10 Best Houseplants for Kitchen Decoration


    We think that every kitchen deserves to be spiked up with refreshing decoration of plants that we recommend. Without it your kitchen will feel empty. It’s the best and simplest way to brighten up counter space and cabinets without spending too much money.

    Looking at flowers and plants will make you relax every morning when you grab something from the fridge. They will become your pets that you truly care about. You will worry about forgetting to water them and every time you go on vacation your plants will be on the back of your mind.

    Here are the 10 best houseplants for the kitchen that we recommend as decorations:

    • Herbs
    • Micro greens
    • Aloe Vera
    • African Spear
    • Air Plant
    • Peace Lilly
    • Chinese Evergreens
    • Orchid
    • Spider Plant
    • Snake Plant

    There are other ideas for plants in your kitchen as decoration and if you have something to recommend, send us an email or comment under this article.

    1. Herbs as Kitchen Decoration and Cooking Attribute

    Herbs as Kitchen Decoration
    Pots with edible herbs stand on the windowsill.

    Having herbs available in the kitchen not only creates natural outdoor look, but also gives you the possibility to cook with super fresh herbs and add flavors to all meals.

    These plants will not take too much space, but need you to take care of them with constant watering and trimming that you should do anyways for food.

    Herbs need natural sunlight to grow faster and should be placed somewhere near the window. You should not be spending more than $20 for planting herbs in your kitchen and will get pleasant decoration with master chef fresh ingredients.

    The most popular kitchen decoration herbs to have are:

    • Rosemary
    • Chives
    • Mint
    • Cilantro

    2. Micro Greens Add Petite Refreshing Look

    Similar to herbs, micro greens are ideal for decoration purposes as well as addition to your plate. Instead of purchasing them from supermarkets you can simply grow it at home and have a wonderful decoration piece for your kitchen.

    Your kitchen will need to be cleaned regularly from dirt and tiny leaves that micro greens drop on counter top.

    You will not be spending tons of money for such decoration of your counter space. As the matter of fact you will save money by growing your own greens instead of buying them.

    3. Aloe Vera as Kitchen Decoration Plant

    Aloe Vera has been used for centuries in skin care and other medical purposes, but our pose is about decoration and we can say it does add a character to any kitchen you place it at.

    It looks similar to cactus plants but actually is not one. Aloe has sharp pointy and very firm leaves that have many razor sharp spikes. Normally Aloe Vera does not grow big and can be petit décor piece for modern or luxury kitchen.

    This plant does not require every day attention and you can easily go on vacation with Aloe Vera surviving in your kitchen with extra watering. The plant can be purchased for around $30 – follow the link.

    4. African Spear is Unique and Elegant for Counter Space

    This kitchen décor plant is very tropical and unusual to see in regular home kitchen. It looks sort of similar to aloe vera but does not have spikes and has thinner stems. It is also called cylindrical snake plant.

    Just like the aloe the watering and maintenance for décor plant is not too complicated. You just need to water it every week or two weeks.

    It looks beautiful in tiny kitchens to make them look bigger and underling height over length. In addition you can find this décor plant for your kitchen on amazon or sometimes even local stores that sell plants.

    5. Very Efficient and Puffy Air Plant for Small Staging

    Air Plant for Small Staging
    Air Plants grow along a huge window in the kitchen.

    Very funky and unique decoration plant for your kitchen is air plant. It looks like a plant from outer space and literally fits in any container that you put it in.

    Air plant can be used as a combination with other items to decorate countertop or to hang it on the wall. It becomes more popular in staging and new homes decoration in US.

    The wonderful thing about air plant is it does not require soil to grow. It can simply grab all required molecules from air. Design your kitchen with ideas from On Point Remodeling and decorate it with air plant that stands out from everything else you can add on.

    6. Peace Lilly Plants Look Good Everywhere

    Now this plant decoration is something you will not go by without noticing. It is definitely on larger scale décor plant for the kitchen counter and it makes the scene.

    Peace lily has bright green leaves with fantastic white flower that will underling delicate touches of your new kitchen at home.

    This kitchen decoration plant is for people that like to take care of plants and trees. It does require you to spend time with it. Constant watering and changing soil is absolutely necessary for survival of this beautiful green décor at your kitchen.

    You can purchase peace lilies almost anywhere but we recommend local trusted store or amazon.

    7. Chinese Evergreens Never Go Out of Style

    Chinese evergreen plants are very light and compliment all kitchens as decoration with delicate look. It’s super easy to grow and specially to maintain. More and more homes that are remodeled and built have the special touch of Chinese evergreens for staging and every day decoration.

    To grow this plant properly you do not necessary need tons of natural light and have fully open kitchen, but it will definitely help placing Chinese evergreens near the window.

    Purchase seed or already grown plant for your new kitchen.

    8. Orchid is the Most Delicate Decoration Plant

    Orchid is the Most Delicate Decoration Plant
    Girl caring for orchids flowers in the kitchen.

    The most talked flower or plant that can be used as decoration in your kitchen is obviously orchid. Women lover orchid plant for its unbelievable flower

    This delicate plant has many different colors and tones that are very bright and cannot go unnoticeable in your new kitchen.

    We recommend purchasing live Orchid plant instead of fake flower as decoration. Yes it requires attention and tons of time with care, but you get happiness and joy from newly came flowers from this plant in your kitchen.

    9. Spider Plant Will not Scare Anyone

    Spider plant has been used to decorate kitchens and other parts of the house for decades. It has long green leaves with white stripes in the middle. The name spider it got from expansion and growth of the plant looking like spider legs hanging from the body.

    We recommend putting this plant away from the window but where it still can get enough light. Spider plant has reputation of plant that grows and expands everywhere. It requires little attention for the growth, and a little more maintenance for keeping it properly trimmed and clean.

    10. Snake Plant Goes Well with All Types of Cabinets

    There are several types and sizes of snake plants that can be used for your decoration. For new and modern kitchens we recommend very small snake plants that do not require much attention, but at the same time can add unique details to the kitchen and countertops.

    To maintain these plants you require little watering and some trimming of leaves that dry off. We recommend snake plant for air purifying item on your kitchen. It filters the air within proximity of kitchen and will always bring up your mood in the morning.


    There are other decoration pieces you can purchase or make at home, but plants make your kitchen feel alive.

    In conclusion of this post we want our readers to comment and give ideas for more plants and flowers that can be used in kitchen area. Comment below or send us direct email with your thoughts. Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on more decoration and remodeling ideas.

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