12 Trades in Kitchen Remodel Order of Operations and Jobs


    When you want to have your kitchen renovated or remodeled, there is a need for you to start with an overall plan and know which trades you need for your kitchen renovation. First of all, hiring a kitchen designer can help you think of things you may have overlooked and help reduce your workload. Below are 12 trades involved in kitchen remodel order of operations.

    • Demolition
    • Framer
    • Electrician
    • Plumber
    • Drywall/Tape
    • HVAC
    • Flooring Installer
    • Kitchen Cabinet Installer
    • Stone/Countertop Installer
    • Carpenter
    • Painter
    • Cleaners

    Pen down a list of the trades and get three quotes from each trade. Make sure you scrutinize their qualifications as well as their prices. The kitchen is the heart of the home and it has to be perfect.


    Demolition’s a first of kitchen remodel order of operations. Tearing out of the old kitchen material and removal of old appliances is hard physical work and it can be complicated when the demolition involves tearing down of load-bearing walls. Aside from that, it is not particularly complicated.

    You could choose to do this part of the project yourself, but On point Remodeling would suggest that you hire a contractor to save yourself from stress coupled with the fact that materials like lead-based paint or asbestos require special handling.

    If you choose to handle this part of the project yourself, make sure you put on safety gear and take precautions. There is a need to arrange for a roll-off dumpster or other means of disposing of the debris and any discarded appliances.


    The framer begins remodeling with the installation of the necessary framing work needed for the project after the completion of demolition. This stage may involve some very major construction tasks depending on your new kitchen’s configuration. Tasks that may include adding or replacing windows, increasing cabinet space, taking down walls, and so on.


    Electrical works
    Professional electric doing his job in the kitchen.

    You need an electrician to handle the wiring, outlets placement, boxes fixture, switches, and other electrical installations. Kitchen renovation companies usually have electricians on hand who can install necessary electricity for the kitchen or they subcontract the electrical part of the project.

    All the wiring needs to be replaced, most especially if your existing wiring isn’t conforming to code. Modern kitchens often need more than the basics. Modern kitchens have more than one overhead task light. They may have task lighting in several places as well as accent lighting and statement lighting.


    A kitchen renovation requires a plumber to install sinks and other plumbing. There may be a need to consult with an expert that will be able to give you all the options that will work best with your desired setup.

    If you are planning to move your appliances and fixtures to a different spot in your kitchen, or you are planning to have an extra sink, or if you are adding new appliances that require plumbing, your plumbing system will be affected. Your water supply, drain lines, and gas pipes need to be rerouted, therefore you need to involve you, plumber, early in the project. Kitchen renovation companies usually have plumbers to install plumbing in most cases.


    Drywall for ceiling
    The drywall installation process for the kitchen ceiling.

    Once necessary plumbing and electrical upgrades have been made, there is a need to close the walls back up by hanging new drywall. Installation of the new drywall is fairly simple, in comparison to other aspects of the renovation process. You can have your contractor handle it but it does not require any expertise.

    If you wish to do this job yourself, you should take care of the necessary tools, such as cordless drills and special drywall cutters. Most likely you will need a partner, since drywall sheets are massive and difficult to carry alone, and it is more convenient to attach it to the wall when someone is holding it.


    Any new HVAC ductwork that is required by the project is carried out at the same time that plumbing and wiring work is being completed. Installing sheet metal ductwork is usually done by an HVAC contractor. The HVAC contract is one of the most significant of the 12 trades involved in kitchen renovation because they deal with ventilation.

    The HVAC contractor must understand the physics of airflow and must be able to position the new vent registers and cold air return registers in the most effective locations.

    7.Flooring Installer

    Pattern floor instalation
    Workers team installing a wooden floor in the kitchen.

    The flooring installer is in the expert in charge of flooring installation which is usually saved until the end stages of remodeling to prevent wear and tear on the new flooring. It is carried out as one of the last stages before cabinets, appliances, and fixtures are installed. There are various types of flooring to choose from, include ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, engineering wood, solid hardwood, sheet vinyl, rubber flooring, etc.

    Most hard flooring materials are ideal for the kitchen flooring, but some are better for a family kitchen than others. Kitchen floors can get wet, therefore, On Point Remodeling would suggest you go for non-slip flooring to avoid injuries. Non-slip flooring materials may help prevent breakage if something gets dropped because they are usually softer underfoot.

    8.Kitchen Cabinet Installer

    A kitchen cabinet installer specializes in building and installing kitchen cabinets. Hiring a professional could save you some expenses. It may seem like handling the project yourself is going to save you money, but purchasing or renting tools you might need may cost you a lot more.

    If you decide to take on your cabinet installation project, you’d be responsible for all replacement costs. Improper measurements can result in uneven cabinet surfaces, appliances that don’t fit, gaps between seams, or even cabinet doors that don’t open correctly. Once you know what you want, the kitchen cabinet maker can design and install the kitchen cabinets to your satisfaction.

    9.Stone/Countertop Installer

    Countertop installation process
    Worker installing countertops in the kitchen.

    Countertops made from materials such as granite, engineered stone, Corian, marble, soapstone, ceramic tiles, quartz, glass, and stainless steel should all be installed by a professional countertop installer. They will need to be measured up and made into templates first so they can be made exactly to size.

    The manufacturing time for these countertops is generally around 10 working days but will vary depending on the supplier. Laminate or solid timber countertops can usually be manufactured at the same time as your cabinets and they can be installed simultaneously by the cabinet installer.


    The can carpenter can handle the construction and installation of the cabinets, installation of some framing works, and hanging of drywall. The carpenter counter also installs laminate or solid timber countertops and laminate flooring


    Another trade you may need is a painter. A painter can help you choose the perfect color of paint for your walls, ceiling, or floor. You may even consider hiring a color consultant to help you pick out colors that are suitable for your kitchen without clashing with the colors in your dining room or living room.

    You can also decide to handle the painting aspect by yourself. If you decide to handle the painting, make sure you use quality brand paints, preferably a semi-gloss for the walls and ceiling, because it is easy to clean, and it does not retain moisture. Also, make sure to buy the right paintbrushes.


    After completing all the main kitchen remodel order of operations, don’t forget about cleaning. A cleaner who specializes in building-related cleaning should be hired to clean the kitchen and the ventilation system of dust and debris, wipe down cabinets and countertops, clean the floor and arrange the hauling away of any garbage dumpster. The job of a cleaner is final and after disposing of all debris and dust, you can see the result of the work done.


    The kitchen is the heart of the home and it should be perfect. All the 12 trades involved in a kitchen remodel order of operations are important ones. Hiring a contractor reduces your workload and saves you time. Invite your contractor and/or designer into your home to discuss all of your expectations and requirements for your kitchen renovation.

    You should only give a significant portion of the money when the project is completed and all the details are satisfactory. However, suggest that you deliberate on the terms of payment, before starting the work to avoid any disputes or delay later on. After the respective traders or subcontractors have completed their quota of work, your kitchen renovation project is complete and your kitchen is ready for use.

    Sofia K.
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