12 Styles of Kitchen Cabinets Installation in Your Home


    Before remodeling your kitchen, the actual style needs to be selected with exact details on doors and curves of the cabinets. Our team from On Point Remodeling discusses twelve different types and styles of kitchen cabinets that can be selected for your next project at home.

    The cabinets you select for upgrade or new installation should reflect your inspiration with details to underline mood or house overall design.

    Here are the types of kitchen cabinets we will be discussing in this post:

    • Traditional
    • Shaker
    • Modern
    • Rustic
    • Industrial
    • Farm/cottage
    • Craftsman
    • European
    • Transitional
    • Contemporary
    • Mediterranean
    • Asian

    To achieve desired look the remodeling process may consist of only refinishing cabinets with little decoration that can be achieved DIY method without spending too much, and some styles may require hiring Renovation Company for upgrades and changing good part of your house to accommodate necessary kitchen remodeling.

    You can browse through our list of recommended contractors for your kitchen remodeling project as well as suggested list of where you can purchase cabinets for your kitchen.

    1. Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

    Since the beginning of kitchen cabinet days, traditional curves and edges were the way to go. The more curves and lines, the better kitchen seemed to be.

    These types of cabinets are slowly getting out of production in new homes throughout all states. New generation prefers modern styles or pretty but economical shaker cabinets.

    The most common material for traditional cabinets is sold wood. It can be either oak or hickory.

    You can still order and manufacture traditional cabinets in custom shops, but will not likely see them in wholesale stores like Ikea, Lowes and home depot.

    2. Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

    The new and now all-time favourite style of kitchen cabinets in remodeling and new home construction is shaker. It goes in all sorts of colors and actually looks very good, despite being very cost effective.

    You can do shakers style cabinets literally from any materials that are used in kitchen manufacturing. This simple but stylish look of cabinets compliments all house remodeling projects and even new build condos.

    To shop for this type of cabinets you can literally go anywhere. Every kitchen place or even hardware store that sells kitchens will have shaker style cabinets.

    3. Modern Style of Kitchen Cabinets

    Modern style kitchen
    White cabinets in a modern style kitchen.

    Expensive remodeings tend to attract generation that likes modern kitchen cabinets. They look very neat and futuristic like from sci-fi movies.

    Modern cabinets are usually in white colors or have a mix of several colors with white being one of them. To mix the look we suggest adding a mix of stainless steel color and creative lighting system.

    To go next level upgrades of modern cabinets include electronic pull out cabinets and parts that move up and down from counter space to accommodate storage or electrical plugins.

    Modern cabinets tend to be one of the most expensive choices you can select for your kitchen.

    4. Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

    Rustic style kitchen
    Cozy rustic kitchen with comfortable cabinets.

    To experience unique design of your new kitchen you may consider selecting rustic cabinets finish. This is popular for cottage homes or houses made with logs. It gives very wooden look of old style but yet new kitchen.

    These cabinets are not easy to make, therefore expect to pay more than regular shaker style. Rustic style compliments homes with wooden attributes, beams and overall style of living.

    It is very hard to do it yourself or even find professional company that would come up with rustic design that will satisfy your needs. Ask On Point Remodeling for recommendations in your area.

    5. Industrial Kitchen Cabinets

    For lofts and downtown modern living, some home owners prefer industrial remodeling with kitchen cabinets in the same colors and materials.

    Finished kitchen in industrial style will look somewhere similar to luxury bar that you can find in downtown district. Your friends and family will love spending time there while you serve them drinks like in real pub.

    To come up with industrial cabinet design and install them in your home you will pay premium amount, that’s why most of home owners stick to traditional and modern kitchens. Designer is recommended for industrial kitchen concept.

    6. Farm/cottage Kitchen Cabinets

    Cottage kitchen cabinets
    Cute white cabinets in the cottage style kitchen

    It all depends on quality of cottage and may range a lot in specific details and costs of cabinets and several million dollar farm homes may have very different and unique kitchens. Today we are discussing very regular cottage home kitchen that you can install for seasonal days off.

