10 Main Objects and Items Used in the Kitchen


    There is a considerable number of items without which it is difficult to imagine modern cuisine. Regardless of whether you are replacing something old or carrying out a full renovation, you should pay attention to the presence of certain kitchen utensils.

    • Garbage Disposal Simplifies the Cooking Process
    • The Dishwasher will Save You from Washing Dishes
    • Kitchen Island in an Ordinary House
    • Fast Cooking Using the Pot Filler
    • Modern Use for Double Sinks
    • Triangle of Appliances Objects in a Kitchen
    • Upper Cabinets for Items Used in the Kitchen
    • Ventilation is an Important Part
    • Convenient Microwave Location
    • Sitting Area in the Kitchen

    The items used in the kitchen datasheet will ensure you enjoy cooking. You will be pleasantly surprised at how your attitude to all the processes involved in the kitchen will change.

    Depending on your budget and the size of your kitchen, you can use some enhancements. Let’s take a closer look at each of the items and what benefits they can bring to your home.

    Garbage Disposal Simplifies the Cooking Process

    A garbage disposal can become another irreplaceable assistant in your kitchen. Placed under your kitchen sink, this indispensable companion shreds debris in your sink.

    The principle of operation of this device is quite simple. Special blades press the debris and crush it with special pointed surfaces. After this process, the debris is washed with running water and does not clog the drain.

    Although garbage disposal helps in the disposal of food waste, it still cannot replace the trash can. There are some things you shouldn’t put in it. These types of waste include fat, bones, fibrous waste, and the skins of root vegetables such as potatoes.

    This type of debris can wear the shredder or clog the drain. This will be quite unpleasant because then you will have to call a repairman or carry out repairs yourself. Remember that all items used in the kitchen have their characteristics and should be used as intended.

    The Dishwasher will Save You from Washing Dishes

    Dishwasher in the kitchen
    Dishwasher mounted in the kitchen cabinet.

    Probably everyone will agree that dishwashing is one of the most unpleasant processes associated with eating food. Many people even try to eat more junk food or in restaurants just to wash the dishes less.

    Fortunately, special washing machines have been around for quite some time. The selection of dishwashers is huge these days. They differ in appearance, roominess, and dishwashing quality. To determine these features, you should choose a dishwasher suitable for the style of your room. Also, compare its capacity with the number of dishes your family uses. It also depends on how you like to wash the dishes, after each meal, or when the dishwasher is full.

    Dishwashers use high water temperatures and special cleaning agents that can clean food and bacteria from your tableware. This is a definite plus since a person at such a temperature can burn their hands.

    When choosing a dishwasher, you should pay attention to well-known brands. A long stay in the technology market is a guarantee of product quality. Also, when choosing a popular model, you can read many reviews of people who already use this dishwasher.

    Kitchen Island in an Ordinary House

    Large marble kitchen island
    The kitchen island that can be used for cooking and eating food.

    The kitchen island is undoubtedly the heart of your kitchen. It features freestanding cabinets and sinks for more convenient cooking. For many years they have only been installed in luxury homes or professional restaurant kitchens.

    Kitchen islands nowadays come in many different sizes and use. Firstly, they can serve as an additional place for cooking. This is very convenient when cooking together when several people do not interfere with each other. Also, the presence of additional cabinets in them makes it more convenient to place kitchen items and small appliances.

    If you have a small kitchen, some modifications of the kitchen islands can replace your dining table or serve as a bar counter during home parties with friends.

    This is a very convenient and versatile piece of kitchen furniture, which is worth considering. If you decide to buy a kitchen island remodel on point, it recommends that you seek advice from a professional designer. He will help you with the correct layout of all furniture for maximum comfort in your kitchen. He will also offer a choice of furniture in the style that you like.

    Fast Cooking Using the Pot Filler

    Pot fillers are gaining popularity in private homes. This trend has been going on for 15 – 20 years and every year more and more people are interested in them.

