10 Modern Hallway Decoration Ideas for Your Home


    One place that we almost never think of decorating is hallway. Everyone is focused on kitchen and bathroom, but there are at least two or three hallways at your home and we would like to discuss how to decorate them.

    Following hallway decor ideas is not a complicated process to do without hiring anyone. You simply need to select matching items with existing design of home and place them properly.

    If you are looking for specific items to purchase for improving your home and decorating specific areas, On Point Remodeling has section in menu for you to brows and find the items you like.

    Items we want to discuss and suggest as decoration pieces for hallways are:

    • Mirrors
    • Custom Carpentry
    • Art
    • Plants
    • Furniture
    • Lighting
    • Feature Walls
    • Fireplace
    • Shelves
    • Rugs

    Decorating is delicate process but we try to make it simpler for home owners and our readers. We suggest selecting one to three items at most for placing in hallway and not congesting the area.

    1. Mirrors Create Continuous Vision for Hallways

    For some reason we like to put mirrors only in bathrooms. It is the only place where original builders install mirror, but not for decoration purpose and rather for functionality.

    Mirrors have beautiful frames that can complement the house and make it look even fancier. After all why would you not want to look at yourself while walking through the house?

    Hallways in the house are typically three to four feet wide and sometimes feel slightly congested with lack of light. Mirror will add the feeling of more spacious place and reflect that extra needed light.

    2. Custom Carpentry Adds Character

    Hiring carpenters for installation features in your hallways is one of the ways to decorate it as well.  It can be something like wainscoting feature or custom paneling with all sorts of edges and shapes.

    These types of panels are normally installed throughout the open area of main floor, hallway and continue through stairs. Bedrooms are almost never involved in such design or have completely different finishing design.

    Two types of materials are used for paneling and it can be purchased in regular hardware stores as well specialized suppliers. Sold wood panels, trims and moldings can be installed on wall with painted or stained to have natural wood look for the finish.

    Other material that can be installed is MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and painted on top. This creates unique look of your hallway, but requires some work from trade and can be expensive.

    3. Art as Hallway Decor for Luxury Homes

    Art as Hallway Decor
    Prints with plants for decorating walls in the hallway.

    Hanging something on the wall in hallways can also upgrade the looks. Art pieces will decorate bold looking walls that have no character. Your home should already have design flow and art will be hung in hallway walls to underline it.

    Options for art are endless, and the simplest one is buying oil painting or print that you like. There are millions of those and we are sure you can find something you like.

    Also you can look at artistic DIY projects in frames made with wood, strings stones and many other items. Be creative and select items that are very unique.

    The budgets for art decorations have no limits, and you can find very expensive art for millions of dollars. Our strategy is to decorate without spending too much and you can easily decorate hallway with several art pieces for few hundred dollars or less.

    4. Plants Can Always be Useful Decoration Piece

    For larger hallways at entrance or in homes that go way beyond average size On Point Remodeling suggest decorating with plants.

    This strategy of decoration is used to infill extra space with life and exotic objects. Not all homes are meant for doing this we suggest not using plants in hallways in small homes because it will restrict you on space.

    Plants should not be too expensive to purchase or grow, but this is the only type of decoration from all discussed that requires constant maintenance. You will need to cut leaves, trim it and water all the time. Keep in mind that some of the plants require a lot of sun light to survive and grow.

    5. Furniture Compensate for Larger Spaces

    Some sorts of furniture can be helpful in upgrading and kind of decorating the hallways. It is meant for creating storage space most of the times but we see things like antique tables, creative benches and other unique furniture pieces that compliment design.

    This is something you cannot build yourself and need to purchase from very specific stores. We have few suggested furniture items in our suggested shop menu.

    Just like other decorations in our list, furniture does not need to blend in with hallway walls and other already existing cabinets. The actual purpose is to break the pattern with different touch of material and style that is not seen through the house.

    6. Lighting Decoration for Hallways

    Lighting Decoration for Hallways
    Floor lamp for additional lighting in the hallway.

    There are so many different options and features with lighting in hallways. First of all the lighting can be installed on ceiling, on walls, near the floor, on baseboards or crown moldings and several more.

    After figuring out where you will put decorating lighting, it’s time to select the style. You can go from traditional to antique to modern to rustic. They all are different in size and amount of light for actual bulbs.

    Lighting will either direct the path of the hallway or break the scene and attract all attention. You should not be spending too much money on lights in regular homes, but of course you can find products that are super expensive.

    7. Feature Walls Differentiate from Rest of House

    The actual meaning of feature wall is to decorate. It has feature accent and in most cases different material for this wall.

    Back in the days it was popular to do brick or stone looking wall to separate the looks and have the outdoor vibe. This is very expensive and it takes a lot of space from small hallways.

    Now we see more modern materials with creative ideas used for decorating hallways with feature walls. Hardwood looking materials is very popular to create feature walls.

    We see mdf and aluminum panels getting used more and more. Even more creative feature walls with glass and metal materials are seen in very modern homes.

    8. Fireplace Connects Hallway with Other Space

    Definitely not the most popular way to decorate hallway is by using fireplace. Obviously you would have to purchase one and install at hefty price, but how does it really benefit and help with decoration?

    Your house has to be large enough to fit the fireplace and have it as attraction unit. Instead of interfering with boring flow of walls, the purpose of fireplace would be to create open concept.

    The only way to make it work is to install double side fireplace inside of the separation wall between hallway and other open area like dining or living room. This way you could see through box of flames into the other room and have additional natural light.

    9. Need Even More Decorations? – Use Shelves

    We wanted to separate shelving from furniture as modern hallway decoration at home because it serves a slightly different purpose. Shelves are installed to put something on them. They are more of supporting piece for hallway decoration ideas.

    With installation shelves you can put something on top of them and it can be glasses, picture frames, books and plants.

    This method of decoration is very cost effective and easy to do without hiring contractors. Simply select the shelves that you like and that will comfortably fit in your hallway. Installation takes few simple tools and up to an hour of work for entire hallway.

    10. Warm Feel and Decoration Ideas with Rugs

    Warm Feel and Decoration Ideas
    Decorative elements for convenience in the hallway.

    One feature piece for the floor that can help decorate hallways in your home is rug. Like everything else rugs have many styles and shapes.

    Originally rugs were used to make the floor warmer for the step. With less than average heating in the house, walking barefoot on cold hardwood floor is not the most comfortable feeling.

    Rugs do not overpower overall design and do not take space at all. They can freshen up the looks with rustic or modern style and there is no installation required, like some other decorations. Buy it from our recommended suppliers or simply by going to amazon and selecting what matches your home.


    On Point Remodeling team created this post to encourage home owners and our readers not to forget hallways when decorating home. We want to provide options and discuss what items can help with decoration process.

    Our choices underline cost effective ways to make hallways to look better and our team is providing options for readers to purchase all the items online.

    If you would like to add your opinion and share other ways to decorate hallway at home, email us with your ideas.

    Steven H.
    Steven H.
    General Contractor and Home Builder with over 20 years of experience. Write and Edit educational posts for several Remodeling Blogs. Specialize in trade management and technical construction details.