11 Tips for Planning a New Bathroom Upgrade


    Planning is very pertinent to everything human being. Your bathroom is not an exception because adequate planning brings  desired results. Your bathroom should not fall short of the aesthetic that every other part of the house has.

    If adequate planning is not put carefully implemented it might shatter your dream of having the bathroom you want. There is a possibility something is been left out during implementation of adequate and proper planning is not done, which in turn brings about bad result. The effect of bad planning causes you to spend more than what your initial budget is.

    This guide provides helpful tips that will help you in the choice of decision making of upgrading your old bathroom to a modern and world-class standard.

    • Planning a New Bathroom Budget
    • Choice of Bathroom Type
    • Contractor
    • Colour
    • Lighting
    • Ventilation
    • Luxury
    • New Construction Material
    • Storage
    • Adding up a Room
    • Durability

    Before you start budgeting and planning your setting up your new or renovating bathroom you should take a step-by-step approach to know what exactly you need to get.

    1.Planning a New Bathroom Budget

    Preparing a budget will help you know how much to spend on bathroom remodeling or constructing work right from the start to the end. You should include some major features of purchase of material, payment of labor and other logistic that is needed. Thus, budgeting will also guide the decision-making process. Above all budgeting helps you to know what renovation costs before the start.

    2.Choice of Bathroom Type

    Choice of bathroom type
    Choose bathroom type before remodeling.

    The bathroom comes in a different wide range of shapes, sizes, and layouts. The main thing in which bathrooms differ is their content. For example, it can only contain a sink and a toilet, or it will be a large bathroom with a shower, a stand-alone tub, and many cabinets.

    Determining a clear understanding of what type the bathroom will be, one of the important stages before the start of the renovation. Also, planning a new bathroom style that will harmoniously match the entire home.

    3.Choose Contractor for Bathroom Upgrade

    Repair work is a complex set of processes for which you need experience and knowledge. Engage professional contractors in the repair who will be the guarantor of quality.

    When choosing a renovation company, you should not immediately agree to the first offer. Make an appointment with representatives of several companies and listen to their suggestions. Having considered 3-5 options, it will be easier for you to choose a company with which you want to cooperate.

    Hiring professionals to do the job for you gives you the desired result and it also eases you the stress of doing the whole job yourself.

    4.Colour Important Part of Remodeling

    Color as a part of remodeling
    Small bathroom with delicate blue walls.

    You need to know beforehand the type of color your paint should be and as well as the color of your new bathroom tile to prevent clashing of colors. Color and style must work hand in hand with the functionality of your design.

    You can choose the colors yourself, or contact an interior designer for help. He will be able to provide you with several options to choose from, which will greatly facilitate your participation in the repair process.

    5.Lighting Fiatures

    Lighting is paramount in planning a new bathroom because it needs to be illuminated at all times to make the aesthetic more virtual. There are two types of light. It is natural and artificial lighting. Its important for you to choose a carefully selected type of light between varies of light from canned lights, pendant light, or other.

    This is because a bathroom is a special place in the house and the lighten should also fit in with the design you have in mind as well as the type of switches you would like to use.


    Bathrooms need good ventilation to keep occupants in good health. Ventilation is of two types:

    Windows and window vents: a window is a good mechanism of making the bathroom to be ventilated it breeze in fresh air. A method of attracting natural ventilating system is through the window, although it has its challenges of attracting pollution.

    Exhaust fans: These can be said to be the best way to resolve ventilation problem or difficulties, your hire professional can install it for you based on request inside your bathroom to allow uncontaminated airflow that is hygienic for health.

    7.Luxury Features

    Luxury gives your bathroom an exotic look while remodeling adding a few extras gives you exotic and luxurious.  Adding the following features will give you the exact result:

    Heated floor: heated tile floors make your bathroom luxurious with great economic value. They are also very convenient to use because it is much more pleasant to walk on the warm floor after taking a shower or bath.

    Wall-mounted: Wall-mounted toilets, cabinets, and washbasins look sleek, modern, and open up the floor space. This allows you to add extra storage or have a more open bathroom.

    8.New Construction Material

    Samples of new construction materials
    Selection of materials for remodeling a new bathroom.

    Taking a survey or inventory of your bathroom material should not be taken with levity because it helps to streamline your budget. Also you avail the opportunity to go those things that are the priority needs and not wants.

    For instance, a shower you pick a plan that fits your new décor and space where your current tub is. There are three types of shower remodeling you might want to choose from. They include the following rectangular, square, and pentangle.


    This is an essential aspect you also need to consider in your planning. Aside from aesthetics, it gives the bathroom the primary function making the bathroom organized with bathroom accessories been carefully arranged inside the cabinet.

    The importance of this is to help you keep your things in a safe place. Thus, the cabin can be called a safe house where your thing is being kept.

    However, it may be a difficulty or challenging installing storage facilities in a small bathroom, planning cabinets, and shelving. It will be advised that adequate measures should be done so that it fits in into available space.

    10.Adding up a Room

    For a room that has only one bathroom adding a new one and also remodeling others will reduce cost. Adding up a new bathroom will reduce the challenge of the whole family struggle to manage just the bathroom at a time.


    How durable the material you have carefully selected over the space of time is very important because surfaces and fixtures tend to wear and tear. It is advisable that plastic laminate flooring and your countertops, this is durable and less expensive. Durability should top one the priority on your agenda.

    Aside from the above-listed tips, you might want to include some new set of accessories while planning a new bathroom. It includes wash clothes, soap dishes, bath mats, new towels, a mirror, and a towel rack. These are some of the basic accessories that makes a remodel work complete.


    Upgrading your bathroom can bring a can of a feeling of accomplishment and a dream come true. While for some people, most especially for properties met to be sold upgrading or remodeling as ever the case maybe we increase the market values of the property making it more viable for a good market. This is how boosting the economic value of your house happens.

    Upgrading a bathroom might be a long way adventure to explore new technologies in their bathroom by installing high modified bathroom technology that brings comfort.

    Bathroom remodeling makes room for you to add more bathrooms for your comfort if you are thinking of one. All you need to do is to consult or hire a professional to do that for you. These eleven tips will be of help to you if you are thinking in that direction.

    Sofia K.
    Sofia K.
    Professional architect with 15 years of experience, with extensive knowledge of architecture and house style. I specialize in the combination of interior components and house architecture.

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