8 New Ideas and Current Kitchen Design Trends


    The kitchen is the heartbeat of the house and it requires special attention for its multifarious functions while designing. A variety of innovative designs, appliances, furniture, and storage options available making a suitable choice to meet the best design that you look up to see might be quest tasking. Designing a kitchen should necessarily satisfy both functional and aesthetic. This guide will give you helpful tips about new trends and ideas for kitchens.

    • High Cabinets
    • Countertops
    • Kitchen Beam and Ceiling
    • Kitchen New Technology Trends
    • Lighting
    • Vintage Faucets
    • Open Shelves
    • Kitchen furniture

    Thus, kitchen remodeling in the pool of taking the advantage of new trends has successfully combine effectively function, aesthetics, and technology to make chores a little bit easier than what it used to be. However, current kitchen design trends should still maintain its objectives, an efficient and comfortable workspace that makes cooking looks exceptional great.

    1.High Cabinets

    Given the trending realities of given uniqueness to the kitchen, the choice of Cabinets or High cabinet is very important in bringing out the aesthetics of the kitchen and orders in the arrangement a well. Also, putting into consideration that when it comes to a cabinet, the choices are plenty which might require the help of an expert.

    While choosing a cabinet you might want to Ready to Assemble RTA kitchen cabinets. One of the advantages of cabinet ready appliances to Assemble kitchen cabinet idea is that it saves cost on labor, which allows you to spend on quality products.  A unique cabinet handle is not out of site trends of kitchen ideas that give an appealing and fancy look on cabinets and cupboards.

    2.Choose Countertops

    Marble kitchen countertops
    Stone countertops for the kitchen are always in trend.

    Countertops catch the new trends of kitchen ideas. Thus, countertops, quartz is gradually becoming more affordable having low maintenance alternatives to marble. You might know that countertops come majorly from marble or granite base on the latest trends, Despites the fact that countertop’s ideas are many as the types of countertops itself.

    For those who want to take a detour from the boldness of granite, then a marble will be the way to go. The reason for this is not far-fetched this is because of the aesthetically pleasing and its availability in different varieties. It is perceived that the feminine feel of marble allows it to be used in every kitchen irrespective of theme. However, there is some concern about been stained. Although this concern can be dealt with the use of polish to make it glitters again. One other thing you might want to know about these marble countertops is cost-effectiveness.

    While waterfall countertops create a continuous flow that links the floor to the cabinet in a fluid and natural manner. This type of countertops comes in different types of colors such as wooden and marble although oftentimes they are mostly plain white. One new trend that we continue to long for is the waterfall countertop with a design element that chic and luxurious.

    3.Kitchen Beam and Ceiling

    You might be thinking of how to integrate a new decorative beam in your kitchen or what is the usefulness of beam to kitchen functionality and aesthetic, we hope these tips will be helpful to you. Hence, decorative add an aesthetic look to your kitchen and you can also use accent ceiling to improve your kitchen’s functionality gives the kitchen a fresh look, and tone down shortcomings. Here are some benefits of a decorative beam:

    • It boosts the visual appearance of your kitchen
    • It improves balance and cohesion of your kitchen through repetition
    • Decorative beams increase the visibility of your kitchen

    Based on the listed positive qualities, beams can give uniqueness to your kitchen, which will leave an indelible mark for every visitor.

    4.Technology in Current Kitchen Design Trends

    Trends for kitchens are not taking backstage when it comes to technology, some of this technology advancement is witnessed with the use of our smart appliances. This technology is automated or interactive, there is some fridge that you can access with your smartphone while you are somewhere else in the house. This is also applicable to some other appliances that can be remotely controlled right from your bedroom.

    Technology simplifies our lives and is irreplaceable in the kitchen. Dishwasher, garbage disposal, and many other electronic devices allow us to save time and effort during cooking. Electrical appliances have become indispensable helpers in everyday life and are being improved every year to ensure greater comfort.

    5.Ideas for Kitchens Lighting

    Kitchens lighting ideas
    White kitchen with few types of lights.

    Interior lighting of the kitchen is one of the central aspects of the kitchen as well as it is for them for every part of the house. Considering the functional aspect of the kitchen space the type of lighting should also match this criterion because what works in the living room might not work in the kitchen. Following the new trends of kitchen ideas, pendant lighting seems to more popularity. Four types of pendant lighting might want to choose for your kitchen or island kitchen this is task lights, ambient, accent, and decorative.

    Base your lighting choices on the style and size of your kitchen. There should be enough light both for eating and preparing food, therefore it is worth combining its sources by adding additional lamps above the countertops and work surfaces.

    6.Vintage Faucets

    Faucets are now being upgraded tapping into the new technological trends narrowed towards hand-free options. Contemporary features of new vintage faucets now include motion sensors that turn on automatically when something is placed under it. There are three new trends of kitchen faucets they are grouped as follows;

    • Mixed-Metal Finishes on a Single Faucet
    • Matte Black Offerings Expand and Gold Fixtures Increase
    • Semi-professional Faucets for Home Kitchen

    Your choice should be consistent with the style of your kitchen, but also do not forget to experiment. Recently, it has become very popular to combine completely different styles in one room, but it is worth realizing that such combinations should be combined and look beautiful.

    7.Add Open Shelves for More Space

    Open shelves in kitchen
    Many open shelves for the kitchen utensils.

    Not only that open shelving adds to the aesthetic it also up space and it offers a wealth of styling possibilities. Choosing the type of open shelving to use might need the help of an expert base on quality, durable, and texture because open shelving comes in multifarious forms and materials ranging from wood to glass, and metals.

    In addition to kitchen utensils, decorative elements will look great on such shelves. Consult your designer about this and he will offer you many options for using open shelves.

    8.Kitchen furniture

    Kitchen furniture includes countertops, offices, and even a table with chairs. What kind of furniture you need depends on your design and project, for example, you have an open kitchen that is located almost in the center of the house. Such a kitchen must have a lot of open space, for which furniture that can hide all the kitchen furniture in itself is perfect for a time when you are not cooking.

    A table with chairs will fit perfectly into the overall style if it is made of materials used throughout the kitchen. Kitchen furniture in most cases is made of hardwood, but metal, plastic, artificial wood boards are also used. In an open kitchen, its style must be combined with that of the living room to maintain harmony.


    Everything is else is evolving around and catching up with new trends, hence the kitchen is not left out in this exploration of technology. Are you a lover of aesthetics? Or Do you want you to want conformability in your kitchen place? Remodel or upgrade your kitchen to the current kitchen design trends that show luxury, comfortability, and vigor are worth pursuing.

    However, when designing a kitchen upgrade for your kitchen remodeling or set up a new kitchen you must not forget the essentials and basis of your kitchen conforming to functionality and aesthetic which makes it glow.

    Sofia K.
    Sofia K.
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