7 Stores Like Home Depot


    Home Depot is the largest hardware store in America and Canada. It has variety of tools, construction materials and parts literally for any type of work.

    Although it is by far exceeding competitors, many workers or home owners are looking for alternatives in their specific areas.

    7 Stores Like Home Depot in America

    • Lowes
    • Target
    • True Value
    • Menard
    • Tractor Supply
    • Harbor Freight
    • Do it Best

    We are not trying to advertise or discredit Home Depot. The purpose of this article is simply to find similar stores where you can potentially shop in your area for construction items and hardware.

    In-depth Similarities of Stores Like Home Depot

    Trying to find same type of stores in area, you would need to understand why those we list fall under same category.

    Remodel On Point breaks down sizes, similarities in products sold and variety of stores in regions.


    This franchise store is number two on size in America with over 2150 operational locations.

    Overall revenue is hitting 78 billon dollars mark during the year of 2020.

    Lowes has stores all over north America and does not leave any state out of their reach. Similar to Home Depot, Lowes sells raw construction materials and even does take offs for large projects.

    With large arsenal of tools and equipment, Lowes stores also focus on end products and finishing material. There you can find more fixture lights, plumbing faucets, decorations for interior of the home as well as outdoor furniture.


    Number three on our list is Target with just under 2000 stores throughout United States.

    This company was able to achieve more sales than Lowes with fewer stores and in 2020 their revenue was 93 billion dollars.

    By size and amount of sales, Target is very close to home depot, but their audience is different. Target does not sell raw construction materials or works with associated suppliers.

    Although they do have sections of hardware, by list of categories and items sold it could be compared to Wall Mart.

    True Value

    Way smaller stores in size but large spread through country are “True Value” hardware. They have 4226 Stores and sit well on our third place.

    In 2020 True Value stores were able to sell their products for whooping 10 billion dollars.

    The intent of having similar products on shelves as home depot is definitely here. If we compare True value with other stores in our list, it has the most amounts of similarities by category of products.

    Actual size of stores is not in the range of home depot though. True value is way smaller and with similar amount of stores they are selling 10% of what home depot is doing.


    Truly surprising brand Menard is our fourth pick. With only 335 stores they dominate megastores in US.  

    Just like our previous contender, Menard sold for 10 billion and keeps number four on stores like home depot list.

    This monster store is definitely similar to home depot and even larger in sizes. It is a mall of hardware under one roof.

    Just like Home Depot they sell materials, lots of tools and hardware, appliances and finishing products for renovation.

    At Menards you can find even more options for kitchen, bathroom and overall home construction projects than at our comparison store. They are located mostly on suburbs or even outside of larger cities due to large size of buildings.

    Tractor Supply

    This hardware company showed amazing growth and till this day opened 1900 stores all over the country.

    We could technically share 5th position with fourth and third place because of similar sales of 10 billion dollars.

    You would think that tractor supply is some sort of rental company for heavy machinery and equipment, but its actually a hardware store just like most of brands on our list.

    Their intent is to provide variety of tools, equipment and fixtures for indoor and outdoor work. They lack sections for construction material like home depot, but do sell parts for mechanical and technical trades.

    Harbor Freight

    Catching up with big boys club is Harbor Freight and now operates over 1200 stores in US.

    Up till these days this chain reached 5 billion sales in 2020. It is definitely huge amount even for big hardware companies.

    It is hard to focus on everything that home depot does, and Harbor Freight mostly targets tools and parts with hardware almost for everything.

    Some larger stores do sell construction raw materials like drywall, insulation and lumber, while smaller locations do not get into that.

    Their stores can be located on the outskirts of cities, in area of retail malls and as solo stores throughout larger towns.

    Do it Best

    Our last on stores like home depot is “Do it Best” with 600 locations in US and 4200 worldwide.

    Their sales in 2020 reached amazing amount of 4 billion dollars. We can see them rising and climbing up the chain every year.

    Unlike other franchise and chain stores, Do it Best gives more freedom to owners. They can change the name of store putting their first or last name into the concept.

    Also materials sold inside each store depend on owner’s preference and area demand. Saying all that, we think that Do it Best chain is very similar to home depot’s idea.

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