9 Ways for Small Kitchen Decorating


    Decorating is an essential part of any room in your home. The decor includes not only decorations but also various functional details. For example, in the kitchen, a table, chairs, and any other furniture can be decorative.

    When it comes to small kitchens, limited space is an important consideration. If there is a mess in the kitchen, then it will be inconvenient for you to cook and just move around it. When we talk about the clutter in the kitchen, we mean incorrect positioning and unnecessary furniture.

    • Using One-Wall Layout
    • Hanging Utensil Rack for Kitchen
    • Wall-mounted Exhaust Hood
    • Hideaway Furniture
    • Decor Table and Chairs for Small Kitchen
    • Dark Small Kitchen Decorating
    • Wood Plank with Metal Hooks
    • Canvas Art Print
    • Decorative Shelf with Jugs

    There are many ways to make your small kitchen decorating aesthetically pleasing. Let’s take a closer look at the points above.

    1.Using One-Wall Layout

    Small kitchens decorating are often used in homes with small families or as an additional kitchen. In either case, it is not intended to be used in large quantities. The best option for a small kitchen would be using a one-wall layout.

    This option for planning kitchen furniture does not take up much space, which will benefit you. You can fill the remaining free space with additional functional or decorative items.

    The placement of a small kitchen table for two or three people is perfect. And on the remaining free wall, a TV or various decorative elements can be placed.

    2.Hanging Utensil Rack for Kitchen

    Fruit in pots in the kitchen
    Convenient placement of kitchen utensils saves space

    Storing utensils in the kitchen takes up a lot of space. Because of this, many people install additional vanities along the walls. Although this method is quite functional, it is still not very convenient in a small kitchen.

    If you want to achieve more free space, then On Point Remodeling advises paying attention to hanging utensil racks. This fixture is wall-mounted just like vanities but doesn’t take up much space.

    Hanging utensil rack will create more free space, as well as give convenience in cooking. The presence of shelves of various sizes will allow you to conveniently store everything you use. You can always have on hand plates, mugs, and everything that you place on these shelves. You no longer have to open all cabinets in search of spices or pot lids.

    These shelves can be completely different and you can choose what you like. When choosing a model, it is important that it matches the style of your kitchen and can accommodate items that you often use.

    3.Wall-mounted Exhaust Hood

    Steam and smoke can be generated during cooking, so good ventilation in the kitchen is essential. In every house nowadays, an exhaust hood is installed above the stove. They are useful for both convenience and safety.

    Fitting a standard exhaust hood for a small kitchen can be inconvenient due to its size. Since every feet count, a wall-mounted exhaust hood should be considered. It will take up much less space and will allow you to place a shelf or any decorative detail above it.

    A wall-mounted exhaust hood can itself look like a decorative item. On Amazon, you can find many different looks in both modern and other styles. When choosing appliances for the kitchen, remember that it can also be beautiful and stylish.

    4.Install Hideaway Furniture

    Furniture takes up most of any room and the kitchen is no exception. In a small kitchen, it makes sense to use functional furniture. It will save a lot of free space.

    Hideaway furniture can be completely varied. Drawers will be very convenient to use. Also, hideaway furniture includes the use of backless bar stools, which can be easily removed under the table. And drop-down, wall-mounted cutting boards or tables are easy to operate and invisible.

    5.Decor Table and Chairs for Small Kitchen

    Classic kitchen with patterned tiles
    Different ways to use decor in the kitchen

    Small kitchens rarely have a lot of space. But still, you can place a small table on them where you can drink coffee or have dinner with a couple of people. These tables can also be an excellent decorative element.

    There is a huge selection of such tables for the kitchen. They come in round, square, and other shapes. They are also made from many types of materials, so everyone can choose what he likes.

    Kitchen tables may be sold complete with chairs. In this case, the complete set will be available to you. If you plan to order an individual table, you will have to think over the shape of both the table and the chairs. You can ask your interior designer for advice on this matter.

    Small kitchen tables are not always used for eating. They can be a full-fledged decorative element. In this case, a vase of flowers or a fruit basket is placed on them. This decor element looks very impressive.

    6.Dark Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

    Wall art in kitchen
    Dark furniture and decor add contrast to the small kitchen

    The color scheme in a room often depends on the style you choose. But there is nothing to limit you and you can choose the color of the walls, tiles, and furniture as you like. Of course, the combination of colors matters, but in general there is nothing to limit you.

    If you decide to use dark colors in your kitchen, there is one important thing to remember. Lighter colors visually expand the room and dark ones vice versa. Therefore, when choosing colors in a small kitchen, we would advise using lighter shades to make it appear larger.

    If you feel like it, you can opt for darker colors for vanities and countertops. They can go well with light-colored walls. If you are installing additional decorative elements, then shelves made of dark wood are perfect for you.

    These combinations will help to bring dark shades in a small kitchen without affecting its visual perception.

    7.Wood Plank with Metal Hooks

    The decor is used to create beauty and comfort in the room, but it is also convenient when it is functional. One such example is wall planks with hooks. They come in many different shapes and are most commonly used to store coffee cups.

    They can also be used to store pans, pots, and other kitchen utensils. Wood plank with metal hooks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Choosing this type of functional decor, rely on what will be stored on these hooks.

    8.Canvas Art Print

    Fine art elements are always a great decorative element of any room. If you like to enjoy the paintings, then you can safely hang a couple of pieces in your small kitchen decorating.

    In most cases, paintings are selected according to the preferences of the owner, but there are several standards. In the kitchen, most of all there are still lifes and landscapes with open spaces. This type of paintings is suitable for classic kitchen styles. For an industrial style, you can pick up something from modern art in many directions.

    Don’t forget about safety in the kitchen. The paint in the paintings is highly flammable, so you shouldn’t hang them near the stove. And in order not to stain the picture with splashes, it is better to keep it away from the surfaces on which you are cooking. Choose a free wall for the picture opposite the kitchen table where it will be safe and you can admire it over a cup of coffee.

    9.Decorative Shelves for Kitchen

    Wooden kitchen with open shelves
    Decorative shelves create extra storage space

    The decorative shelf has been a common decorative element for many years. They are used not only in kitchens but also in other rooms. The shelves are made from different types of wood. They may also have decorative patterns or metal inserts.

    The shelves themselves serve for the most part as a stand for other types of decor. These include various types of flowerpots, glass and ceramic jugs, and more.

    This type of decor is convenient in that it does not require a lot of free space. They can be installed between vanities or on a free wall. It also looks great when there are several of them in a combined composition. The terms of use of decorative shelves are great for small kitchens with limited space.


    Small kitchen decorating ideas can be of different types. It can be expressed both in functional furniture and in decorative elements inherent in the chosen style. Do not worry that if your home has a small kitchen, then there is no way to make it decorative and beautiful.

    The above examples are only a part of the possible ones to use. Every year new ideas come and new styles are created. Try experimenting and improving your home. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and pleasant to spend time in each of the rooms.

    And for those who have doubts about the choice, On Point Remodeling recommends that you seek help from an interior designer. An experienced specialist will be happy to help you choose the decor elements for your kitchen.

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