    The main task of a pot filler is to draw water into pots and similar containers. It sits directly above the stove for added convenience. With this device, you no longer have to draw the water from the pots under the sink and then carry it to the stove.

    Also, the water pressure in pot fillers is much higher than in a conventional tap. This will save you time by filling the pot with water. And since this gadget was originally designed for industrial kitchens with many chefs, it will become much more convenient to cook together in your kitchen. This is undoubtedly a plus because joint cooking brings people together.

    Pot fillers, like other objects in a kitchen, can serve as decorative elements. Classic in style, they can go well with any kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you use a modern industrial or rustic style, the pot filler will go well with it.

    The only time it doesn’t make sense to install a pot filler in your kitchen is when you rarely cook. In this case, the cost of it may be unnecessary and unreasonable. But we still recommend installing them during a complete repair, because it is very problematic and even more costly to carry out water pipes during the finished repair.

    Modern Use for Double Sinks

    Unlike the items used in the kitchen described above, double sinks are not becoming more and more popular elements of the kitchen interior. This is because space even in the largest kitchen is limited and it is more convenient to use only what is needed.

    The decline in popularity of double sinks began to appear due to the widespread use of dishwashers. Fewer and fewer people stop washing dishes by hand, and therefore double sinks are less popular. It was originally planned that each sink will have separate water for washing dishes, one soapy water in the other clean. This undoubtedly accelerated the process.

    Nevertheless, double sinks have several advantages due to which they are sometimes placed in modern kitchens. The first is washing large plates and cutting boards that will not fit in the dishwasher. It is also convenient to prepare and use the garbage disposal in one of the sinks, even when the other is filled with water or dirty dishes.

    Based on the foregoing, double sinks still have some popularity. Especially they look aesthetically pleasing in kitchens with a classic or rustic style. It also easily finds application in a house where they like to cook a lot, especially when several people are cooking together.

    Triangle of Appliances Objects in a Kitchen

    Correct positioning of kitchen furniture and appliances is essential. This rule has been around for decades and works great.

    The point of the kitchen triangle is to arrange the refrigerator, sink and stove in a triangle. In this case, the cooking process will be much more efficient and will not take additional time.

    But it is also worth noting that the distance between these three components plays an important role. The recommended spacing is 4 to 13 feet depending on the size of the room. If the distance is too long, then it will not be convenient for you to carry food from the refrigerator to the sink, and so on. Less than 4 feet away, cooking is often inconvenient. You may feel uncomfortable with a small workspace.

    It is recommended that there are no pieces of furniture on the way of this triangle that will interfere with your movement. Sometimes it seems that the furniture can be arranged as you like and everything will be fine, but over time, various inconveniences emerge. To avoid this situation, we recommend that you seek help from a professional interior designer. His experience in furniture placement will help you enjoy your time in the kitchen for years to come.

    Upper Cabinets for Items Used in the Kitchen

    Kitchen with upper cabinets
    Luxury one-wall kitchen layout with upper cabinets.

    The number of items in the kitchen is often related to how much they like to cook in the house. If you enjoy cooking and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then you may have a problem with properly storing all the tools.

    Storing the essentials correctly in the kitchen has several advantages. First, you will know exactly what you have, this will allow you not to buy repeatedly kitchen items. Secondly, when everything is in its place, the cooking process itself is simplified, because you do not need to open all the available cabinets in search of the necessary knife and some other device. Well, thirdly, the cleaning process is quick and easy, when you do not have to forever try to find a place for large dishes or small electrical appliances.

    An excellent solution for a frequently used kitchen is the presence of upper cabinets. They allow you to add extra storage space without increasing the size of the kitchen itself. Selecting the height of these cabinets is based on several facts. This includes the height of your room so that there is enough space between the upper cabinets and the work surface to work. Also, do not hang them too high. This can disrupt the appearance of your kitchen, and it will be difficult to access them if you are not tall.

