10 Bathroom Styles and Designs to Consider When Remodeling


    Design styles of home decoration are evolving every year, complemented by small details and technologies, as well as completely new variations. This is an art form aimed at ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to create a comfortable environment in their home.

    • Modern Style
    • Luxury Style
    • Contemporary Style
    • Transitional Style
    • Traditional Style
    • Cottage Home Style
    • Industrial Style
    • Beach Style
    • Asian Style
    • Rustic Style

    There are a huge number of varieties and branches, in which it is easy to get confused. On Point Remodeling has highlighted the 10 most popular of them and will tell you about their features below.

    1.Modern Style

    Each person perceives the concept of modern style differently for himself, but still, there are common features that are inherent in most designs of this type. Distinctive features include the use of clear geometric shapes in combination with neutral or base colors.

     In bathrooms of this type, you will not see a lot of decorative things, because it is conducive to maintaining the maximum amount of open space. If these decorative elements are present, then they are expressed in small things of a simple form.

    But there are still exceptions and sometimes this style is complemented by warmer tones and things made from natural materials, but it also supports the basic concept of regular geometric shapes and a lot of free space. This style is perfect for a bathroom with limited space, visually increasing its size.

    2.Luxury Style

    A luxurious style can be distinguished by each person only by going into the bathroom. This type of bathroom is primarily distinguished by its impressive dimensions and finishes from expensive materials. But let’s take a look at exactly what elements make the luxury style stand out.

    The use of large windows and skylights with great views gives this room an exclusivity. In most other bathroom styles and designs, windows are hardly used due to the small size of the room and for privacy reasons.

    The luxurious bathrooms use natural materials and colors. In such a room, you can find marble flooring, stand-alone tubs made of rare woods, and many other expensive items.

    The ability to provide part of the bathroom for decorative details is also a sign of luxury style. A corner with massive plants or an exclusive relief panel between stylish illuminated mirrors.

    This style perfectly combines many functional fixtures with massive decorative elements and free space for a comfortable stay in the bathroom.

    3.Contemporary Style

    Contemporary style bathroom
    Bathroom in the house with a contemporary style.

    Contemporary style has changed enough in recent years, more and more combining elements of different bathroom styles and designs. Although in most cases bathrooms are not large, people tend to fill it not only with functional things, but also give it a stylish look.

    Keeping space in a small room is an important part. For example, wall-in cabinets are used, modern showers are spacious inside, but do not take up much space, and much more. All this will give your room a visually large size for a comfortable stay in it.

    The use of decor in this style is possible, but it is worth considering the design in advance. Avoid installing a lot of decorative details that might not work well with your bathroom style.

    4.Transitional Style

    The transitional style began to gain its popularity only at the beginning of this decade and we can safely say that it is one of the newest styles in its concept. What makes this style stand out, everything is very simple, it is a combination of two different styles with a smooth transition, which looks very comfortable and functional.

    Transitional style does not mean that your bathroom will be split in two, the point is to give classic bathroom elements the functionality and practicality of modern technology.

    The color scheme, decorative elements, and functional parts, for example, sinks, cabinets, and others can be completely different, depending on the project and the personal preferences of the homeowner. This style does not limit your imagination, but to correctly combine all the elements, you need a lot of experience, so On Point Remodeling recommends that you turn to a professional designer for help in designing your dream bathroom.

    5.Traditional Style

    Traditional style bathroom
    Traditional style bathroom with beautiful tub.

    Most traditional bathroom designs are made from materials and decor from the historical era. Colonial and Victorian are examples of popular tri-traditional styles, but the style does not have to be specific to a given era.

    All types of surfaces are an important element of the traditional style. Floor and wall tiles are made from natural or artificial materials such as granite, stone, or slate. The furniture is used from materials with a historical pedigree, in most cases, it is the wood used at that time, oak, maple, cherry, and others. Porcelain or stone is used for sinks and other fixtures.

    The color scheme can be different, from cool and gray tones to very bright, depending on the style used. It is possible to combine bathroom styles and designs from different eras to make it unique, but it is worthwhile to think over everything well because different styles are not always combined.

    6.Cottage Home Style

    To create the atmosphere of the cottage home style, a lot of white is required, which is its distinctive feature. White gives the bathroom of this style the necessary lightness, lightness, and a sense of open atmosphere.

    For this style, classic furniture is used, but without unnecessary patterns and dark saturated colors. For example, it can be cabinets, a closet, or something other white or close to this color. You can also often find a stand-alone tub or refined sink in this type of bathroom.

