7 Types of Bathroom Vanities and Storage Ideas for Bathrooms


    Repair in the house once doesn’t go without updating the bathroom. This is a very important part of the house where we spend sufficient amount of time every day. Home owners always want to feel the necessary comfort in this room. It is much more convenient when everything you need for daily procedures is at hand and for these different types of cabinets and storage spaces for bathroom accessories are used.

    • Vanities
    • Medicine Cabinets
    • Open Shelves
    • In-wall Cabinets
    • Built-in Cabinets
    • Purchased Cabinets
    • Chest Storage

    Manufacturers provide many options for this furniture suitable for bathrooms of any plan and style. We have reviewed all possible types of cabinets data and want to share our observations.


    Vanities is a fairly commons storage ideas for bathrooms furniture. It contains both a sink and shelves for toiletries. Made of different types of wood, they can fit many styles of room decoration and at the same time will not be particularly catchy.

    For convenience, vanities fit perfectly under the large mirror above the sink. Floating vanities have recently become popular. The difference is that they are fixed on the wall and do not stand on the floor. The extra free space visually enlarges the room, which are great storage ideas for bathrooms.

    Installation of floating vanities is much more difficult than conventional ones because it will take more time and effort from the company performing the work, and will also cost more. And if you liked this idea for optimizing the free space in the bathroom, then be sure to entrust the work to professionals so that everything is done at the highest level.

    2.Medicine Cabinets

    Medicine cabinets are an integral part of every bathroom because all the important toiletries such as toothpaste and brushes, medicines, and various types of oils and creams for the face and body are stored here. Undoubtedly there are storage ideas for bathrooms that you will use most often. Depending on the parameters and style of the bathroom, choose which type of medicine cabinet to install.

    Medicine cabinets are commonly used types of bathroom vanities. House owners prefer the medicine cabinets built into the wall. This is easily explained because the main advantage here is space-saving. It is great for compact bathrooms made in a modern style. The built-in mirror in the cabinet door will hide its presence and will be perfectly combined when placed above the sink.

    If you prefer a classic style and have enough space in the bathroom, you can use an on-wall cabinet. The huge selection presented on the furniture market guarantees the opportunity to combine it with any style of your bathroom such as classic or luxury.

    3.Open Shelves

    Open shelves in luxury bathroom
    Spacious bathroom with glass open shelves.

    Open Shelves are not the most common type of storage space for a bathroom. More often you can see them in the kitchen, especially if it is made in the Victorian style. Open space allows you to place decorative elements on them to complement the beauty and coziness of the room.

    As for the bathroom, obvious flaws are immediately visible. In most cases, you have limited space, and placing huge shelves from the ceiling to the floor can create inconvenience for moving inside the room.  The bathroom floor is always wetter than the kitchen due to condensation and splashes.  Towels and bathrobes lying on the open shelf can become wet, and you will not like it.

    The best way to use open shelves for the bathroom is next or above the sink. According to On Point Remodeling its used for quick access to hygiene products and daily cosmetology.

    4.In-wall Cabinets

    In-wall cabinets for bathroom
    In-wall cabinets in bathroom with different colors.

    Each of us has seen In-wall cabinets at least once, and this is not surprising because they are very common. Such popularity primarily lies in their invisibility. Since the entire cabinet is in the wall while in the bathroom you only see the door. It can be installed with a built-in mirror or made in the style of your room.

    An indisputable plus is the size of in-wall cabinets. In most cases, they are much larger than wall-mounted ones and there will be more space for things that you need in the bathroom. But besides the obvious advantages, there are also disadvantages to in-wall cabinets.

    The main difficulty is a time-consuming installation, which professionals stay away from. The walls have runs of wiring and pipes everywhere. Complicate process of installing these cabinets will cost you more, but will not take extra space in your bathroom.

    5.Inconspicuous Built-in Cabinets

    A huge amount of space, many cozy shelves, and a comfortable surface with a sink are how you can describe the build-in cabinets for the first time you see in a photo on the Internet. And in truth, when your house has an impressive bathroom, installing these cabinets made of wood and polished stone surfaces will give a rich look to the whole room.

    Due to its impressive size, these cabinets are quite difficult to install in small bathrooms. They occupy a significant amount of space that is so prestigious in small rooms. There is always a solution to the problem and we are here to give tips. Skilled designer can easily select the layout of furniture specifically for the parameters of your room. The price of build-in cabinets can be completely different, it all depends on the manufacturer and the material from which the furniture is made.

    Planning and installation of cabinets will take a lot of time. Its carried out individually for each house and require significant physical effort and professional skills. It is better to entrust these work professionals. If you prefer a classic style, then build-in cabinets are perfect to bring comfort to your bathroom.

    6.Purchased Cabinets

    Purchased cabinets in small bathroom
    Stylish purchased cabinets in the bathroom.

    Purchased cabinets can be a great addition to any bathroom. Their main distinguishing feature is that they are very easy to install. Stores provide a huge selection of storage cabinets depending on the size, style, and material used. You just need to choose the one that suits you and install it at home.

    The price of such cabinets is much lower and the installation time is faster than build-in cabinets. If you want to freshen up the bathroom or add new details to it, you will not need to carry out a complete renovation, but simply replace the existing purchased cabinets or add new ones to the interior.

    Buying pre-made furniture is a great chance to practice or test your skills in interior design. You learning how to combine various elements to create the required style.

    7.Spacious Chest Storage

    Chest storage is a type of pre-made storage furniture. Although it is considered one of the types of bathroom vanities, it has distinctive features. For the bathroom in most cases, chest storage is compact with several drawers. They are great for storing cosmetics, towels, and bathrobes. The compact dimensions of the chest storage allow them to be installed in bathrooms of various sizes. There is no need to worrying about taking up all the available space with chest storage.

    In most cases, they are made of wood, but other materials can be used to embody a particular style. Custom made chest storage based on the required dimensions will add a unique touch to your bathroom. They are not built into the wall, therefore they are easy to install and if you wish, you can easily rearrange or replace them. In general, chest storage is convenient to use and a great place to store things you need in the bathroom.


    There are many varieties of storage ideas for bathrooms these days, from small storage boxes to wall-to-wall built-in cabinets. The installation time and price of different types of cabinets can vary due to many factors. It is worth planning your estimated budget for repairs.

    Each house and bathroom is unique as well as our vision of comfort and convenience, therefore you should not choose furniture based only on a photo on the Internet. Contact a professional designer and show him your bathroom with preferences. Our planning tips make wishes come true with bathroom where you relax after a hard day at work.

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