5×10 Bathroom Remodel Cost – Materials and Labor


    The average cost to hire contractor for 5×10 bathroom remodel is $9000 – $12000. This size is considered to be standard and fully equipped bathroom for homes all over North America.

    Remodel On Point wants to explain all details of fully renovating bathroom space. Thus we are listing entire spectrum of materials involved in process and trades that charge for their time accordingly.

    After reading this article you will be able to understand how much money goes into materials, labor and how much companies are charging on top for management.

    5×10 Bathroom Remodel Cost

    Low EndMediumHigh End
    DIY Project$5 000$8 000$11 000
    Subcontractors$8 000$11 000$16 000
    Remodel Company$11 000$16 000$21 000
    Different quality and type 5×10 bathroom remodel cost projects

    Different quality and type 5×10 bathroom remodel cost projects

    These numbers are very approximate and companies compete against each other by giving discounts or providing higher end services with exclusive finishing materials.

    Full Breakdown of Labor and Material Required

    We created full list of materials that may be necessary for renovation of regular size bathroom. In our table you can compare different types of quality material and understand labor costs for installation.

    Lumber and Drywall$750$750$750
    Framing Labor$850$850 $850
    Duct or Radiator$200$300$500
    HVAC Technician $120 $200 $400
    Tiles140 sq ft$400$600$1000
    Marble Jamb1 -3 Pieces$60$190
    Tile Installation$900$1200$1500
    Baseboards20 Feet$20$30$50
    Vanity1 (36″ – 48″)$500$850$1500
    Door with Hardware1$90$180$250
    Casings35 Feet$20$30 $50
    Drain Cover1$20$50$250
    Vanity Lights1$50$150$250
    Pot Lights2$20$25$50
    Shower Glass1$450$650$1000
    Hardware1 Set$30$50$80
    Paint1 Gallon$60$80$140
    Deliveries and Extras$1000$1000 $1000
    Total$8 000$11 000$16 000
    Full list of materials and labor costs for 5×10 bathroom remodel

    For line – “Deliveries and Extras” $1000 may seem a lot from first, but once job begins it will be easy to see where money are going. There will be mistakes, extra material to purchase, waste removal and cleaning after almost every stage of work.

    Demolition and Disposal

    First step of bathroom renovation is always demolition. It does not require any materials to be purchased. Literally anyone can do it, but please stay safe performing dangerous tasks.

    Primary expenses during demolition are associated with labor and disposal of material. Home owners that want to save money and do it on their own need just few tools like hammer, crowbar and buckets to carry out debris.

    Framing Walls and Redoing Subfloor

    This part of bathroom remodel is not always necessary. If house is not that old and the plan is to keep similar layout, you may be just fine gutting to studs and starting from insulation and drywall.

    Older exterior and interior wall can be sistered for extra strength. Two pieces of plywood is enough to change subfloor. Professional framer with helper can do this work in 3 – 4 hours.

    Drywall and Tape

    Do not forget that bathroom has a lot of moisture and it is absolutely necessary to install mold and water resistant drywall. (green or blue boards).

    To save money contractors install waterproof drywall only in shower area. Mud and tape process can be speed up by using fans for drying substance. Overall 1 full day is necessary for this step.


    Amount and cost of electrical work usually depends on quality of existing wiring and amount of extra features needed.

    If wires are in great condition and the only think needed is to change lights – this work takes 1 hour and you should not pay more than $100 for it.

    Saying that, in many bathroom remodel projects we see new wiring for light, new switch, receptacles and connection for fan.


    Let’s assume from beginning that plumbing positions are staying the same or relatively close. We are working only in this room and pipes leading towards bathroom are not to be diverted within other walls or floor joists.

    Plumber has 3 spots to work with plus shower drain. Average charge per spot is $550, but it varies as per city and company’s reputation. Only licensed plumber can work on water and drain connections.

    Tile and Marble Installation

    We know that our bathroom has 140 sq ft of tiles and they can be different in price. What else can affect our tiling scope of work?

    Labor cost depends on many factors, but often we see it being either size of actual tile or creative design that home owners prefer. The basic is 12 x 12 or 12 x 24 tiles with stack or brick pattern.

    Marble jamb may or may not be needed for edges of shower.

    Carpentry and Trim Work

    For professional carpenter this size project is a walk in a park. Without second thought one person can finish bathroom carpentry in few hours and make easy $500.

    The biggest problem home owners face when testing their skills performing carpentry is professional tools. Carpenters have all types of saws that cut trims in different angles.

    Installation of Fixtures & Hardware

    Screw driver, Allen key, level and regular drill is all you need for installing hardware with fixtures in bathroom.

    If you ever worked in any type of construction or renovation work at one of your life – you will be able to do this with ease.

    Expensive Features for Bathroom Remodeling

    Luxury projects can go way above budgets that we provide in examples. There is literally no limit to how much you can spend.

    The most expensive bathroom reno we have witnessed had price tag to of above $170 000. It shouldn’t be a surprise when you realize toilet alone costs $24 000.

    Regular projects with high end upgrades can include heated floor and towel racks, speakers, additional cabinetry, skylight installation, fireplace and many more cool items.

    Than a big role plays each fixture and item purchased for finish. $120 / sq ft tiles, vanity with faucet carved from expensive tree, single slab tiles for shower wall.

    Reducing 5×10 Bathroom Remodel Cost with Max Quality

    Out of all home remodeling projects, bathroom upgrade seems to be less complicated to manage and save money for home owners. It is true if you are handy and have basic tools.

    Of course it would be cheaper to do everything on your own, but licensed professionals should always be hired to complete individual tasks like electrical and plumbing.

    Mid Quality Bathroom Remodel for $8 900

    Trying to maximize quality of work and saving as much as possible, home owners partially do some of the work and for the rest hire trades.

    • Demolition – $400
    • Framing and Drywall – $850
    • Carpentry – $300
    • Painting- $400
    • Handy Work – $150

    This already reduces 5×10 bathroom remodel cost and most of people should have no problem completing above listed work.

    The rest is buying all materials and hire other trades. If you follow our table with costs and have no critical issues throughout, it will make a huge difference for overall budget.

    Steven H.
    Steven H.
    General Contractor and Home Builder with over 20 years of experience. Write and Edit educational posts for several Remodeling Blogs. Specialize in trade management and technical construction details.

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