    Although the main color is white, you can add color to this style. Bright tones of green, yellow, or red are great, but one of these colors is usually used to maintain the overall harmony of the room. This can be as part of the wall tiles, the color of the bath and sink, or simply elements of the room such as towels and a curtain in the shower. The main thing to remember is that, unlike white, this will be a secondary color and it is important not to overdo it with it.

    7.Industrial Style

    Industrial style in bathroom
    Brick walls in industrial style bathroom.

    The industrial style has been at a very high level of popularity for a decade after huge lofts with a lot of free space came into fashion. A distinctive feature of this style is that it uses a variety of materials that you will not find anywhere else, for example, in the rooms of this style, you can find open pipes and an exposed brick wall. The industrial style gives the room the feeling of storage space and it even shows in the bathroom.

    Natural colors prevail in the color palette, for rooms a mixture of gray, rustic, or neutral colors is used. This color scheme helps to emphasize the volume of these rooms and allows you to combine furniture and accessories of different types to give the room a natural look.

    Essential bathroom accessories, such as stand-alone tubs and sinks, are made of different types of metal such as steel, copper, or brass for this style, which perfectly matches the overall ambiance of the style.

    Lighting is a very important part of this style. Since we are talking about a bathroom and it is not always possible to install large windows, overhead light fixtures will come to your aid. This type of lighting perfectly matches the industrial style as it is often used in industrial premises. Do not forget about the trendy types of lighting floor lamps made of different metals.

    The industrial style is quite creative and resembles an initially empty canvas in which everyone brings what they like best. DIY things are very popular in this style. It can be anything, from cabinets and shelves made of previously used wood and a variety of decorative ornaments. The main thing is that you like these things and match the colors and materials used to the industrial style.

    8.Beach Style

    Many people think that beach style is only suitable for vacation homes located on the seashore, this is not entirely true and according to On Point Remodeling, you can bring gentle nautical tones to the bathroom of any home, no matter where it is located. Why not bring a bit of nautical theme to a room that’s already connected to water.

    The beach style uses marine colors and shades, which makes the room very bright and visually spacious. The idea behind this style includes a huge amount of decor to choose from. You can combine various objects with the image of fish and waves, put a vase with sea stones or seashells, anything related to the marine theme is suitable. To all this, you can fill the room with living vegetation. Beautiful indoor plants that resemble palm trees will perfectly complement a marine-style bathroom.

    The main thing to remember is that the only reason you can’t have a beach-style bathroom in your home is if you don’t want to. Well, if you are worried that you will not be able to correctly combine colors and many decorative details, then feel free to contact the designers in your city, they will be happy to help you.

    9.Asian Style

    The wooden tub in Asian style
    Grey walls in wooden Asian style bathroom.

    When it comes to Asian style, the first thing that comes to mind is a place where you can relax, relax, and gain strength for the day ahead. Harmony is concentrated in it, which is achieved through balance and balance, and if the bathroom is for you a place of relaxation, not only physically, but also spiritually, then you should think about decorating a room in this style.

    This effect is achieved by a combination of straight, flowing lines, a soothing color scheme, and the use of natural materials such as stone and wood. Lighting also plays an important part, whether it is a large window or the right amount of artificial lights to create the necessary atmosphere.

     A lot of open space is needed in this room, therefore minimalism in the amount of decor is welcomed, but so that the room does not seem empty, decorations that are unusual for other styles are used. For example, it can be a mirror decorated with oriental symbols, the use of bamboo instead of tiles on the walls, small tables instead of the usual wall in cabinets. Asian style bathroom can become a corner of privacy from the surrounding world, being directly in your home.

    10.Rustic Style

    Rustic style has gained its popularity over the years, whether you are renovating a country house or want to decorate a bathroom in your apartment.

    To achieve this effect, you can use materials that are suitable for the style. These include reclaimed timber, cast iron, rough stone, and galvanized metals. These materials should not be highly polished, which will give the bathroom a personality.

    The color scheme can be completely different. You can recreate this style in light and soft colors complemented by dark woody tones from the furniture used, or in cold dark colors using raw stone on the walls.

    Rustic style does not limit your imagination, allowing you to use a variety of decor and colors, but stands out by using certain types of materials. Because of this, you can create a personalized bathroom to your liking.


    The listed bathroom styles and designs are most popular nowadays, but you can also find some discrepancies with the presented style in the apartments of friends or the photo on the Internet. This does not mean that something is not done correctly, since each person has his view of certain things.

    The descriptions presented will help you formulate general understandings of the differences between these styles, but someone does not limit you in the ability to bring something of your own, to create exactly the design that will allow you to feel comfortable in your bathroom, because this is the place where each of us holds a certain amount of time each day.