 days.

    Of course, it is worthwhile to understand that the increase in the duration of the installation of a metal roof is because the company takes a responsible approach to the process and cares about quality. After all, as mentioned earlier, this is one of the most important principles of the Monarchy Roofing Company.

    Influence of Weather on Roof Installation

    The second example, which also often affects the complexity of the installation of advanced roofing and sheet metal, is the weather. When you first learn how to replace or install a new roof, you will immediately be faced with information about the best time of the year for this process.

    This factor can greatly affect both the complexity of the work and its duration. Since the installation of the roof is completely external construction work, it is impossible to carry out them during precipitation. This is due to two important factors, firstly, it can disrupt the correct technology for installing the roof, and secondly, it is very unsafe, because it is very easy to slip on a wet roof.

    Based on this, bad weather can significantly affect the duration of the installation of a metal roof. Of course, this is not stretching of the workflow as in the first case, but you should take care that this process may take more time.

    Of course, it is also worth mentioning that the installation of a metal roof is possible in the winter season when it is constantly snowing. Often, such work is carried out rarely and by special need, when there is no longer time to wait for summer. In this case, installing a roof can be many times more expensive, because the workflow will be complicated and additional preparatory work will be included.

    Costs of Advanced Roofing and Sheet Metal vs Other Coverage’s

    In conclusion, I would also like to answer the question of why not all houses still use advanced roofing and sheet metal roofs, if they are so modern and good. The main stumbling block is the cost of the material and the installation of the roof.

    The initial cost of a metal roof is significantly higher than that of other roofs. Depending on the type of metal roof chosen, the price can be almost twice as expensive as when using asphalt or tiled roof.

    If you look at everything in more detail, then these numbers will not be so frightening. Every homeowner knows that installing a roof is not a one-time cost. Depending on the coating chosen, you will need to inspect the coating and repair the roof. The cost of this maintenance should also be taken into account when calculating the cost of the roof.

    In this parameter, metal roofs are significantly in the lead. The metal is very resistant to impact and therefore after installing the roof, you can forget about problems with the roof for a long time. On average, it is recommended to inspect a metal roof every 3-5 years. If you look at other coatings, then an inspection may be needed every season.

    It is also worth considering the aspect that each type of coating has a different service life. For example, tiled and asphalt roofs will last up to 30 years on average with proper care. As for metal, only the warranty period of such a roof is up to 50 years, and the roof itself can serve up to 80 years.

    In general, it turns out that if we consider the cost of a roof at the entire stage of its operation, then metal roofs are much cheaper than their competitors. In addition, a reduction in the cost of home insurance can serve as an additional bonus. This is true because at the moment many insurance companies reduce the cost of home insurance if a metal roof is installed on it. This is because the house is considered safer and more protected from many influences.

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