    In addition to their primary functions, upper cabinets can serve as decoration and decor location. If, for example, the kitchen in the house is made in a classic style, then the open walls will look much worse than the installed upper cabinets.

    You can choose glass doors for upper cabinets, and place decorative elements inside them, thereby filling your kitchen with uniqueness. Also, these decorative items will be protected from splashing during cooking.

    Ventilation is an Important Part

    The kitchen is the second most important room after the bathroom for proper ventilation. This priority is given to the kitchen because during the cooking process many unpleasant odors and harmful substances can be generated. Because of this, the Ministry of Health recommends a responsible approach to the ventilation solution in the kitchen.

    Undoubtedly, this is a fact, and many have come across the fact that something can burn while cooking. For this, in modern kitchens of any style, optional exhaust systems are installed above the stove. When they are turned on, all smoke and steam are drawn outside the house using fans installed inside and a ventilation pipe that has an exit to the roof.

    Windows can be another way to ventilate the air in the kitchen. Even if you just open the window, the air will begin to circulate and purify. But for a stronger effect, you can install window fans. As in the hood, a built-in electric fan will help improve air circulation. An additional feature will also be the presence of a protective material inside the window fan, which can retain particles harmful to our health.

    Nowadays, it has become very popular to use open kitchens, as well as kitchens combined with a living room. In this case, proper ventilation is even more important. Someone would not want to sit in a room full of smoke and unpleasant smells, waiting for a delicious dinner.

    Remodel on point recommends the use of additional cleaning devices in such cases. These can be both humidifiers and air purifiers. You can also consider installing more ventilation fans in the ceiling.

    Convenient Microwave Location

    Nowadays, it is difficult to find a house in which the kitchen does not have a microwave oven. This appliance for warming food has gained immense popularity due to its ease of use. We all know perfectly well how simple and convenient it is.

    There are many varieties of microwaves from different manufacturers. Their difference in most cases is based on the appearance, assembly quality, and the presence of additional functions.

    Since space in the kitchen is often limited, the correct arrangement of furniture and appliances is a very important factor. One of the most convenient ways to place microwaves is to build them into a wall. Thus, it does not take up free space, but it is recommended to plan this placement at the stage of the kitchen renovation.

    The most popular placement methods are microwaves inside upper cabinets or on open shelves. In this case, it is located at the level of your eyes and is easy to use.

    If your kitchen has no space issues, then the location of the microwave will not be a problem and you can place it directly on the countertop.

    For any kitchen, we would not recommend installing the microwave in downstairs cabinets. This can cause some inconveniences because you constantly have to bend over to put or get food. There will also be a problem with moving around the kitchen when the lower cabinet is opened.

    Choose a microwave-based on the quality of the technology and the needs you may have. It is recommended to consider planning the placement of both the microwave and all objects in a kitchen during the renovation phase.

    Sitting Area in the Kitchen

    Sitting Area in the Kitchen
    Spacious kitchen with a separate seating area.

    Modern concepts of open kitchens are hard to imagine without a sitting area. This is a great place to hang out with a family meal or just have a coffee before work. It could be just a couple of armchairs with a coffee table or a full dining area with a table and chairs.

    There is a huge variety of layouts using the sitting area. Decide for yourself based on the number of family members and how often guests visit.

    In any case, this is a very convenient modern addition to the kitchen. Even a couple of chairs and a small table can create a pleasant corner in your kitchen for relaxing and socializing.

    Conclusion for Main Objects in a Kitchen

    Each of the listed objects in a kitchen can bring additional comfort and coziness to your home. It is worthwhile to understand exactly what should be used in your kitchen, and what will only interfere. And it only depends on you. What style of kitchen do you prefer, how often you cook, or how much time you spend in this room.

    If you are not easy to decide, you can use the information described above or contact an interior designer. Having described your wishes in detail, you will help the designer create a kitchen project that will bring you only pleasant moments.