9 Benefits of Asphalt Roof Coating over other Roof Types


    If you are thinking of replacing the roof covering, then you should opt for the best material. One of the most popular materials in America is the asphalt roof. The asphalt roof is the best in terms of price-quality ratio, it will keep the temperature of your home, it looks very stylish, and has many colors. This roof is easy to install, very easy to maintain, and is only part of the benefits of asphalt roof coating.

    To understand in detail the advantages of this coating, the Remodel on Point team has selected for you a detailed analysis of its nine qualities.

    • Versatility
    • Lots of styles
    • Low price
    • Fire resistance
    • Energy efficiency
    • Moss and mildew resistant
    • Easy installation process
    • Lightweight coating
    • Roof repair processes are very simple

    When choosing which material to use for your roof, be sure to pay attention to these properties. Understanding what features the coverage has, it will be easier for you to make a decision and understand what difficulties you will not have to face in the future.

    Universal for all Types of Roofs

    Asphalt roofs are a very flexible material and this is their undoubted advantage over other types of coverings. An asphalt roof can be easily used on houses with roofs of any complexity. It doesn’t matter if there are a lot of corners and curves in the shape of a roof, the asphalt pavement will do the job.

    Due to its versatility, asphalt pavement is not demanding on the slope of the roof. This implies that you can use this material on virtually all types of homes in America. This is quite convenient because most materials have their limitations.

    Variety of Styles and Colors

    Another benefit of asphalt roof coating is its appearance. There are many styles of this coating and an even wider range of colors. This allows each homeowner to choose what they like.

    In addition to their exceptional style, asphalt roofing material can mimic the appearance of other roofing materials made of wood, slate, and others. In addition to the beautiful appearance, this coating will not have the disadvantages of these beautiful materials.

    Choosing the right roof shades can give your home a more sophisticated color. This can affect his perception, and he will look much more luxurious and more expensive. This feature can greatly add value to a home when it is sold.

    Low Price of Asphalt Roof

    Asphalt roofs have many advantages, but it is because of their affordability that they have gained such rapid popularity. Of all the materials for the roof, asphalt has the lowest cost, on average it fluctuates around $ 6 – $ 8 per sq. ft.

    If we compare this cost with other types of coatings, then, for example, for an average house with a roof of 1500 sq. ft. The cost of an asphalt roof will be $ 3000 – $ 5000 cheaper than competitors. Undoubtedly, this value for money is one of the most important benefits of asphalt roof coating.

    Nowadays, many manufacturers are producing their types of asphalt roofing. Because of this competition, new varieties of material are constantly emerging that are better than the previous ones. This has a positive effect on the development of asphalt roofs, keeping their costs low.

    Fire Resistance

    Asphalt roofs have very high fire resistance. This is confirmed by numerous tests for which this coating was awarded the highest class “A”. If a fire suddenly breaks out and there is a fire on the asphalt roof, she will be able to hold it back for up to two hours, preventing the fire from getting inside the house.

    For such a long time, most fires have already been extinguished, therefore this roof covering is considered very reliable. Safety is never superfluous and it is very pleasant that such an inexpensive material has so many positive properties.

    Energy Efficiency

    The material used for the roof of the house has one of the most important influences on maintaining the right temperature in the house. If the coating is of poor quality or improperly installed, then you will face such problems as insane heat in summer and constant temperature drops in winter.

    Since a comfortable temperature must be maintained in the house, asphalt roofs have special insulating layers under them. Insulation allows you to keep the temperature in your home at the level you want. It is also additional protection against roof leaks.

    In addition, asphalt roofs can be made in light shades, which will allow such a roof to repel ultraviolet rays in summer. This will prevent the roof from heating up on its own and not transfer excess heat into the house.

    It should also be understood that keeping your home at a comfortable temperature saves you money. Due to the temperature retention, your air conditioner in summer and heating system in winter will run less power, using less electricity.

    Moss and Mildew Resistant

    Another problem that roofs can face is mold and moss. Often this problem is inherent in organic coatings made of wood and other materials. When the material starts to deteriorate, it becomes vulnerable to the appearance of bacteria, which destroy it even more.

    Since asphalt roofs are an inorganic material, they are not afraid of such problems and are resistant to the appearance of organic matter. Such protection of the roof allows it to be in good condition for much longer and you will not worry about the fact that the beams of your house will deteriorate.

    Easy Installation Process

    Another important benefit of asphalt roof coating is its ease of installation. Such a covering is very light and is consistently attached to the roof step by step. Because of this, the installation process is quite simple, which positively affects the quality.

    In addition, since such a roof is easy to install, the operating time is minimal. In good weather, professional roofing companies can install an asphalt roof in 3-4 days on a standard size house.

    Since it takes much less time to install the roof, the cost of installing it is lower. This is one of the factors why an asphalt roof is much cheaper than other coatings.

    Lightweight Coating

    The weight of the material used for the roof is of great importance. Firstly, it is important for installation, because the heavier the coating is, the stronger the support structure should be. Secondly, it is the complexity of the installation. As we said earlier, the installation of asphalt roofs is quite simple and one of the reasons for this is its ease. The weight of one package of asphalt sheets is only 50-60 lbs, which is very convenient when installing each shingle separately.

    The weight of the coating also affects the difficulty of transportation. Since asphalt pavement is quite light and compact, it can be easily delivered to your home and this also contributes to the reduction of the cost of the roof.

    Roof Repair Processes are very Simple

    Unfortunately, no material will last you forever and over time, any roof needs repair. Since the asphalt roof is installed in parts, you do not need a lot of material to repair it.

    If over time it happens that some of the roof shingles are damaged, they can be simply replaced. For this repair, you do not need to make a complete replacement of the roof, but only the damaged parts.

    This procedure does not take much time and money, compared to replacing large parts of other types of roof coatings. It is also worthwhile to understand that asphalt roofs serve for a very long time and you should not worry about the fact that even a small repair will be needed every year.

    How to Choose an Asphalt Roof Coating Company

    As in any job, and roofing, people with experience must do it. Because of this, the benefits of asphalt roof coating will only serve you well if done by a professional roofing company.

    You should be serious about choosing a company to carry out your roof installation. You can find out from friends or just read reviews about companies providing services for the installation of asphalt roofs in your area.

    Careful selection of the company will allow you to be sure that the roof will be properly installed the first time and you will not have to redo it. Pay attention to what guarantees the roofing company gives for its work. If this figure is 5 years or more, then you can be sure that the workers will monitor the quality of the installation.

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