    Usually cottage cabinets are very cheap and owners of such homes try not to overspend. Solid wood cabinets are recommended with literally any or no style for farm homes to serve the purpose of some cooking.

    You can make, buy slightly damaged or used cabinets for your farm home or cottage, assuming this is not your primary residence.

    7. Craftsman Kitchen Cabinets

    One of the cabinet styles that is also done as custom job and cannot be found in large production stores or prefabricated kitchens are craftsman cabinets. It is relatively simple looking with straight lines and not many details to it.

    The idea of craftsman style cabinets is to use natural materials and have wooden finish on the outside. It is definitely not one of the popular styles but lets us warn you about costs that come with it. Because most of the manufacturing is manual and materials being solid wood, you should expect to pay top dollars for craftsman cabinets.

    Out of all 12 styles of kitchen cabinets we are describing in this article, craftsman style is probably the most rare and unique these days for remodeling.

    8. European Kitchen Cabinets

    In comparison to North America, Europe has very small homes and even smaller kitchens. The cabinets that are made for homes in Europe are very compact and designed to serve as functional kitchen within limited space.

    Materials used for European cabinets are different throughout. Obviously with hot weather climates cabinets must be made from real wood to avoid damage and expansion. Glossy and light color finishes are used to trick the eye and make it look slightly bigger.

    The kitchen may have more depth inside cabinets to compensate for length and width from wall to wall. Very creative designs are popular in Europe to personalize kitchen space.

    9. Transitional Kitchen Cabinets

    Transitional kitchen cabinets are exactly what you think they are from first time you hear the name. They transition in style usually from traditional to modern or contemporary.

    This style of cabinets came out only to mix up something that already existed with a slight twist. Your kitchen may have changes in style as well as colors to show the difference from other kitchens.

    The cost to purchase or make transitional kitchen cabinets is on somewhere in the middle between shaker style and modern cabinets.

    10. Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

    Cabinets in contemporary style

    To summarize all flat kitchen cabinets of all designs and colors we use the word contemporary. It’s a very popular style for remodeling in North America and can range in costs. While some materials will be on cheaper side of finishes, other contemporary choices can be expensive.

    There are tenth of looks to select from. The texture of flat kitchen can be glossy, simply flat, matt, veneer or even metallic.

    You can find contemporary style of kitchen cabinets almost at any supplier and manufacturer. Wholesalers manufacture and distribute them as well.

    11. Mediterranean Kitchen Cabinets

    For those who are inspired by eastern designs and culture Mediterranean kitchen cabinets. It has specific round curves and light tones.

    Mediterranean cabinets are usually surrounded with natural looking stone on counter and floor. This style is not very popular and rarely used in urban areas. Because of natural materials used in production, Mediterranean cabinets are usually installed in hotter environments or at the beach houses.

    The costs are for manufacturing these cabinets are slightly higher than average due to lack of demand in North America.

    12. Asian Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen in Asian style
    Kitchen with Asian style elements.

    When we talk about compact and tiny kitchens, the only style that beats European style is Asian cabinets.

    Homes in Asia are very small comparing to US or even Europe, that’s why the thought of having a kitchen is already a luxury.

    An Asian kitchen style has very straight forward design with wooden finishes. It is very similar to contemporary look but with unique touch.

    It’s all about functionality and comfort, without adding anything luxurious. Despite simplicity the cost of these cabinets can be higher than you expect.


    Each kitchen style is very specific in details, colors and finishes, that should match home owner’s specific appearance preferences. There is no right or wrong as we all like different things and our homes may be already built with a style that can have limits on what style cabinets should be considered.

    On Point Remodeling provides services in kitchen design for renovations and new constructions. Lets us help you save money on process and design perfect kitchen.