Best Place to Build a House for Value and Convenience


    Having a new custom home built specifically for you seems like a luxury these days. Purchasing existing place involves easier financing system and down payment amount.

    Before considering spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for buying land and proceeding with construction, we wanted to talk more about best pace to build a house.

    There are several aspects to what can this statement mean and as always our team answers the question fully.

    It is very important to know the location and predict possible dangers and extra maintenance for physical location, potential increase in house prices in specific areas and other aspects that involve convenience for all family members.

    • Best Physical Locations for New Construction
    • Best Place to Build a House in Any City
    • What Do Most Buyers Prefer?
    • Developing Cities and Regions
    • Popular Thoughts and Ideas

    If you know any growing area that has great developing potential, share it in comments or contact Remodel On Point by email.

    Best Physical Locations for New Construction

    Let’s start with construction costs and what places work better. It’s not a secret that obstacles and complicated lots can add to time and cost of the project. Our job is to let everyone know the best possible scenario for builders and their clients.

    Ideal house construction space is flat soil with enough area to bring machinery, no trees, no rocks, no nearby waters or hills than have water streams towards new house.

    Unfortunately it is never the case and most builders fight for better construction lots, settling for less inconvenient spots.

    First item to consider is surrounding area outside of your own lot. Drive around within few miles radius to understand the terrain. Google map or similar software can assist in better assessment of surrounding. More detailed map can be obtained or ordered from surveyors, but it’s not necessary before construction starts.

    If the question is to build at the bottom or top of the hill, always choose the top. Even though it may be windier, there is zero chance of floors at the very top of the hill.

    Trees can also affect best place to build a house. Potential roots that can go into plumbing or even foundation of new home as well as possibility of branches falling on house create high danger. In addition to that, large trees always attract animals and home owner will be sick and tired from cleaning leaves.

    Best Place to Build a House in Any City

    If you can predict or understand where home buyers will choose to live for next 10 years, it can make you very profitable project. Construction companies and investors dig for information before considering any spending.

    Every city has almost the same structure. Some areas have homes prices grow rapidly year by year, and some kind of keep up with less annual price increase. How do we find these areas?

    The most logical answer is to follow the money. See where most expensive houses are built and rich people want to live. This area will eventually grow with expending the boundaries of so called luxury block. Why not be the one who starts nearby project?

    When there is shortage of luxury properties, buyers look very close to proximity and it becomes best place to build a house. Internet has all needed information on houses sold or currently on sale. Even though it’s impossible to predict market flow in few years, we can easily understand which way rich neighborhoods are going to expand.

    Another hint is to go next to limited spots. It includes waterfronts, ravine lots, area near forest, and backing up to park or golf court. Government always protects those areas and cost of those lands will always increase no matter the quality of a house built on it.

    Unless you are part of this company’s management, finding out secret information would be close to impossible. Usually investors sniff out government information on train extensions and developments. All details are open for public and if you know where to look, you may strike gold.

    What Do Most Buyers Prefer?

    Everyone is different and prefer to see their house built on land that suits better their personal needs. But this sub topic about most and what is easier to resell for more value.

    Number one is always convenience and proximity. This involves being somewhat close to school, major street with restaurants, highway and stores or plaza. Proximity also means staying far away from commercial zone or areas that have excessive noise and unpleasant neighborhood.

    Second one on our list of best place to build a house is necessity. Think of people that need to get to work, collage, need to be close to railroad, hospital or very specific location. That is why builders look for opportunities near institutions that involve attendance of large amount of people.

    The last point to discuss where most buyers to prefer building their home and picturing their life is luxury. Like everything else it all depends on city and specific people. It can be waterfront villa with boat access; downtown area near offices, clubs and malls; or outskirts with large private land, ravine, river and forest.

    Developing Cities and Regions

    As years go by we sometimes see very specific areas pop up out of nowhere with housing costs higher than surrounding towns. Why and how does that happen?

    Explanation to that is carefully thought out expansion by giant firms and manufacturers. State plans work the same way, only attract less people and it happens slower.

    For example a large company plans to open up a location outside of large city. Their idea is to attract thousands of people that live in suburbs or even within megapolis. For few years this company works together with government to create a plan for transportation, housing, extension of service lines, schools, medical and policing departments.

    In other words one company can be the beginning of a new town. If somehow we knew that information than finding the best place to build a house for investment purposes would be piece of cake.

    Popular Thoughts and Ideas

    For as long as we can remember the idea of builders and developers was always to try and get worst looking house on most expensive street. That way it brings more value and becomes best place to build a house.

    The only reason for custom home project in less popular area is to stand out and slowly bring the value up, as single project like yours pop up from time to time. Besides that there isn’t much sense and it will not bring as much profit.

    Unfortunately people value location way above quality of construction. In the same city you can find unpopular neighborhoods large and new houses for way less money than completely horrible houses that you cannot live in within valuable areas.

    Corner lots get less attention and those houses that stand next to commercial area, school or main street are not going to be sold for the same price as exactly the same house on this exact street. They are simply less valuable because of constant distraction and lack of privacy.

    If there will be a choice, pick a lot in the middle of the street. Neutral is always good for value and more buyer look for the same things.

    Steven H.
    Steven H.
    General Contractor and Home Builder with over 20 years of experience. Write and Edit educational posts for several Remodeling Blogs. Specialize in trade management and technical construction details.

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