11 Ways to Refresh and Remodel Your Kitchen


    The kitchen should reflect your lifestyle. Your kitchen should accommodate your cooking needs and must offer plenty of capacity and provide the type of space you need for dining. The kitchens decoration should supplement your home’s design and established the pace for social occasions that occur there. Remodeling or refreshing a kitchen requires a lot less work than carrying out a complete renovation.

    • Complete Renovation
    • Replacing Cabinets
    • Install New Island
    • Upgrade Appliances
    • Refinish Cabinets
    • New Plumbing Fixtures
    • Install New Countertops
    • Upgrade Floors and Paint
    • New Lighting and Electrical
    • Hire Company
    • DIY Refinishing

    When looking to remodel or refresh your kitchen, the first step is to set some goals for your space. You need to consider factors such as size, layout, infrastructure, lifestyle, budget among others. You need to know what you want before embarking on the project.

    1.Complete Renovation

    In-depth kitchen renovations require a lot of activities that you might not have any desire to handle yourself. Activities ranging from carrying out electrical installation, plumbing works, cabinets, removing current cabinetry, or knocking down walls.

    There are countless awful stories of homeowners rushing into demolition day without being mindful of wires or plumbing in the walls and they end up messing things up. Don’t create more work for yourself. Making provisions in your budget to bring in the professionals saves you the stress of having to take on the work yourself and also saves you a lot of time.

    2.Replacing Cabinets

    The most straightforward option for radically remodel your kitchen and create an exciting new look is to replace the kitchen cabinet. It is also the most one of the most expensive stage of the remodeling process. It is a worthy investment to increase the real estate value of your home, as well as achieve the most authentic, complete transformation if you can work it within your budget.

    On point, remodeling thinks upgrading the kitchen cabinets will establish the pace for the entire home, as the kitchen turns into the favorite gathering place for the entire family.

    3.Install New Island

    Install new island for the kitchen
    One-wall layout with the island in the kitchen.

    A kitchen island is a freestanding cabinet that can have kitchen stools around it, for extra seating and include storage drawers or cabinets and can be used to store your cooking appliances. When planning to install a new kitchen island, a lot of factors need to be considered. You need to determine the size of the island that fits your kitchen. Also, the shape of the island matters.

    The most commonly used island shape is the rectangular shape. You can try other shapes to make yours unique. You need to determine whether you want your island mobile or static. You need to determine the materials that will be used for both the surface and the body of the island. To save time and reduce stress, you can hire a professional to handle the installation.

    4.Upgrade Appliances

    Upgraded kitchen appliances offer homeowners a couple of benefits. Upgrading your outdated appliances is an investment you should consider if you are planning a new kitchen. It is worth remembering that investing in remodel your kitchen will increase the overall value of your home. Also, the design and function of the latest appliance models may greatly improve your lifestyle and level of satisfaction derived while using your kitchen.

    One of the advantages of upgraded kitchen appliances is the guarantee of better energy efficiency. upgrading your dishwasher, garbage disposal, water heater, cooktop, refrigerator, or, an oven can reduce costs from your monthly energy bill while improving the look of your kitchen.

    5.Refinish Cabinets

    Refinishing kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest out of the 11 ways to remodel. It can be a simple and inexpensive way to make the old cabinets look new again. It is a pleasant way to upgrade your color scheme and add a touch of flair, cleaning the doors, shelves, and hardware, sanding and stripping the old paint, blemishes, and flaws off the surfaces and repainting for a fresh and new look.

    You’re adding a layer of laminate or wood veneer over existing cabinet surfaces for an instant new outward appearance by refacing or resurfacing kitchen cabinets. You can decide to instantly change the type of wood, color, and style for a complete cabinet makeover.

    6.New Plumbing Fixtures

    In case you’re just hoping to have a new sink installed in the same location, less professional work is needed to be done, therefore, your bill will be significantly cheaper. Installing in a different location will require more professional work thereby causing an increase in expenses. Consider upgrading to features like extensions, sprayers, soap dispensers, and a stainless-steel garbage disposal when shopping for a new sink.

    Regardless of whether you are only installing a new fixture such as a faucet or sink, there is a need to address plumbing concerns to guarantee they will perform as expected.

    7.Install New Countertops

    Installed new kitchen countertops
    New wooden countertop for cooking.

    Over the years, some people have become dissatisfied with the look of their kitchen. The kitchen is where we spend an extraordinary amount of time in the home. It is an area where meals are prepared, where family and friends socialize, and also a place to eat. If your standard becomes higher and your kitchen no longer meets your beauty standards, On point remodeling would suggest for you to install new countertops.

    Installation of a new countertop may come right up after installing an island. When installing a new countertop, there are a lot of materials to choose from. Materials such as quartz, granite, concrete, and so on. In many cases, countertop installation is the most fun part of the process because you can finally see the finished project start to take shape and the end is clearly in sight.

    8.Upgrade Floors and Paint

    You can decide to install floors and baseboards after the cabinets are installed to save on cost, or you might decide to do it before. There are various flooring types and materials to choose from.  Floor types include ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, engineering wood, solid hardwood, sheet vinyl, rubber flooring, etc.

    Painting can be quite enjoyable as long as you are ready and do it in the right way. Painting is something you can do by yourself. Once you choose your color, On point remodeling would advice you to buy a quality semi-gloss paint can make your life much easier because they do not retain moisture and are cleanable

    9.New Lighting and Electrical

    Kitchen lighting elements
    Stylish lighting in a modern kitchen.

    The kitchen renovation is as much about the electrical work as it is about the cabinets. You need to make ensure that your electrical work is up to code with appliances and lighting. Your contractor would determine whether you would need to upgrade your circuit breaker box or not. A great lighting plan can make your kitchen spectacular.

    10.Hire Company for Remodel your Kitchen

    Hiring the right company makes all the difference in how well the job is going to turn out and also determine what your experience will be like throughout the remodeling process. When hiring a contractor, don’t just give up and settle for the first one that comes your way.

    Talk with several contractors and hear their professional opinion. It is also worth looking at their work and customer reviews on the Internet. Choosing a good company is a guarantee of high-quality and professional repairs for many years.

    11.DIY Refinishing

    DIY kitchen refinishing project isn’t as engaging, or as messy as full remodel your kitchen, but it’s still a major undertaking. The refinishing project involves spending a lot of time cleaning, sanding, and sparkling before finally painting the cabinets, walls, doors, floors, and all other kitchen appliances.

    The desire to do this work on your own can spend a lot of your energy and time, and the result will not meet expectations, but if you are determined, then you should learn as much as possible about the performance of these works and take a responsible approach to all processes.


    Remodel your kitchen can include some or all of the 11 ways to remodel listed above such as installing new or replacing cabinets, installing a new island, upgrading appliances, installing new plumbing fixtures, installing new lighting, upgrading floors and paint, and much more.

    The kitchen is a very important section of the house. It is where families spend time. It can also be a center of social gathering. Therefore, a lot of effort is needed to be put in to make your kitchen a functional and attractive family space. You can choose to handle the project yourself, but to save time and reduce stress, it is better to hire a contractor. That way you will at ease that your kitchen will be planned in a way that will ensure convenience and ease of movement for you and your family.

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